DHC Vitamin C

Product Review: DHC Vitamin C 60 Days Supply

Thursday, January 20, 2022

     We are now on the second year of this pandemic and most of us have adapted the new normal way of living. I presume that you already mastered the basics when it comes to Covid-19 safety protocols and have strictly imposed these in your homes. The pandemic has taught me a lot when it comes to health and wellness and one of them is making sure that I take my daily dose of vitamins and supplements.

     My number one vitamin on the list is vitamin c. This immune booster and powerful antioxidant can neutralize harmful radicals in the body. It helps heal wounds faster, fight coughs and colds to name a few that's why there's always a supply in my stash for a month or two. Having that said, I've tried different brands of vitamin c even before the pandemic that I also shared here on the blog. For this review, let me share my current brand of vitamin c from one of the favorite Japanese brands in the vitamin and supplement department, DHC (Daigaku Honyaku Center)- a Japanese manufacturer dealing in cosmetics and health food supplements headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. More information about DHC Vitamin C and my thoughts after using it for more than a year now below.

Product Review: DHC Vitamin C 60 Days Supply


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