The Future of Eye Care at Taiwan Excellence Online Product Launch

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

     Four Taiwan Excellence Award winners from the ophthalmic medical equipment industry in Taiwan demonstrated their most innovative products during an online product launch held recently. The event was jointly organized by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), the foremost trade promotion body in Taiwan, and Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade.

     According to estimates from IEK Consulting of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, the global ophthalmic medical equipment market is estimated to reach US$ 58.4 billion by 2023. The three major areas of this market are vision care, surgery, and diagnosis and monitoring. Bulk products of significance are optical lenses, contact lenses and “fundus” cameras, a complex optical system designed for imaging of the eye’s retina.

The Future of Eye Care at Taiwan Excellence Online Product Launch

Product Review: Megan Hydro Cool Eye Gel Patch

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

     Hello dearies! Sharing a short review of my favorite under eye mask so far. Megan Hydro Cool Eye Gel Patch is really cheap yet effective in taking away all the stress in your eyes. Aside from having a heavy duty concealer, under eye mask also helps in reducing puffy eyes and brightens dark circles. If you are on zombie mode because of work and other activities that deprive you of getting 6-8 hours of sleep, this product is your new best friend.

     Once placed under the eye, it automatically gives a cooling sensation that is so relaxing. You may opt to sleep for 20-30 minutes, read a book and do some stuff because it sticks properly in place and will not slide nor drip while walking or lying down. More about this product after the jump!

Product Review: Megan Hydro Cool Eye Gel Patch

Three Ways to Improve Eye Health Naturally

Thursday, October 11, 2018

     Not everyone is born with perfect eyesight, so some people need to wear glasses or contacts to correct their vision to 20/20. Eye muscles also weaken as people get older, so even if they didn’t need corrective lenses when they were young, many people might as they age.

     Fortunately, you can correct your vision naturally by doing eye exercises, and preserve your eyesight or make improvements by eating healthy foods. Here are some of the ways to correct your vision naturally without undergoing eye surgery like LASIK.

Three Ways to Improve Eye Health Naturallyhttps://unsplash.com/photos/aVvZJC0ynBQ

Ideal Vision Center Couple's Sunglasses for Summer

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

     The fambam is not yet ready for summer and I'm not sure if the planning will be the usual spontaneous thing. But for those who are exited to go to the beach, what are your summer/beach travel essentials? I'm sure the first thing that you will bring is your eyewear! This summer, couples can stay stylish with the new matchy-matchy theme. I've seen a lot of matchy-matchy couples shirt, why not do it with sunnies?! Ideal Vision Center’s (IVC) stylish collection of matching sunglasses is perfect for couples who want to stay in style this season.

     “It's time to beat the heat in style with matching sunglasses,” says Dr. Joy Go, AVP for IVC Marketing. “With complementary glasses, you and your partner won’t only look good; you’ll also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.” According to IVC—a leading expert in eye care—UV rays, glare, and eye fatigue are challenges that eyes encounter on a daily basis. Wearing glasses, Dr. Go emphasizes, can greatly help in protecting your eyes and reducing chances of eyestrain. See the designs here, Click CONTINUE READING now!
Ideal Vision Center Couple's Sunglasses for Summer

Product Review: Tony Moly Party Lover Coloring BrowCara

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

     Hi dearies, I'm so excited to share with you another fave product from Tony Moly. I presume not all of  you have tried this genius brow product invented to date. For someone who is so fond of taking good care of their eyebrows, this product is a must. When I saw this product from top beauty bloggers' haul post, I said to myself that I have to check the product out. A mascara for eyebrows, cool beans! 

      When I saw and swatch the product at Tony Moly SM Fairview, my first impression was 'easy and accessible product  to brow dye at home'. Because I always color my hair light, I need a brow product that is 1 shade darker than my hair color.  So I chose Tony Moly Party Lover Coloring BrowCara in 02 Gray Brown to compliment my light ash blonde hair. About the brow dye thing-y, don't worry it's just my term. It's not a real brow dye because it easily comes off with a makeup remover. This brow mascara looks natural on my brows, really! Enough of the blabber, here's the review of ony Moly Party Lover Coloring BrowCara in 02 Gray Brown. Click CONTINUE READING for more information :)
Product Review: Tony Moly Party Lover Coloring BrowCara


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