Product Feature: Mosbeau Body Fit- Get Slimmer, Leaner in no Time

Sunday, February 09, 2014

     Hello dearies! Summer is fast approaching and I'm sure everyone's getting serious on bringing their sexy body back! I know it's hard to lose weight and achieve the dream body  that we want- yes it's WE because I'm also striving hard to lose holiday weight and have a firm and toned body. If you're having a hard time loosing weight and feel that exercise and balanced diet is not enough, there's another way to help you lose those stubborn fats and flush out toxins in your body. Introducing Mosbeau Body Fit- Get Slimmer, Leaner in no Time!
Mosbeau Body Fit


     It’s a mix of natural ingredients, formulated to manage the body’s cholesterol level and maintain a healthy weight. Main ingredient Chitosan helps bind body fats and cholesterol and flushes them out from the body.


Content: 500mg x 30 capsules


Take 3 capsules a day. Intake maybe on or before meal.

  • Kiwi extracts help control fat absorption to get rid of excusess fats.
  • Gymnema powder helps curb sugar cravings to manage the body’s sugar level.
  • Two consecutive weeks of daily use lowers bad cholesterol by 6% and increases good cholesterol by 10%.
  • Kaempferia parviflora
  • Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
  • Chitosan
  • Astilbe thunbergii leaf extract
  • Salasia reticulata root/stem extract
  • Gymnema sylvestre leaf powder
If you want to know more about Mosbeau and their products, please do visit their website: 


  1. I thought Mosbeau only has their whitening skin care line. Good thing, they have this product to help rid those unwanted fats! Good thing, it is made of natural ingredients na maganda sa katawan natin. Plus, it also hels in managing our body cholesterol. Sana hindi sya pricey gaano, my mom wanted to lose weight. Will definitely recommend this to her. :)

  2. I will have to research on those ingredients. They look so scientific! Whoa. My mom would want to try this product to be slim.

  3. I am wondering how much this costs and where do you buy this?

  4. i wouldn't mind trying this, just to aid the weightless more

  5. I think this might work :) I also would like to recommend AIM GLOBAL's Slim and Trim.

  6. I got very conscious of my body lately. Been trying hard to diet but it's just hard to resist food. Is this a good slimming product?

  7. @Aegeane Mikka Brioso- This is a new product sis. Ako rin all I know about Mosbeau products are for whitening din. My apologies the pr didn't gave me the price yet, will update it. Hope ma try din ng mom mo :)

    @Rochkirstin Santos- yup, some of the ingredients are new din to me. Wow, your mom is on a diet din?

    @Leira Pagaspas- hello sis, thanks for asking that question. Until now I'm not sure how much but I'm sure this will be available at Watsons.

    @Nicol- yup, just for the sake of weightloss :)

    @Lornajane Altura- thank sis for the recommendation :)

    @Steffi Romero- hello sis, as for now this is just a press release. I haven't tried it pa but I'm sure once it's out in the market na effective din to kasi it's from Mosbeau :)

  8. For more details about mosbeau products, please send me a message :) it is my pleasure to assist you.
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    thanks!! :)) stay MOSBEAUtiful ;)

  9. hello pretty ladies, this is Azi from MOsbeau. for more details, please send me a message :) its my pleasure to answer all your queries regarding mosbeau.

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  10. Hello! Any feedback kung effective ung mosbeau body fit? I need to lose weight . Thanks


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