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Product Review: Cosmo Cee Vitamin C

Monday, March 16, 2015

     I rarely get coughs, colds, and flu. I guess it's because I take vitamin c every day. I take around 500- 1,000 mg of vitamin c alongside with the fruits and vegetables that I eat. There are so many kinds of vitamin c today and sodium ascorbate is gaining popularity because they dubbed it as the "non-acidic" vitamin c. 

     According to Sodium ascorbate is a form of vitamin C that has been bound to the mineral salt sodium. Like vitamin C, the basic properties and health benefits of sodium ascorbate are virtually identical with ascorbic acid, but the mineral salt buffers thus lower the acidity of ascorbic acid. The buffered sodium ascorbate may enter the bloodstream more slowly than ascorbic acid when taken orally. So those who are veering away from ascorbic acid because it causes stomach pain, sodium ascorbate is what you need if you think you need an added boost in your vitamin c intake. I've known COSMO Cee for more than a year now and 3 months ago I decided to take this brand because I'm acidic. To know more about the product click CONTINUE READING please and discover what this brand has to offer.

Product Review: Cosmo Cee Vitamin C 


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