Product Review: GNC Vitamin Plus GlutaBright

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

     Hello dearies! How's your day? I've been sweating a lot today and it only means summer has officially started. Do you agree? If you're excited to hit the beach and get that glowing sun-kissed skin, let me share with you my thoughts on what made my skin even toned and glowing. I hope this review will serve as a guide and a recommendation on what whitening supplement you should consider taking after getting tan this summer. Because there are so many glutathione brands in the market today, I'm sure you're already confused what to choose. Before I start the review, I want you to know that I already have a fair complexion to begin with that's why I've seen no drastic change in the whitening or lightening department overall BUT there's a significant change in the discoloration that I had after a frying incident. I've also maintained my skin tone even if I'm exposed to sun in the afternoon. If you'll ask me, I'll be satisfied with a product that will give me a positive result rather than promises even though it will take a month or two. As for skin whitening, the effect of one product varies from person to person. The length of whitening depends on the amount of melanin present in the skin. For example, dark skinned individuals need a continuous use of whitening pills for more than six months before they can see the maximum effect. So I tell you now that taking whitening pills doesn't give you an overnight result. Patience is a virtue so with continuous use, you'll see positive effects.

    Here's a review of the product that GNC Live Well Philippines sent me last February. It's the Vitamin Plus GlutaBright glutathione and this is one of their best-selling products. Vitamin Plus GlutaBright is great for keeping your skin healthy and young plus you get more free radical fighting antioxidants than the usual glutathione combinations in the market. You get GNC quality all over. When I received the product, I was a bit shocked when I saw the price but after taking it religiously for a month I can say that you get what you pay for. GNC products are known for their quality that's why I regard this product a cost-effective one. To know more about the product click CONTINUE READING and see my honest to goodness review :)
GNC Vitamin Plus GlutaBright


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