Nestle NANKID Parentology+ Launch

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

     Some ten years ago this world was vastly different, causing anxiety among parents trying hard to provide their children a future full of possibilities. Different factors have redefined the way people do and view things. Think of the shifts advancement of technology, environmental changes, and lifestyle shifts that have so much so that today’s parents sometimes feel overwhelmed by the world their children are growing in.

     Children who were born a generation ago are lucky because they often ate home-cooked meals and played games with neighbors. While today’s children often consume fast food items while playing video games on their handhelds. No more parks and outdoor spaces as they have been replaced by sprawling malls, while the ever-increasing population has meant traffic congestion, pollution, and other urban challenges that did not exist or were not as bad ten years ago. As a result, many children have become couch potatoes with limited socialization opportunities. A number of growing kids struggle with issues such as obesity, socialization difficulties, attention problems, and the like. Think you can change this situation now? The answer is YES!!! Scroll down to know more how :)

Nestle NANKID Parentology+ Launch

Birch Tree and DepEd's 'Me and My Milk' Campaign

Monday, July 27, 2015

     Hi dearies! Last week, I was invited to a very timely campaign for the kids and kids at heart. Who here loves drinking milk? I forgot what age I stopped drinking milk. All I know, I got hooked on drinking chocolate powdered drink so I guess not drinking milk in my younger years is taking its toll on me now. I can feel that I have brittle bones and there are times that I complain of back pains because of bad posture. Milk is a nutritionally loaded food drink, being a good source of Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Protein, all essential in the proper growth and development of bones and teeth. That's why drinking milk should not stop after breast-feeding years or when a child turns five.

     I know there are parents, especially those in the low economic sector here in country who scrimps on buying this essential drink. A healthy mind and body are two of the best gifts you can give a child. Thus, New Birch Tree Fortified and the Department of Education with Marylindbert International partnered in an advocacy called “Me and My Milk” that encourages kids to drink milk at home and even in school. Scroll down dearies to know more about this program and I do hope from now on you'll encourage your child to drink milk everyday :)
Birch Tree and DepEd's 'Me and My Milk' Campaign
New Birch Tree Fortified brand ambassadors: Mutya Orquia and Richard Yap
     The partnership was formally launched on July 22, 2015 at Bulwagan ng Karunungan, Department of Education Complex in Pasig City with Education Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro, Undersecretary Dina Ocampo, regional directors and other key officials of the Department and officials of Century Pacific Food Inc. and Marylindbert International.
Birch Tree and DepEd's 'Me and My Milk' Campaign
     "Starting a milk drinking habit as a child can lead to a lifetime of health benefits," said Edwin Africa, Vice President and General Manager of Snow Mountain Dairy Corp. "This partnership hopes to form milk drinking habit among children for a healthier and stronger future for them.” 

    Schools are venues where knowledge and values are taught and behavior formed. New Birch Tree Fortified partnered with the Department of Education and Marylindbert International to educate kids of the different benefits of milk and ultimately form a milk drinking habit. 
Birch Tree and DepEd's 'Me and My Milk' Campaign
Encouraging mothers to let their kids drink milk instead of sugary or caffeine-filled beverages will help ensure that these children grow up to be productive and responsible citizens," said Usec. Dina Ocampo of the Department of Education
     New Birch Tree Fortified will bring the campaign to different public schools in the Philippines to promote the milk-drinking habit. They will provide free educational materials to benefit educators, parents and students. Initially, the advocacy will be brought to the following regions: 

  • National Capital Region (NCR) 
  • Central Luzon (Region 3) 
  • CALABARZON (Region 4A) 
  • Ilocos Region (Region 1)

     This campaign is something that I'm going to support because I also want my son to be involved to make drinking 2 glasses of milk everyday a habit. I also encourage you to support this campaign of the New Birch Tree Fortified and Department of Education. I'm sure your kids will love New Birch Tree Fortified because:
Birch Tree and DepEd's 'Me and My Milk' CampaignNew Birch Tree Fortified brand ambassadors: Mutya Orquia and Richard Yap
  • It is a great tasting and affordable milk that helps moms continue the milk drinking habit of their kids at home. 
  • Drinking milk instead of sugary or caffeine-filled beverages will help ensure that these children grow to be productive because their healthy.
  • If they lessen the intake of sugary and caffeine-filled beverages, I'm sure that there will be less chances of developing diabetes in the future.

     New Birch Tree Fortified Milk is the only one with FibroBoost®, a unique combination of essential nutrients fortified with Zinc, Vitamin C and Iron further enhanced by Inulin Fiber. Inulin Fiber is proven to help the body absorb up to 18% more Calcium. So there you go dearies and mommies, make drinking 2 glasses of milk a habit. The early they start this habit, the better because starting young is key to a better and healthier future!
Birch Tree and DepEd's 'Me and My Milk' Campaign
New Birch Tree Fortified Milk is the only one with FibroBoost®, a unique combination of essential nutrients fortified with Zinc, Vitamin C and Iron further enhanced by Inulin Fiber
To know more about Birch Tree Milk and 'Me and My Milk' Program

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Product Review: Mischka Derma Secret Milky White Soap

Friday, December 19, 2014

     Hi dearies! I think everyone is soo excited for Christmas and busy with parties and gatherings. I just want to squeeze in this review that's been sitting my blog dashboard for weeks now. Mischka Derma Secret sent me 3 bars of their milky white soap. If my memory serves me right, this is my first time reviewing a whitening soap that is goat's milk and glutathione combined. Before I forgot, goat's milk is also considered one of the effective whitening soap variant for sensitive skin.

     I presume you already know that some celebrities immerse themselves in a tub of milk. I can still recall that in one of the pages from my history book says that one of Cleopatra's beauty secret was milk bath. It's so luxurious, right? Good thing there are variant of soaps that contains goat's milk and glad to know that Mischka Derma Secret formulated this soap in combination with glutathione. So without further ado, here's my honest to goodness review of Mischka Derma Secret Milky White Soap after finishing a bar in 4 weeks. Click CONTINUE READING now!
Product Review: Mischka Derma Secret Milky White Soap

Product Review: Athena Milk Flavor Powdered Milk

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

     When was the last time you treat yourself for a full glass of milk? I'm sure you'll answer when you were in elementary or high school. I'm not sure if my relatives and friends still drink milk before going to bed or whenever they want to. The only thing that I'm sure and will be forever sure would be my addiction to coffee. I'm a self-confessed coffee addict and for the record, I can drink three cups twice a week and twice every day. I know, I know drinking coffee has positive and negative effects in our body. Caffeine makes me alert but I can't take the palpitations and when that kicks, I'll be up the whole night.

     I'm so happy when I won the giveaway of Ms. Divine Caraecle- 1,500 php worth of Unilab products! So when I was browsing Unilab's site, the first thing that came to my mind was beauty and skincare products. But when I saw Athena on the list, I never think twice if I'll add this to my prize list. What I have in mind that time was the word BEAUTRITION. I forgot about coffee that time and this milk keep on swirling in my mind. To make a long story short, when the prizes arrived on our door steps, I immediately opened a box of Athena Milk Flavor Powdered Milk and the moment I tasted it, my heart told me that I should make a switch. Click CONTINUE READING to find out what it's all about!

Athena Milk Flavor Powdered Milk for Women
Introducing Athena, the milk especially formulated to meet your special nutritional needs.
High Calcium- essential for optimum bone health. It is also a source of Vitamin D and K, Magnesium and Phosphorus- nutrients to help maintain strong bones.
Low Fat- so you can enjoy this beverage without the risk of high caloric intake.
Source of Anti- Oxidants (Vitamins A, E, and Zinc)- to help maintain healthy skin and help promote optimum immune function.


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