International Women's Day

Rediscover Home with Nikki Gil-Albert

Thursday, April 01, 2021

     Nikki Gil opens up her home for the first time as she talks about how their life has changed during the pandemic. Not being able to go out to work and socialize, the celebrity-mom shares how she rediscovered her home by turning quarantine time into quality time for her family. Take a closer look and at her home in this exclusive video.

Rediscover Home with Nikki Gil-Albert

Gretchen Ho: Connecting Women in Action

Sunday, March 14, 2021

     When a woman speaks, she can lead a generation into action. And that’s exactly what TV host, reporter, and all-around woman-in-action Gretchen Ho does. This Women’s Month, the athlete-turned-reporter shares her journey on how having strong women connections helped her become a voice and beacon of her generation.

      “When I envision something, I get into action to achieve it,” says Gretchen Ho. Dubbed as the ‘Woman-in-Action’, she has evolved from being a university athlete, to an events host, a news anchor, and now as a Beacon for other women. She talks about how she believes that success comes from a daily and constant effort, “Work hard. Never forget work ethic, take action day-by-day and keep improving daily. Move forward with consistency”.

Gretchen Ho: Connecting Women in Action

SM Woman Summer 2018 Collection + Women's Month Offers

Monday, March 12, 2018

     We are celebrating International Women's Month and SM Woman wants to celebrate this with the launch of What Women Want- a month-long celebration that aims to give you amazing deals, discounts, perks, and promos from different brands at the SM Store.

     Did I mention before that half of the clothes inside my closet came from SM Woman? I so love SM Woman because I find the styles unique and easy to mix and match. I also like their collection which caters to all shapes and sizes. Last week, SM Woman unveiled their Summer 2018 collection with a fashion show held at SM Makati. See my picks and what's in store for all women below :)

SM Woman Summer 2018 Collection + Women's Month Offers

Cream Silk Pays Tribute to the Modern Filipina on International Women’s Day

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

     As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, Cream Silk pays tribute to the Modern Filipinas who have experienced their own transformations. Championing women and their ability to achieve limitless possibilities, the number one conditioner brand in the Philippines further empowers them to go beyond beautiful and leave a mark in the world.

     Earlier this year, Cream Silk launched Transformations, its latest campaign, with five new ambassadors who perfectly embody the Modern Filipina, and who have all undergone personal journeys of change. Leading the way in inspiring women are Nadine Lustre, transformed to light up more screens; Coleen Garcia, transformed to conquer new heights; Julie Anne San Jose, transformed to own the spotlight; Yassi Pressman, transformed to take the lead; and Rachelle Ann Go, transformed to take on the world stage.
Cream Silk Pays Tribute to the Modern Filipina on International Women’s Day
     To kick off the celebrations, Cream Silk unveiled a music video honoring these Modern Filipinas, as they were serenaded with a reworked rendition of the popular tune, “Balisong” by OPM icon Rico Blanco. The music video was made to remind women of the true power of transformation, as embodied by the new Cream Silk ambassadors. In the video, each of these women relived their own incredibly inspiring transformation stories. Their dedication, hard work, and success are proof that there no limits to what a Modern Filipina can achieve, once she has transformed to go beyond beautiful.
Cream Silk Pays Tribute to the Modern Filipina on International Women’s Day
     To further highlight the women who inspire others every day with their talent, beauty, and heart, Blanco went as far as adding new lyrics to his beloved song to express what he thinks of the Modern Filipina:

“You are the sun in my skies,
you are the days in my nights.
You are the reason I smile,
you put the worth in my while.”

     More than anything, however, the video is truly a celebration—a tribute to laud every Modern Filipina whose beauty inspires, creates, and makes a mark in the world. Congratulations to all the modern Filipina, have a meaningful and happy International Women's Day!!!

The commemorative music video of “You’re Everything I Wanted (Balisong)” can be viewed at


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