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Nestle NANKID Parentology+ Launch

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

     Some ten years ago this world was vastly different, causing anxiety among parents trying hard to provide their children a future full of possibilities. Different factors have redefined the way people do and view things. Think of the shifts advancement of technology, environmental changes, and lifestyle shifts that have so much so that today’s parents sometimes feel overwhelmed by the world their children are growing in.

     Children who were born a generation ago are lucky because they often ate home-cooked meals and played games with neighbors. While today’s children often consume fast food items while playing video games on their handhelds. No more parks and outdoor spaces as they have been replaced by sprawling malls, while the ever-increasing population has meant traffic congestion, pollution, and other urban challenges that did not exist or were not as bad ten years ago. As a result, many children have become couch potatoes with limited socialization opportunities. A number of growing kids struggle with issues such as obesity, socialization difficulties, attention problems, and the like. Think you can change this situation now? The answer is YES!!! Scroll down to know more how :)

Nestle NANKID Parentology+ Launch


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