Cotton USA New Brand Identity Re-launch

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

     Last June 26, Cotton Council International (CCI), the marketing and promotions arm of United States Cotton industry had a relaunch of its 26-year old flagship brand, COTTON USA. I presume you already know this brand as you've seen it in the tags and labels of your clothes. Wearing COTTON USA made clothes is perfect for our humid weather. It's relaxing and revitalizing to wear. Wearing cotton has benefits that the whole family would surely love. 

     Since 1898, over 50,000 product lines and 3 billion products have proudly carried the name COTTON USA. Here in our country, the COTTON USA Mark was introduced to garment manufacturers and consumers in 1994. I'm on my elementary years that time and if my memory serves me right, we bought undershirts and half slips with COTTON USA mark as part of my daily uniform. This Mark, that is displayed on garments and merchandising shelves, has been a symbol that assured Filipinos that the items being purchased were 100% cotton, 50% of which was cotton sourced from the United Stated of America. During the event, I've discovered that there are other countries that produces cotton but I've gown up knowing it solely from USA. To know more the launch and their new logo, scroll down dearies!
Cotton USA New Brand Identity Re-launch
The new COTTON USA logo 

  • The seven twists and turns of the cotton boll symbol represent the seven segments of our industry: producers, ginners, warehousers, merchants, cottonseed handlers, cooperatives, and manufacturers. It’s a story of integration and partnership.
  • Finally, the design embodies the idea that cotton is on a global journey. It’s the story of a single fiber, born in the USA, from seed, sun, and soil –not a refinery– that travels around the world, touched at each step by those who care, both in crafting and wearing. In the end, this fiber that was born in the earth, goes full-circle and returns to the earth.
Cotton USA New Brand Identity Re-launch
     New logo and a revitalized brand vision emphasizing three key attributes that set U.S. cotton apart from others:

  • PURITY- U.S. cotton is shipped pure from the field. It's clean, non-irritating, and safe. It is the standard by which all other fibers are measured.
  • QUALITY- U.S. Cotton producers take meticulous care to produce high quality U.S. cotton. 
  • RESPONSIBILITY- From U.S. cotton producers to manufacturers, they are dedicated to creating a better world. Land use has been reduce by 30%, soil erosion by 68%, irrigation water applied by 75%, energy use by 31% and greenhouse gas emissions by 22%. U.S. cotton us biodegradable and can be safely returned to earth.
Cotton USA New Brand Identity Re-launch
     From infant wear, children's wear, bath essentials, men's wear, and ladies' wear, I'm sure you have a COTTON USA brand in your closet. See this adorable COTTON USA stuffed toy? This is made of pure cotton and it's so cute and cuddly. The texture of pure cotton can be felt while touching this stuffed toy. It's so soft and pure!
Cotton USA New Brand Identity Re-launch
Mr. Kraipob Pangsapa the ASEAN Representative of Cotton Council International 
     During the event, Mr. Kraipob Pangsapa the ASEAN Representative of Cotton Council International shared to us the history and important facts about COTTON USA. Kraipob promotes COTTON USA at the consumer level in Thailand and in the Philippines. Beyond Thailand, he also travels to meet with and assist trade partners and users of U.S. cotton in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam.
Cotton USA New Brand Identity Re-launch
Mr. Kraipob Pangsapa the ASEAN Representative of Cotton Council International
Dr. Ana Palabyab-Rufino dermatologist
     COTTON USA also invited a dermatologist and discussed important things with regards to Fabric Dermatitis. She also shared advantages of using cotton fabrics. Cotton is non-irritating, soft and comfortable, absorbent- keeps sweat away from skin, breathable, durable- easy to wash and care compared to other fabrics, affordable, and biodegradable.

     Sharing also with you these Laundry Tips for Cotton Garments and Home Textiles so you'll know how to properly take good care of your cotton fabrics at your home:

1. Follow care-label instructions properly.
2. Sort. Keep whites, darks, brights and medium colors separate.
3. Denim, curdoroy and canvas go in a cool wash; lighter colors and materials go in warm water.
4. Pre-treat stains before you wash to prevent them from setting.
5. Don't overload! Leave space for your clothing and detergent to move freely in the washing machine.
6. Keep your brights vibrant by turning clothing inside out before washing.
7. Dry just long enough to remove wrinkles and moisture. If left in too long the heat can actually set wrinkles, increase static cling and cause shrinkage.

     Is your cotton, COTTON USA? Check out the brands listed below to know if you're wearing pure cotton from COTTON USA. Here are some of the COTTON USA Licensees in the Philippines:

Children’s brands 
Cotton Stuff, St. Patrick , Disney Baby, Barbie, Martel, Martel Babies, Martel Kids, Puritan Jr 

Women’s brands 
Snooze Sleepwear, Burlington, Darlington 

Men’s brands 
Burlington, Darlington, Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club 

Men’s innerwear brands 
Carter, Fila, Puritan, Walker 

Home textile and Personal care brands 
Attewater, Bloomsfield, Cottonfields, Martel, Canadian, Canopy, Purity Absorbent Cotton 

Textile Manufacturers 
Knitasia Industries, Inc. (Formerly Clothman Knitting Corp.), Interlock Fabrics Corporation, New Fortune Knit Craft Industries, Inc., Oversea Warp Knitting, Inc., Richjordan Enterprise, Signal Knitting Mills, White Gold Manufacturing Corporation 

Indo Phil Textile Mills, Inc., Solid Development Corp. 

     Thank you so much COTTON USA for having me. I learned a lot during the intimate event with other mommy bloggers and the topic about Fabric Dermatitis is an eye-opener for me. Now I know what are the do's and dont's when one member of the family shows signs and symptoms of this skin disease. I'll be sharing more about Fabric Dermatitis soon on this blog.

To know more about COTTON USA visit http://www.cottonusa.org/

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