Rediscover Homepreneurship Through Diskarte

Sunday, December 06, 2020

     Homebased businesses are booming as a movement, led mostly by resourceful mothers who are taking opportunities to earn extra income while they take care of their families. 

     As more people stay at home to keep safe, ordering online has become the norm. Having an online presence helps move goods to more people and a growing community of online sellers enjoy the ease of transactions through many digital platforms that are already available. All it takes is a strong connection via a reliable provider such as PLDT Home and a willingness to work hard at building a business from home. 

Rediscover Homepreneurship Through Diskarte
Vanna Reyes, Home-based entrepreneur

PLDT Home Super Speed Deals Promo for as low as Php 99

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

     Enjoy unlimited Fibr with up to 300 Mbps speeds at a discounted price until January 31, 2021? Is this true?! The answer is a resounding YES!!! The country’s fastest fixed network and leading digital services provider, PLDT Home, introduces its first-ever Super Speed Deals Promo that gives subscribers a fast and convenient way to upgrade their internet plans for as low as Php 99 until January 31, 2021.

     As a lot of daily activities are now shifting to the home, internet usage continues to increase among households. PLDT Home continues to pave the way for faster and stronger internet connectivity by providing solutions that cater to the digital needs and activities of each family member at home – whether for home-based online learning, digital selling for micro and small entrepreneurs, work-from-home employees, and of course, family entertainment. 

PLDT Home Super Speed Deals Promo for as low as Php 99

PLDT Home KaAsenso Plans for Home-based Entrepreneurs

Monday, November 16, 2020

     The pandemic has inevitably pushed micro, small, and medium enterprises to face unforeseen challenges that tested their resilience amid the changing business climate. But while some entrepreneurs have been forced to close shop, there are those who are constantly adapting, learning new ways to do business in the new normal, and recognizing the opportunities in the digital landscape. 

     In an effort to empower these home-based businesses, the country’s fastest fixed network – PLDT Home – introduces the PLDT Home Biz program which answers the call to drive entrepreneurs into digital transformation. PLDT Home Biz launches the video “Kaya Mo” which narrates the struggles, hope, and new beginnings of entrepreneurs as they rediscover the possibilities of doing businesses safely and conveniently from home. 

New Normal Learning at Home

Sunday, October 18, 2020

     Parents know this: we thought we knew what it meant to be academically responsible for our school-age children. This involves regularly coordinating with children’s teachers in school, providing financial support for their academic requirements, and making sure they participate in extra-curricular activities. This was a system a lot of parents have become attuned to until the COVID-19 pandemic happened.

     Since the imposed community quarantine, life at home drastically changed. With the opening of a new school year, parents grapple for ideas on how to systemically operate their households while their children stay at home. As schools send out engaging virtual assignments to students, parents scramble on figuring out how to balance their household chores along with learning how to manage their children’s home-school education. And all these activities entailed embracing a new perspective on active parenting.

New Normal Learning at Home 

PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid Advance at Php 1995 LIMITED TIME ONLY

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

     With the resumption of classes nationwide, there’s a greater need for homes to be equipped with fast and reliable internet connections so students can seamlessly attend their online classes. The country’s fastest fixed network and leading digital services provider, PLDT Home introduces an all-new and most advanced prepaid internet solution that can be ordered hassle-free online via grab delivery.

     For a limited time only, customers can instantly avail of their own PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid Advance unit for only P1995 to enjoy uninterrupted and fastest wireless connectivity at home. Customers can order a unit through the PLDT Home website ( and receive their order quickly via Grab Express service. Purchases can either be paid through debit or credit cards for cashless delivery or cash-on-delivery. 

PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid Advance at Php 1995 LIMITED TIME ONLY


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