Arla Organic Powdered Milk

Feature: Arla Organic Powdered Milk Drink

Friday, July 31, 2020

    Every parent wants the best for their child that's why in the early stage of child development, we give utmost importance to every aspect of their life. We don't stop worrying about different issues that will arise as they grow every single day. From nutrition, education, health, and socialization, we always make sure that these aspects of life are well-taken care of. My family's health is non-negotiable that's why I make sure that my son is eating right. My husband cooks a wide variety of go, grow, and glow foods that are highly recommended for Kenzo's growth and development. 

     Speaking of grow foods, I make sure that he still drinks the daily recommended servings of milk every day and my recent discovery is a promising brand. Arla Foods, one of the world’s leading farmer-owned cooperatives and also known as the world’s largest producer of organic dairy products, marks a significant milestone as it expands its footprint in Asia with its entry in the country.  Now, Filipino families can enjoy the delicious and nutritious taste of Arla Organic Powdered Milk Drink as it hits grocery shelves nationwide.

Feature: Arla Organic Powdered Milk Drink


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