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Feature: Avida Land My Path to Financial Freedom Planner

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

     Hello dearies! How's your weekend so far? Mine's so busy. Aside from blogging, I also had a guesting gig in one of the tv shows last week, run errands for our family's business, took a day-off from social media sites because of exhaustion. 

     I'm back today and would like to share with you a feature of one of the planners that I have on hand. It's from Avida Land- "My Path to Financial Freedom". It's basically a new format of planner for me because it is something that will help me jumpstart my future towards financial freedom. Is this really attainable? Sharing some interesting information on how to take the path to financial freedom after the jump!
Avida Land My Path to Financial Freedom Planner     

Avida x Ayala Museum "Inspire Every Day" Event

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

     What inspires you every day? A question that made me think not only what but also who. We all have inspiration and whatever it is, that is the very reason why we stay positive despite the negative things that we encounter everyday. My answer to this question is simple and I can sense that mothers out there can relate. 

     So again, what inspires me every day? Every time I see the priceless smile on my son's face. It reminds me that I am blessed to have a reason to be more positive, responsible, and thankful to whatever life brings. Seeing the smile on my son's face, I see that he will embrace life to the fullest with deeper understanding and will be thankful for all the things that life has to offer when he grows up. In line with this question, Avida Land, Ayala Museum and CNN Philippines Life, recently held Inspire Every Day—a full-day event that celebrates art, literature, history and everything in between, aiming to inspire visitors to pursue their passions in their daily lives. See highlight of the event below :)
Avida x Ayala Museum "Inspire Every Day" Event
     Admission for the event it free. I've seen a lot of visitors who gamely engaged in a day of interesting activities and fun-filled pocket events in line with the theme, “Inspiration Got Us Started, Passion Keeps Us Going.” It's a day of fun and activity and visitors are in for a treat!

  • Free access to enter Ayala Museum and the Filipinas Heritage Library 
  • Visitors were also treated to a selection of changing exhibitions that included Object Travelogue/Dialogue, which showcased pieces from the Ayala Museum collection that have been featured in exhibitions abroad; Sanso: Setting the Stage, an exhibition of reproductions of Sanso’s work by artists Toym Imao and James Reyes that showcase his stage and costume design work; and The Diary of Tetsuya Noda: Steven Co Collection, which presents an intimate glimpse into the life of the Japanese contemporary printmaker. 
  • Guests also got a special look at an exhibit from Julia Nebrija called Old Manila Lego Architecture. 
Avida x Ayala Museum "Inspire Every Day" Event
L- One of the pieces in the exhibit R- Doodle board
Highlights of Avida x Ayala Museum "Inspire Every Day" Event

1. One of the most exciting part of this action-packed day were the talks on How to Make it in Manila from the metro’s most in-demand fashion photographer BJ Pascual, and Historical Films from multi-award winning film director, composer, editor, sound designer and writer Jerrold Tarog.
Avida x Ayala Museum "Inspire Every Day" Event
My apologies for the blurry shot, a super-fast selfie with the Jerrold Tarog after his inspiring talk.
2. Another highlight of the event was Avida Land’s Homepossible installation, located at the Museum CafĂ© and brought to life by painter and calligrapher Anina Rubio’s live art. Through Avida’s Homepossible event, visitors were given an opportunity to become homebuyers, find a space where they can express themselves and experience an inspired life firsthand. 
Avida x Ayala Museum "Inspire Every Day" Event
Anina Rubio's live art at the back. She was painting there while during the I took this selfie
     Avida also launched “Pursuit of Passion,” a lifestyle blog and resource guide that motivates and encourages everyone to breathe life into their passions for art, design, wellness and finance.
Avida x Ayala Museum "Inspire Every Day" Event
     Inspire Every Day and Homepossible are venues for the public to be inspired to achieve their dreams and live their aspirations. Avida believes that a place to dream and thrive is vital to being able to create opportunities and pursue passions. 

For more information on Avida Land and their newest blog, visit
pursuitofpassion.ph and www.avidaland.com

Now, I want to ask you dearies: What inspires you every day?

Good Times!~

Avida x Ayala Museum’s “Inspire Every Day” Campaign

Sunday, July 24, 2016

     Avida Land joins Ayala Museum in challenging young, dynamic individuals to seek out the spark that will set their passion ablaze as they mount this year’s Inspire Every Day event on July 30, 2016. Held for the third straight year, the whole day event will feature free admissions to all of Ayala Museum’s and Filipinas Heritage Library’s permanent exhibitions and access to a host of exciting events such as Avida Homepossible.

     With the tagline “Inspiration Got Us Started, Passion Keeps Us Going,” Ayala Museum, along with partners CNN Philippines Life and Avida, aims not only to showcase art, literature and historical trivia for public appreciation but also to provide big opportunities for audiences to find their own inspiration. More about information about this campaign below :)
Avida x Ayala Museum’s “Inspire Every Day” Campaign
     Guests will get the chance to experience today’s most renowned Filipino creatives in action. Top fashion photographer BJ Pascual and multi-hyphenate filmmaker Jerrold Tarog are scheduled to give talks about their areas of expertise. 

     Aside from the museum’s permanent exhibitions, a special collaborative exhibition by Viva Manila and the Philippine Lego Users Group depicting the grand architecture of old Manila, curated by urban planner Julia Nebrija, will be displayed at the event. Calligrapher and painter Anina Rubio will be creative live art on the Homepossible installation. 

     Avida is also launching “Pursuit of Passion,” a new lifestyle site and resource guide that aims to inspire dreamers and achievers to persevere and breathe life into their passion for art and design, wellness, and investments. Future content in “Pursuit of Passion” will include think pieces and essays contributed by thought leaders and experts, as well as respected icons in their field. 

For more information, head on over to www.avidaland.com
Inspire Every Day and Homepossible will open at 10am and close at 6pm on Saturday, July 30, 2016. 

Join the Avida Homepossible: Familyscape Conference

Saturday, May 21, 2016

     We all know that family is the basic unit of the society. We all have families and the values that we have now started inside our family. Starting a family and building a home, while a joyful life milestone, can be daunting. But there are a lot of ways to nourish the homemaker in you so that you can start out strong.

     Discover the inspiring ways that empower lifestarters in Avida’s Homepossible: Familyscape conference, to be held on May28 at Fairmont Hotel, Makati City. The one-day conference aims to encourage family-oriented individuals to pursue a multi-faceted lifestyle in an enabling community, offering a 360-degree approach on gearing up with the essential skills and knowledge that can guide them on the journey to being a homemaker. More details about the conference below :)
Join the Avida Homepossible: Familyscape Conference
     Familyscape will be headlined by ANC’s On the Money host Edric Mendoza and WholeMomPH, composed of aspirational moms Chesca Kramer, Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio and Marilen Montenegro. Mendoza will talk about how lifestarters can effectively plan their financials.

     Meanwhile, the inspiring moms of WholeMomPh will cover topics ranging from creating a place that affects family dynamics to nurturing one’s inner self amidst all the demands and responsibilities of a homemaker.

     Familyscape is the second installment of Avida’s Homepossible conference series this year. Homepossible is part of Avida’s campaign that is all about encouraging people to pursue the life that they dream of.

     Be inspired to move in and move forward through Homepossible: Familyscape. Learn how you can start shaping the life you’ve envisioned for your own family by joining Homepossible: Familyscape. 

Pre-register and join the conference for free by visiting:

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