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Product Review: Mischka Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain

Sunday, January 15, 2017

     Before I learned how to use blush powders and creams on my cheeks, lip & cheek tints are my best friend. I was in college back then when a Thai brand of makeup sells cheap but effective products and one of them was my favorite cheek tint. I will not name it and I presume that if you're a cheek tint gal, you have tried it too.

     Anyhoo, late last year I decided to rekindle my love for lip & cheek tints when I saw photos of Korean stars on my Facebook feed. Most of them are sporting the no makeup look with only flushed cheeks, bitten lips, and natural looking brows. I want to try that look and good thing Mischka Derma Secrets now rebranded to Mischka Nature Essentials sent me two shades of their Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain. Will this product be a mainstay in my makeup essentials? Find out my thoughts below :)

Product Review: Mischka Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain

Product Review: Mischka Derma Secret Sea Salt Detox Glow

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

     Hello dearies! Let's go back to my product review series. I've emptied almost four skin care products that I'm road testing so this week and next week will be posts on skin care reviews. First up, this body scrub from Mischka Derma Secret that I received last month. I'm into body scrubs right now, I like the squeaky clean feeling after using body scrubs. Since the heat is getting insane, I feel like I've accumulated all the dirt and pollution in my skin from commuting whenever I run for errands or go to events.

     Aside from the removing 'dead skin' while scrubbing, this skin care ritual is one of my 'me time'. Among the body scrubs that I've tried before, the waiting time for this scrub is longer than usual. It takes 30-45 minutes for this scrub to work wonders on my skin with twice or thrice a week use. There's one thing that makes me think 100 times if I'll purchase again another tub. Click CONTINUE READING to know more about Mischka Derma Secret Sea Salt Detox Glow after the jump!
Product Review: Mischka Derma Secret Sea Salt Detox Glow 

Product Review: Mischka Derma Secret Micro Peel Soap

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

     Hello dearies! Sharing with you another review of skin care product from Mishka Derma Secret. For those of you who want to remove minor skin discoloration and surface residue, this soap from the brand might work for you. It's my first micro peeling soap review and three weeks ago I started using it everyday. Because this is a micro peel soap, I'm expecting it to be harsh on the skin and will require me to stay at home since the skin will be very sensitive when exposed to sun rays.

     To be honest, I'm having second thoughts if I'll use the soap or not because based on what I've seen with my cousin who had a body peeling sessions, the skin will literally fall off, shed in big or small pieces. Since I trust Mischka Derma Secret, I gave it a shot. I said to myself that it's just a MICRO PEEL SOAP so I should expect a minimal and not so visible peeling. Anyhoo, click CONTINUE READING to know more about the soap :)
Product Review: Mischka Derma Secret Micropeel Soap

Product Review: Mischka Derma Secret Hydrating Whitening Body Lotion

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

     There are two things that will always be a mainstay in my bath essentials: 2 bars of soap and a bottle of lotion. That's how I cleanse my body everyday, no matter how cold the weather is. I seldom use warm water or take hot baths during cold season. I can take a bath in the evening and it's my own version of the ice bucket challenge. Kidding aside, hope you'll not get mad but that's how I can describe cold tap water these past few days. The colder the water, the drier my skin after taking a bath.

     Because I'm road testing whitening soaps that may attribute to the dryness of my skin, I need to resort to moisturizing lotions or hydrating body lotions to lessen the dryness. Most of the lotions that I have on my stash are whitening lotions. Good thing Mischka Derma Secret sent me one of their lotion variants, the hydrating and whitening body lotion. I'm expecting this lotion to help me combat dryness and the word 'hydrating' sounds like I can get a moisturized skin while lightening it at the same time! I've been using this lotion for 3 weeks now, I can say that I'm quite satisfied with the performance. I think this is much better from the first variant that I've tried because of the scent which I really, really love! So now click CONTINUE READING to see my experience about the product :)
Product Review: Mischka Derma Secret Hydrating Whitening Body Lotion

Product Review: Mischka Derma Secret Coffee Exfoliating Body Scrub

Monday, January 12, 2015

    Last December, I received a bunch of skin care products from Mischka Derma Secret. The loot includes soaps, body lotion, body scrub and a lip plumping serum. I'm so giddy to try them all but my eyes were glued on their coffee exfoliating body scrub. I've gained weight these past few months and some are water weight because of water retention from eating salty foods. I'm not sure if using coffee scrub will make those excess water disappear but from what I've read, coffee scrubs can help in improving the appearance of cellulites and loosen up excess fluid so the appearance of the skin will look more toned and smooth.

     I've been using the product for two weeks now, twice a week to be exact. Yes, I've seen positive results but not on the cellulites/fat per se. To know more about the product click CONTINUE READING and see if it's a yay or a nay!
Product Review: Mischka Derma Secret Coffee Exfoliating Body Scrub


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