DHC Collagen

Product Review: DHC Collagen

Monday, August 28, 2017

     I've known the brand DHC for a long time now because my cousin who lives in Japan said that it's a good brand. It's a brand of cheap yet effective food supplements ranging from nutritional, whitening, and anti-aging ones. They also have skin care products like the infamous DHC Cleansing Oil and DHC Eyelash Tonic.

     Anyhoo, Cheska's Online Store sent me the trending supplement from DHC as of the moment- DHC Collagen last month to try. Collagen supplement is perfect for my age and it's one of the supplements that I need now as collagen production in the mid 30's starts to decline. Sharing with you my thoughts on DHC Collagen after the jump

Product Review: DHC Collagen


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