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Daiso Japan Philippines Kris Kringle Corner Bloggers' Event

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

     Hello dearies! How are you? First week of December reminds me of a very special event where a mini exchange gift happens at work and at school. Since I'm a stay-at-home-mom, I miss joining this so-called "monito-monita". I presume all of you have heard this, " I love my monito/monita yes I do (3x), I love my monito/monita but I won't tell you" Familiar with the song? The monito-monita exchange gift usually starts from a Kris Kringle. This kind of exchange gift is so exciting and intriguing, right? Raise your hands if you agree :) It's exciting because the gifts you will give and receive is according to the "something" insert noun/adjective/adverb here thing. It's intriguing because you have no idea what to receive since there are so many things that corresponds to something (noun/adjective/adverb/) thing.

     I was invited by Daiso Japan Philipines, the authentic Japan goods store here in our country to join other bloggers as we shop for amazing products that we will use in our exchange gifts. Daiso Japan Philippines have a Kris Kringle Corner where cute, functional and unique items are priced for as low as Php88. I love Japanese products! I'm happy that Daiso Japan Philippines brought them here and made the price almost the same as the Daiso goods sold in Japan. Anyhoo, I've been talking to much here because of my excitement. What happened during the blogger's event was perfect in time for exchange gifts and Kris Kringle. If you have a doubt and having a hard time finding that "something sweet, cute, long, short, sticky, etc, etc," thing for your Kris Kringle, head on to the nearest Daiso Japan PH branch and I'm sure your monito/monita will be surprised and happy to see the gift you got because it's from Daiso Japan PH:) More stories about the event and see what items that I gave and received during our Kris Kringle. Click CONTINUE READING and smile!
Daiso Japan Philippines Kris Kringle Corner Bloggers' Event


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