Biore UV Body Care Serum Extra Moist

Feature: Biore UV Body Care Serum Anti Pollution

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

     Can you feel that it's so hot these past few days? Summer is really here! But before you enjoy the warmth of the summer sun please be reminded that UV rays are damaging. Check your summer skincare essentials first before basking under the sun.

     Sunscreens are no longer just for those lazy days on the beach. Skin experts have established that a UV skin protector should be part of every Filipina’s daily skin regimen to protect the skin against the harmful rays of the sun. Aside from these, aging and pollution are the skin concerns that should be addressed daily. DON'T SKIP SUNBLOCK AND SUNSCREEN!!! Skipping increases the susceptibility to premature aging and skin cancer. But wait, there's a preventive measure, keep reading below :)

Feature: Biore UV Body Care Serum Anti Pollution
With my fave face sunblock, Biore UV Face Milk :)


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