Kiss Me Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color Launch

Monday, May 04, 2015

     Last week's been a very productive and busy week for me. I was invited to the launch of Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color at Sm Makati. I'm so excited when I received an invite for this event because I've read great reviews about Heroine Make from both local and international makeup aficionados. Heroine Make is a Japanese makeup brand that caught my attention because of the beautiful princess that is present in their fancy packaging. The brand is very promising because it is manufactured in Japan, the country with  strict implementation of their standards in cosmetics so rest assured that the brands they have are of quality and really delivers to what they've promised.

     Heroine Make is the fastest rising best-loved cosmetic brand in Asia. It is manufactured by one of the largest Japanese cosmetics manufacturers since 1825, Isehan; and distributed by Mandom Philippines Corp. During the event, invited beauty bloggers and selected crowd learned new tips and tricks from Ms. Sayuri Igarashi- makeup artist and beauty consultant from Japan. To know more about the product and the highlight of the event, scroll down dearies :)
Kiss Me Heroine Jewelry Eye Color Launch
     I mentioned above that the beautiful princess caught my attention right? She is Princess Elisabeth Himeko, the brand's cartoon ambassador whose mission is to educate the women of the world on how to beautify themselves. Isn't her mission cute and amazing?! Oh well, I salute the ever-beautiful princess for that! Spreading beautiful vibes to everyone and I'm so happy and lucky that I'm one of the ladies who got the first dibs on their Jewelry Eye Color.
Kiss Me Heroine Jewelry Eye Color Launch
Moi having a selfie with Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color standee
     Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color eyeshadow was the star of the event. We are all intrigued with the eye shadows pigmentation, texture, price, and performance as a whole. Will these eyeshadows be at par with other brands? To see the swatches and how to use the eyeshadows for day and night makeup look, Ms. Sayuri demonstrated different techniques on how to use Heroine Make makeups but focusing more on the eyeshadows. By the way these dazzling eyeshadows come in four special variants: 

  • Yellow Sapphire
  • Beige Gold
  • Pink Amethyst
  • Rose Garnet
Kiss Me Heroine Jewelry Eye Color Launch
Ms. Sayuri Igarashi
     Miss Igarashi has had more than 25 years of experience in Japan, Europe and in Asia where she currently serves as the make-up artist of KISS ME Heroine MakeMiss Igarashi said: “I am truly happy to have had the chance to do make-up for a number of Filipinas during the event. Filipinas as you know, are known the world-over to have beautiful, healthy skin which is in fact the best canvass for make-up.”
Kiss Me Heroine Jewelry Eye Color Launch
Step by step makeup application for day time look. See the detailed steps below :)
     Miss Sayuri Igarashi had chosen me to be her model for the natural/day  makeup look. I was ecstatic and nervous because it's my first time to be a model in front of beauty bloggers. Since I arrived with a minimal makeup that aftern, she only removed my bb cream, face powder, and lipstick.

  • Removes my makeup using Heroine Make Eye Makeup Remover that can also be used in removing lipstick.
  • She applied Heroine Make Lasting Mineral BB Cream SPF 50 on my face. She just applied it on my cheeks, chin, and forehead. HER TIP: Apply the bb cream on problem areas only so that there would be a 3D effect dimension on the face. You can also use the bb cream to cover problem areas like dark spots, eyebags, freckles and other skin imperfections. Just apply a little amount and dab. 
  • The bb cream was set with Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder which is finely milled powder that's light on the skin. HER TIP: Use the puff and just pat the product on the face from one section to another. Don't rub just pat and smile :)
  • Next she chose the shade of Heroine Make Eyeshadow that matches the blouse that I'm wearing. Since my sheer top has pink and brown tones, she opted to use Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color in Pink Amethyst.
  • She applied the primer, then applied the eye shadow on the crease, lid, underbrow and used the brown shade to line my lids. HER TIP: Use the pointed edge of the sponge applicator to line the eyes. This can save time and space since the palette will serve as an all-in-one eye makeup product.
  • After the eye shadow she did my brows. HER TIP: Use the brow shade that is close to your hair color. The line should start near the nose line and end at the outer corner of the eye. The pencil method will help to make the shape of the brows perfect.
  • Eyeliner and mascara next. HER TIP: Use liquid eye liner for a more dramatic look. Apply the eyeliner not in standing position but in a more of bending forward position in front of a handy mirror so that the lines will be as close to the lash line. For mascara, choose depending on your lash needs. If you have thin and sparse lashes- Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara is your best friend. For short lashes there's Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara that is super waterproof too!
  • As for the blush, peach and pink shades are perfect to achieve a healthy flushed cheeks. Those shades will compliment light and fair skin tone ladies.
  • Lastly, the lipstick shade for natural makeup look should be from the coral, nude, and pink. HER TIP: Apply a coat of lip gloss for that healthy pucker shine!
Kiss Me Heroine Jewelry Eye Color Launch
     So how do I look? I so love this look and the texture of Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color. The powder is finely milled. Considering it has sparkles/glitters that I didn't feel during application. My eyes had a minor irritation that day so I have second thoughts when she chose me as a model because I'm thinking of my semi-swollen eye lids. The Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color did not worsen the situation of my eye lids. No further irritation or itchiness felt after eye shadow application.
Kiss Me Heroine Jewelry Eye Color Launch
   For night time/party makeup, Ms. Sayuri had chosen Rochelle Rivera as her model. She modified Rochelle's look and chose Heroine Make Jewel Eye Color in Rose Garnet for her eye shadow. To make the look more dramatic Ms. Sayuri applied the Heroine Make Liquid Eyeliner plus coating her lashes with Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara. Ms. Sayuri is a fan of red lipstick since Rochelle was already wearing a red lipstick, Ms. Sayuri just applied the Heroine Make Liquid Rogue Lip Gloss to give a beautiful shine on her lips and make the color beautiful. 
     According to Miss Sayuri, the products of KISS ME Heroine Make are perfect for the Asian skin and weather where the demand for “all-weather” make-up that withstands the rigors of heat, humidity, rain and sweat are ever increasing. Well, this statement is soo true! Looking at the photos above, after six hours my eyeshadow was still intact. I attended another event after the launch and I've sweat a lot travelling from SM Makati to SM North but there's no sign of eye makeup fading seen on the photo!
Kiss Me Heroine Jewelry Eye Color Launch
L-R: Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eye Liner, Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder, Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color in Pink Amethyst, Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color in Yellow Sapphire
     Thank you so much Heroine Make for making me beautiful that day and for these babies that I'll be reviewing soon. I don't do FOTD (Face of the Day) post but with these products from Heroine Make methinks I'll be doing one soon. The eyeshadow is easy to use. It's a complete eye makeup product in a very handy compact. The Heroine Jewelry Eye Color comes with a primer, three eye shadow colors for the crease, lid, and underbrow plus a dual shadow applicator. There's a pointed applicator at one end perfect for applying eye liner too!

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