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OOTD: Kenzo and Minecraft

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

     Hi dearies! Pardon me if I'm bombarding you with outfit posts these past few days. I'm just making sure that all the pending OOTD posts we had taken last year will be published and not buried in my dashboard. I have this habit of forgetting things especially when I don't see it in my document folders. 

     As what I've told you on my previous posts, I tend to store all the photos in different usb storage that I received from events. Prolly this will be the last outfit post for January. There will be more OOTD in the next month for me and Kenzo. Anyhoo, this outfit post was taken last November at Robinsons Magnolia. It's an impromptu outfit shot that I decided to take because of the location. Outfit details and a short story below :)
OOTD: Kenzo and Minecraft
     My apologies for the title of this outfit of the day. I can't think of a decent title and all I was thinking while writing this post was Kenzo's favorite online game as of the moment- Minecraft. I presume some mommy readers here can relate. Kenzo loves playing Minecraft and he's starting to like stuff associated with the game. This shirt is his one of his favorites. I bought this at SM Megamall last year when I saw Mommy Levy's son (Ren) wearing the same shirt on her IG feed. Kenzo saw the shirt too and asked me to buy him one. I'm glad that I was able to purchase one before the size ran out. 
OOTD: Kenzo and Minecraft
Kenzo just had his hair cut prior this photo
Top- JusTees Minecraft T-Shirt

Bottom- UNIQLO Denim Easy Shorts

Shoes- DC Shoes from ResToeRun Kids
OOTD: Kenzo and Minecraft
JusTees Minecraft T-Shirt and DC Sneakers
     Meanwhile, Kenzo's shoes came from ResToeRun Kids' Rumble Yard Event. I had a hard time choosing a pair for him during the event because almost all the styles I've chosen does not have an available size for his feet. This pair of DC shoes is two inches bigger than his feet. But methinks looks perfect in the photo above. No walking and running during the time we did this shot, hahaha!
OOTD: Kenzo and Minecraft
You're really growing up so fast, baby loves! Hope you like his casual outfit. 

Good Times!~

Bonding with Kenzo at the Res|Toe|Run Rumble Yard Event

Saturday, October 31, 2015

     Can I say that I'm lucky because I have bonding time with Kenzo everyday at home? Since I'm a stay-at-home mom, I have all the time in the world to spend quality time with him. I've seen him grow physically, emotionally and mentally. The experience of seeing his actions everyday is pure bliss. But there are times that we get boring, doing the same stuff everyday. So when the need to unwind and relax outside the house arise, we go out and chill in the mall. There are so many ways on how to spend quality time with your family and kids, sometimes the best venue- inside your favorite malls!

     Weeks ago, I was invited to have a unique bonding time with Kenzo. This bonding time is something that the whole family can do. Shoe shopping, anyone? Yes, buying a pair of shoes is a bonding where time will be well spent. I've realized that choosing the style of foot wear that I'll buy for my son will be more exciting if he's inside the store with me. There are times that I do the shoe shopping alone hence I've bought the wrong size and he doesn't want the style. With this kind of bonding, I've seen how Kenzo responded to different shoe styles. With this, he's able to show me what's inside his mind. More highlights of the event below :)
     Res|Toe|Run is the country's first and only restaurant-inspired multi-brand shoe shop: a Shoetopia for Shoeaholics, designed to satisfy one's infinite appetite for shoes. The product mix is divided into 3 categories:

RES represents the comfortable casual footwear line; 
TOE is composed of toe-flaunting sandals and flip-flops; 
RUN is made up of active and athletic-inspired shoes.

     Res|Toe|Run is bringing into the country a whole new world of shoe shopping experience with its wide array of heritage and alternative footwear brands. Res|Toe|Run aims to expand its reach to Filipino families everywhere with 50 stores this 2015 and the launch of its collection of Kids brands through the kids’ Rumble Yard. 
Bonding with Kenzo at the Res|Toe|Run Rumble Yard Event
     The Res|Toe|Run Kids Rumble Yard officially launched the store’s kids category last October 10-11, 2015 and is held at the Activity Center of Robinsons Magnolia. With the aim of introducing the kids brands available in store, they made this family-bonding activity that run for two days. It's a  playground-themed event that was open to public and to media, celebrities, and online personalities.
Bonding with Kenzo at the Res|Toe|Run Rumble Yard Event
Kenzo in front of the activity area
     Kenzo and I had a blast during the event. Res|Toe|Run’s kids brands set up fun and exciting booths for boys and girls to explore, create, and enjoy at the Rumble Yard. “The overall idea of the event is to represent each brand’s personality.

  • DC gives the cool and hip vibe
  • Native will awaken their creative side 
  • People Footwear offers excitement and thrill by creating a buzz
  • Flossy and Faux Pas are both for the young girls who love to bring out their princess side

Bonding with Kenzo at the Res|Toe|Run Rumble Yard Event
     The event was an enjoyable moment not only for the kids but for the entire family as well. The Res|Toe|Run Kids Rumble Yard is created for kids to have a special time to bond with their parents through fun and exciting games and activities. Family bonding and spending time with the kids is very important even in simple activities like this. That's why when they invited me and Kenzo to the event, I said yes. Looking for a pair of shoes with my son is a bonding that's so awesome. We enjoyed searching for the perfect pair of shoes.
Bonding with Kenzo at the Res|Toe|Run Rumble Yard Event
     Apart from the booths, the event also hosted a one-hour program that is absolutely engaging such as the Faux Pas Pin the Jams, People Footwear’s Spell it, Win it!, Native’s Twister!, DC Shoes’ Longest Breath Challenge, and Flossy’s Prints Matching game. Families also go home with keepsakes at the Res|Toe|Run photo booth.
Bonding with Kenzo at the Res|Toe|Run Rumble Yard Event
     Kenzo enjoyed the tattoo booth, he asked me if I will allow him to have this design on his arm. He wanted Spider Man but it will take more time to do that so the artist just tweaked the design.  It's still cool and Kenzo liked it!
Bonding with Kenzo at the Res|Toe|Run Rumble Yard Event
Brands they carry include Native and People Footwear
     More than just a go-to shoe store for the latest hard-to-find footwear selections, Res|Toe|Run seeks to offer the widest array of shoes for each member of the family. With its Kids collection in tow, Res|Toe|Run plates up a delectable footwear menu for just about everyone. I'll share with you Kenzo's OOTD wearing DC shoes soon. Thank you so muc Primer Group of Companies for having us :)
Bonding with Kenzo at the Res|Toe|Run Rumble Yard Event
Twinning with Kenzo wearing our oh so comfy People Footwear sneakers
     Res|Toe|Run is owned and operated by Primer Group of Companies. They have 40 stores nationwide as of this writing and will be opening their new branches in Robinsons Galleria Cebu and Newport Mall this November and Eastwood mall this December. 

For more  information on Res|Toe|Run's latest offerings,
Like them Facebook: ResToeRunOfficial
Follow them on Twitter: @ResToeRun
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