Feature: Avida Land My Path to Financial Freedom Planner

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

     Hello dearies! How's your weekend so far? Mine's so busy. Aside from blogging, I also had a guesting gig in one of the tv shows last week, run errands for our family's business, took a day-off from social media sites because of exhaustion. 

     I'm back today and would like to share with you a feature of one of the planners that I have on hand. It's from Avida Land- "My Path to Financial Freedom". It's basically a new format of planner for me because it is something that will help me jumpstart my future towards financial freedom. Is this really attainable? Sharing some interesting information on how to take the path to financial freedom after the jump!
Avida Land My Path to Financial Freedom Planner     

     At first, I'm having second thoughts if I'll open the planner and use it. The word 'financial' scares the h*ll out of me. This planner will remind me of numbers- expenses like bills, debts, and liabilities. But it's important to take these things seriously and I realized that it's time check if I'm financially fit.
     So this planner is like a regular planner with sticky notes, stickers, calculator, ballpen, notepad, and a financial guide. "My Path to Financial Freedom" is a very handy and highly visual guide for personal financial plan. It's a very interesting planner because there are sections where I found practical tips, worksheets, and financial ratios that are easy to learn and apply.
Feature: Avida Land My Path to Financial Freedom Planner
     Let's go back to my realization: Am I financially fit? My answer is NO but my husband and I already started our plan. It's not too late yet. Our son is 7 years old and we gave ourselves 5-7 years to achieve our long-term financial goals. For now, I want to focus on what Robert Kiyosaki said on his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad- "It's not how much money you make, it's how much money you keep."
Feature: Avida Land My Path to Financial Freedom Planner
     That statement gave me an idea that investments are really important. It's for the future of my family. Forget about the wants and focus more on the needs. I need to invest now, I need to have a plan and I need to be financially free for the future of my family. Financial freedom starts with a plan and some management experts have been emphasizing on planning SMART goals.
Feature: Avida Land My Path to Financial Freedom Planner
SMART goals- Be S.M.A.R.T. and add E.R. to make it S.M.A.R.T.E.R.

S- Specific
This is something you envision yourself owning. It can be the dream of having a car and what car, owning a house, particularly what type of house, and so on and so forth. 

M- Measurable
Now that you have established something you feel is worth pursuing, it's now time to put a price tag.

A- Attainable
This is the reality check. Expectations collide with reality. With this, a goal should be attainable.

R- Relevant
Are the financial goals you are pursuing worthy of your time, effort, and resources? This is where the soul searching takes place.

T- Time-Bound
Set a deadline for your goal. There is no indefinite time. You must work harder as the deadline approaches.
Feature: Avida Land My Path to Financial Freedom Planner
E- Exciting
Venturing into something out of your comfort zone should both scare and excite you at the same time. 

R- Rewarding
The goal should give you a sense of reward and fulfillment.

     Financial freedom is a dream that everyone has, and a goal that many find hard and difficult to achieve. There are many reasons why it is a challenging journey for many. However, with proper financial education, self-discipline, and sound planning, one will be able to reach it within his lifetime.
Feature: Avida Land My Path to Financial Freedom Planner
     Now that you have a guide in your plan, don't waste time. Act and start now! The first steps to financial freedom may be bitter but the end results are sweet!

Are you financially fit? Share your journey to being financially free and inspire other to take on the challenge by joining conversation online.

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