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Naturals by Watsons

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

     More and more people are choosing natural products with the aim of living a healthy lifestyle. The choices are not only focused on food but also on the products that they use every day to cleanse their body, nourish their hair and maintain their natural beauty.

     Organic and natural products are the reason why I made this blog. These are the skin care products that tamed my adult cystic acne during my postpartum period. I've tried a handful of brands before and I can say that all of them gave great results. Fast forward today, Watsons now has a natural line of products to nourish and protect the body from head to toe! Introducing Naturals by Watsons. Know more about this natural line below.

Naturals by Watsons

Product Review: Natura Organics Cellular Radiance Intensive Hand Repair Cream SPF50

Friday, April 04, 2014

     My hands are the most overworked/abused part of my body because I have hands-on job everyday. From the time I wake up, my hands are ready to do different tasks like cleaning the house, washing the dishes that includes cleaning feeding bottles and if time permits do a light laundry. Aside from mommy duties, I also spent more than five hours on the computer typing articles to be published on this blog. I admit that at an early age I have vein-y hands. My grand mother said I got it from the stress. I'm also allergic to laundry detergents and dish-washing liquids that's why my hands are dry and itchy after washing the dishes and doing the laundry. If you'll ask me if I have a separate skin care product to lessen the itchiness and dryness on my hands, my answer would be none not until Natura Organics sent me a tub of their hand cream. Thanks to Ms. Ophelia of Ophelia_NaturaOrganics for this heaven-sent product. 

      I'm an OC mommy but I'm not that vain in taking good care of my hands. All I have in mind  is that the lotions that I'm using in my body will also do the job in the moisturizing department of my hands. I'm truly wrong because hand creams are very essential and important part of ones skin care. I'm lucky that I've got the first dibs on this product from Natura Organics and I'm very much confident to say that this hand cream made a big difference on the texture and tone of my hands. Now I agree to the phrase "yung kamay mo parang hindi sanay sa trabahong bahay" (Your hand looks like not used to household chores). Even the hubby felt the difference on the texture of my hands one time and asked what did I do to the flaky and dry part on the sides of my fingers. I told him my secret-now-not-secret weapon to combat dry and irritated hands. Excited to see the full details of my review? Click CONTINUE READING and smile!
Natura Organics Cellular Radiance Intensive Hand Repair Cream SPF50

Product Review: Cosmo Skin Collagen Hand and Body Cream

Sunday, September 22, 2013

     Happy Sunday to all despite the gloomy weather outside. Hope everyone is safe so stay indoors and relax while reading your favorite blogs :) Anyhoo, here's a review of another promising skin care product that I've been using for three weeks now. If you're the type who likes to see fast results then read the whole review so that you'll understand why I'm starting to like it even though I enumerated three negative things about this so called hand and body cream. Yes, it's a cream form of lotion. I presume what you have in mind now is the cons of using this product. In my honest opinion, cream based lotion is a no no especially in our humid weather, right? But there's another way where you can still use this type of lotion and see results immediately. 

     Have you heard of COSMO Skin? If not, click HERE and HERE so that you'll have the idea of what this brand has to offer. I've known this brand some four years ago and tried their soap more than once. If I've been blogging during that time, it's a sure thing that I'll be raving it over and over again. I've also tried their Grape Seed Extract supplement and I can say that it's a better alternative to Vitamin C because it has more anti-oxidant properties than Vitamin C alone.

     So lets go back to star of this review! At first I have a love-hate relationship with the product but after a week it's all L-O-V-E! Now I'm telling you to click CONTINUE and enjoy reading!  
Cosmo Skin Advance Whitening and Nourishing Collagen Hand and Body Cream
Advanced Whitening and Nourishing Collagen specially developed for the needs of Asian Skin.
Formulated with Advanced Skin Whitening Technology for extra fair and radiant glow.
Its Marine Collagen, Arbutin and Vitamin C have 50 times anti-aging and whitening power.


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