Worry-Free Back To School with Safeguard

Monday, August 14, 2017

     Back to school is an exciting season for me and my son. We are excited to shop for school supplies, lunch box, trolley bag, and other school essentials. Aside from the excitement, this season is also one of the seasons where I worry a lot because I'll not be able to look after my son once he steps outside the house.

     I'm a self-confessed clean freak and germs are my number one enemy. Call me paranoid and I'll accept it for the sake of my family's health. Germs are everywhere and I'm always in doubt with pencils, desks, notebooks, lunch boxes as these surfaces can unknowingly cause germs to spread and infect children easily. In order for me to have a peace of mind when Kenzo's not around, I always make sure that he is protected from head to toe. Let me share with you what keeps me worry-free because I know that my son is protected even when I'm not around after the jump!

Worry-Free Back To School with Safeguard

     Our erratic weather imposes additional challenges for all mothers. A month or two after the school has started, rainy season comes next that's why protecting our children from disease-causing germs this school and the rainy season is a must. In order for us to do that, we need a soap or body wash that can provide superior skin germ protection like Safeguard.

Worry-Free Back To School with Safeguard
Safeguard Pure White Body Wash is available in 720ml (P 219), 400ml (P 145) and 200ml (P 85)
Safeguard Pure White Bar Soap is available in 90g (P 25.75), 135g (P 38), and 180g (P 48.00)
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     Safeguard is a staple in our bath essentials. We all use Safeguard every day because I'm confident my family especially my son is protected from germs so I worry less. Why I trust Safeguard? It's the only soap that has Germshield+ Technology, that removes three kinds of germs (gram positive, gram negative and fungi) which can cause skin infections, body odor, and pimples. In contrast, other soaps can only remove gram positive germs, which mainly cause body odor. 

Worry-Free Back To School with Safeguard

     Our morning ritual is easy and super fun. Kenzo uses Safeguard Pure White Body Wash to cleanse his body. He loves making bubbles from the body wash using a puff. One to two drops is enough to produce a rich and thick lather. I like the formula of this because it's as gentle as water and dermatologically tested to ensure that it keeps the skin soft. 

Worry-Free Back To School with Safeguard

     To keep me from worrying that Kenzo might catch all the germs at school, I always make sure that he is doing a simple ritual that we called STEP. I always tell him to wash his hands and USE Safeguard after Toilet, before Eating, and after Playing. It's already a mandatory task for him every day and I'm happy that he already got used to it na :)

Worry-Free Back To School with Safeguard
     Hand washing is very important, VERY!!! Germs are everywhere, our hands are not clean once we touch something whether it's something from school or inside the house. Germs spread faster than you think that's why when your child's hands are dirty and you're just using an ordinary soap to wash them, chances are the germs will stay and spread on the objects that he/she touches afterward. But if you're using Safeguard, germs regrowth is a no-no. When hands are clean, you'll have a peace of mind that you're protected from diseases. I always remind Kenzo to practice STEP at school by using Safeguard. 

     I'm thankful that Safeguard's superior germ protection keeps Kenzo germ-free at school. I worry less now because I know he is protected from disease causing germs. So mommies, don't use ordinary soap and other soap that only give fragrance or moisturizing properties because all we need is a germicidal soap with superior germ protection for our family. Trust only in Safeguard!

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