Changing Perceptions on Children Wearing Glasses

Monday, January 05, 2015

    Does your child wear prescription glasses? This is an interesting article from one of the country's trusted brand when it comes to eyewear. Ideal Vision Center redesigns children’s eyeglasses to boost their self-confidence. Access to proper vision corrective treatments has been cited by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an important factor in alleviating visual impairment among children and adults. But some children—who have prescription glasses—often leave them at home due to fear of getting bullied in school. To know more about Ideal Visions' special catalog for children's eyewear, click CONTINUE READING and smile!
Changing Perceptions on Children Wearing Glasses
     “Young children are very sensitive,” said Dr. Joy Go, AVP for Ideal Vision Center Marketing. “Some urban children are least likely to wear their prescription glasses in school primarily because they are more concerned about being teased by their classmates.”

     Many studies claim that wearing prescription eyewear has an impact on how children are perceived by their peers. According to the American Psychological Association, children ages five to nine see children without glasses as better looking compared to those wearing glasses.

     “On our part, we want to make any difference we can make—this starts with design,” Dr. Go emphasized. “We want their (children) glasses to be a source of self-confidence and not shame.”

Boost your child’s self-confidence

     “Of course, prescriptive eyewear is first and foremost about visual health,” Dr. Go said. “But if better-looking designed glasses make them feel better, then that’s an added comfort and convenience for any child.”

     Ideal Vision Center (IVC) houses different styles and designs of prescription eyewear appropriate for children of all ages. 

     IVC, a company known for valuing total quality vision care, has a special catalog for children. This collection includes Barbie, Hello Kitty, Disney, Looney Tunes, Marvel Heroes, and Justice League.
Changing Perceptions on Children Wearing Glasses
Changing Perceptions on Children Wearing Glasses
Hello Kitty
Changing Perceptions on Children Wearing Glasses
Justice League
Changing Perceptions on Children Wearing Glasses
Looney Tunes
Changing Perceptions on Children Wearing Glasses
Marvel Heroes
     Dr. Go explained: “These are themes that resonate among children. Their friends might even complement them for such designs. It’s all about picking the perfect eyewear for your child—it has to encompass simplicity, design, and quality.” 

     She concluded: “Healthy eyesight is crucial for your child’s learning progress. Once you choose the better eyewear that fits your child, you’ll not only change how other people look at them, but also you could help reshape how they think about themselves.”


  1. those are realy cute glasses for the kids! :)

  2. my son wears glasses since 7,nows hes 15 he keeps changing his frame


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