The Workshop Bespoke Bakery

Saturday, August 12, 2017

     There's always room for dessert, sounds cliche but if you have a sweet tooth this will always be something new. If you're like me, I presume that you're always excited to see new dessert offerings from different coffee shops and restaurants in the metro.

     Dessert lovers, unite! Rising culinary stars Chef Miko Aspiras and Chef Kristine Lotilla have elevated the Filipino dessert experience in a new level. Presenting, The Workshop Bespoke Bakery- latest offering to the Metro Manila food scene located within the Le Petit Soufflé restaurant in the Mega Fashion Hall. Sharing a short information after the jump!

The Workshop Bespoke Bakery

     A workshop is a space brimming with possibilities. It is a place where people hunker down to create, experiment, and labor with much dedication and love. This is what this new bespoke bakery is for the two young chefs. According to Chef Miko, as pastry chefs, we wanted a space where we could create. If we ever got inspired, there would be a space for us to do it. This is our working shed.

The Workshop Bespoke Bakery

The Workshop Bespoke Bakery
  • The chefs wanted to go beyond the usual cupcakes, brownies, and cakes and prove that Filipino talent is capable of so much more than your run-of-the-mill desserts. 
  • They are offering desserts made of the finest ingredients crafted with technique and precision. 
  • Expect awesome detail, flavors, and quality in their menu offerings. Most of the items are unusual, hard to find in other restaurants.
  • They also customize desserts for hopeful customers, using all of the flavors, techniques, and inspirations they have gathered from their travels.
  • The Workshop is where fancy meets fun and avant garde.

The Workshop Bespoke Bakery

Basque Burnt CheesecakeNot your usual cheesecake. Baked at a higher temperature to get that caramelized, nearly burnt top. Their version of this famous Spanish cake is served with dulce de Leche pecans.

The Workshop Bespoke Bakery
The Workshop Bespoke Bakery Basque Burnt Cheesecake

Whipped Coconut and Raspberry Cake- 4 layers of light and fluffy vanilla and coconut chiffon, in between home made raspberry jam and whipped coconut cremé. 

The Workshop Bespoke Bakery
The Workshop Bespoke Bakery Whipped Coconut and Raspberry Cake

Canelé in Matcha, Chocolate, and Vanille- made perfect using proper copper cannele mounds and beeswax. 

The Workshop Bespoke Bakery
The Workshop Bespoke Bakery Canele

“Dairy-free” Mocha - together with the chocolate cake, the pair is like siblings that go hand-in-hand. The taste of the mocha concoction is a continuation of the sweetness of the cake. Best paired with the 17-layer Chocolate Cake

The Workshop Bespoke Bakery
The Workshop Bespoke Bakery Valrhona Satilla Ganache Cake

Artisanal Valrhona Chocolate

The Workshop Bespoke Bakery
The Workshop Bespoke Bakery Artisanal Valrhona Chocolate
“We try to be risky with our desserts. We want to introduce new flavors and techniques. We owe this to our fellow Filipinos!” Chef Kristine says. With that in mind, customers must visit the workshop with a hungry stomach, a craving sweet tooth, and most importantly, an open mind and heart. “Be adventurous! It will be worth it,” Chef Miko promises. “This is our invitation: take a bite out of our joy!”
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