February in December

Saturday, January 12, 2013

     I've been meaning to share this post last week before I published my FAB Holiday Makeover at The Jing Monis Salon but I'm still waiting for the last prize to arrive. So when it arrived yesterday, I took photos of it and now the list is complete. Why February in December? I guess, what happened last February on all the giveaways that I joined happened again last month. If you read my posts: February Part 1 and February Part II you'll say that I'm really very lucky when it comes to online giveaways, contests and promos. 

     Jing Monis Salon I DV Hairpieces Like and Share Giveaway

Lissa Kahayon x SM GTW Christmas Promo Giveaway

So Gelleesh Hair Care Giveaway

     Thank you Gellie, I can now have a hair spa party with my sisters at home. This winning is very timely since our hairs need some loving from all the abuses last year. Think of dyeing, straightening and curling our hair using mechanical and chemical products. 

Vanity and Everything in Between's BDJ 2013 Planner Giveaway

     Yay to my new planner! I can say this is my first "formal planner" to date. I had one planner before but can't call it the real planner because all I did was post stickers to it and never wrote anything on the pages. Bummer! So now, I'm very motivated to write all the thoughts I have in mind because BDJ planner is not just a planner, it's a power planner. Everything a woman needs in a planner is on BDJ :D

Bioessence Christmas Treat

Kanebo Powderless Liquid Foundation Sample and Makeover

     Had this makeover last December at Kanebo counter Sm beauty section Mall of Asia. The MUA there was very approachable and never had a dull moment while she's doing my makeup.  Silly me forgot her name :( I love the transformation she did using this new foundation from Kanebo. I like my eye makeup here because of the smokey look that doesn't look to harsh for daytime. The coverage is excellent, no need for concealer and it turns into powder that looks good on photos. I hope I can get a full-size of this product soonest!!! Hello another tipid mode (saving mode)

Good Times!~

The Beauty Break Facial Experience at Bioessence

Monday, May 28, 2012

     Being a stay-at-home-mom is fulfilling and stressful at the same time. I'm not saying that I don't love being a mom with all the household chores and baby things that I do everyday but sometimes these daily routines make me feel cranky and exhausted. I'm just an ordinary human being who gets tired and needs to have a break. I'm always tempted to go on a pamper-me-time after errands usually at the mall but still I have no time. So when I received an invitation to attend a bloggers event that will showcase Bioessence new services, I giddily booked my slot without any hesitations after all my mother had a great experience at Bioessence during her slimming program from way way back. This is my much awaited relaxation and it never failed my expectations. 
     The Beauty Break Facial Experience at Bioessence
With all the hassles we go through everyday, a stress free vacation would be great. But who has the time? With this in mind, Bioessence has concocted a unique and effective way to give ourselves a break for beauty.

     Just like our staple coffee breaks daily, our skin also needs to breathe. A time to relax and be pampered. "My Beauty Break Facial" aims to encourage everyone to take time in maintaining clear, clean and healthy skin. For P350, you can enjoy a 30 minute complete facial care which includes preliminary massage (3 min.), cleansing (2 min, 30 sec.), scrubbing and toning (3min.), steaming (5 min.), extraction (15 min.), Vitamin C application (30 sec.), and Facial back massage (1 min).
     Since this was my first bloggers event, I felt shy and nervous and I'm all alone but when I entered their reception area sweaty palms begin to calm down. I feel at home :) Cheerful staffs greeted me with their warm smiles so even though I just slept 4 hours you can see the excitement and sense of belonging in my face.

     The West Avenue Branch- Bioessence Gold wowed me with their spacious and clean facility. I'm a clean freak so it's a VERY big plus for me :) Before the event started, their friendly staff gave us a tour of the entire place and shared some information about their premium skin care line from Canada called Oxygen Botanicals which boasts to be the first skincare line with non-chemically derived oxygen using pure oxygen-infused formulas in a time- released capsule for long lasting results.

     I really enjoyed my short tour at their treatment areas. The place calls my name and says come here, relax. I love the ambiance, the scent that lingers on my mind and the sound of harmony clinging in my ears. 

Foot Spa, Hand Spa Treatment Room
Facial Room- I love it when I saw this because of its privacy.
                                                                                     Sauna Room- shed excess pounds :)

     I thought this day will only be a day of pampering but oh boy they also served a pica-pica snack for everyone and made a short talk on stress management that enlightened me so much. Ms. Charisse, the assistant training officer empowered us on how to deal with stress. With her energy, wit and humor I felt the positive energy coming :) I consider her talk one of the most influential to date because when I got home, I always say Good vibes and Positivity.

      After the talk, our Beauty Break Facial started and with 30 minutes I can say that it's sooo worth the time. I had my facial before but nothing compared to this. It's very relaxing and my attendant is very precise and knowledgeable of what she's doing. She listens to what I say and what my skin concerns are. After the facial, I braved myself not to wear foundation or face powder to see if I get good results. I just dab a little concealer on my under eye and line my brows for that no makeup look. And voila! The facial didn't cause any redness on my face and just showed a glowing skin. 

     My Beauty Break experience at Bioessence is a blast! I want to thank my co-bloggers who welcomed me in the real blogosphere. I also want to thank Ms. Anj for giving me this wonderful opportunity by having a "ME" time and an afternoon full of relaxation at its finest. Bioessence is very generous and gave us this press kit that consists of different beauty and wellness stuff.

The Beauty Break Facial Experience at BioessenceBioessence is not only about making your skin and body beautiful, they also aim to make your life beautiful. With our busy schedules, we tend to forget to pamper ourselves. But with Bioessence, beauty and wellness will never be put aside.

Why Choose Bioessence?
1. Reputable Name- Bioessence
2. One of the pioneers in the Beauty and Wellness
3. We have a wide range of services- Skincare, Dermatology, Slimming and Spa
4. Our centers are run by a professional team that includes managers, dermatologists, physical therapists, nurses, nutritionists, and masseuse
5. We take pride of our excellent customer service
6. Continuous research and development and training for the latest state of the art technology on beauty and wellness
7. A good return on investment
8. 17 years of experience

     I highly recommend Bioessence! My mother swears by their slimming treatment to be effective and after experiencing their Beauty Break Facial I can truly say that pampering ourselves need not to be expensive and requires a little amount of our time at Bioessence :)

     So what are you waiting for? With 52 branches nationwide, be sure to visit a branch near you and experience the Bioessence way! You may call 376-7106 or 0918- 8BEAUTY for inquiries and appointments.

Visit and like their official Facebook page:

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