Product Review: KB Rosehips Vitamin C

Sunday, February 10, 2019

     It's a no brainer that we all need Vitamin C to boost our immune system. Vitamin C is one of the vitamins that we need to protect us from free radicals. We can get our daily dose from the food that we eat especially from fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C. Another option is from food supplements containing ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate.

     Did you know that there are other forms of Vitamin C in the market today that can boost the immune system and beautify the skin at the same time? Yes, that's possible with Rosehip extract. I presume you've seen different skincare products containing rosehip extracts and its wonderful effects like brightening and toning. Rosehips now comes in a supplement form, thanks to KB Glutathione (Yumei Mise) for making the first rosehip capsule brand in the Philippines because taking vitamin c has never been this good. I already finished taking 1 box (100 capsules) of KB Rosehips that Cheska's Store sent me last year and sharing my thoughts after the jump.

Product Review: KB Rosehips Vitamin C

KB ROSEHIPS Benefits (all information are taken from the leaflet inside the box):

     KB Rosehips is derived from small fruits of the rose plant called rosehip. It is sugarless, all-natural and extremely high source of Vitamin C that contains bioflavonoid and lycopene both function as a vascular system builder and immune system booster. It is also rich in iron, niacin, and other vitamins best used to prevent colds and influenza. 

Product Review: KB Rosehips Vitamin C

     Medical studies say that it can be used also to reduce scar and other skin-related irritations. KB Rosehips has many benefits that can solve immune system deficiencies and address skin-related issues:
  • Stretch marks
  • UV damage from overexposure to the sun
  • Scars from surgery, burns, and acne
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Wrinkles and premature skin aging
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Dermatitis
  • Burns, including those radiations and sunburns
  • Age Spots
  • Brittle nails
  • Dry and damaged hair

Product Review: KB Rosehips Vitamin C

size: 100 capsules in 10 blister packs per box
Also available in 30 capsules/ 3 blister packs in a box

price: 995 php (Around $8.49+)
295 php 

place bought: Free 

instruction for use: As a food supplement, take one to two capsules a day, one in the morning and one in the evening with meals or as recommended by your physician.

ingredients: Rosehips 500 mg

Product Review: KB Rosehips Vitamin C
Words written are: KB, Kyusuku Bihaku, and Kanji/Hiragana Text

     I've been taking this supplement as my regular Vitamin C. I took it for 3 months and will continue taking it as the substitute of my current vitamin c brand. I love that it made my skin glowing and I noticed that my wounds heal faster unlike before. I don't catch colds and flu easily and last December, my husband, and my son suffered from cough and colds. I'm lucky or is it because of KB that I was not affected by any kind of viral infection inside and outside the house.

What I like:
  • The packaging- it is packaged neatly in a white box with gold KB logo embossed. 
  • The scent- it can pass as unscented.
  • The capsules are printed with KB Rosehip logo are inside a sealed blister pack.
  • It contains 500 mg of pure rosehip.
  • No discomforts like vomiting, headache, nausea, breakouts, or whatsoever while taking this supplement
  • Made my skin glowing.
  • This supplement gave me a good night sleep. 
  • I'm already fair, to begin with, but it made my skin pinkish/rosy white in tone.
  • No pimples before or after my period.
  • It also maintained my skin color despite the hot humid weather. I'm always outside doing errands in the afternoon. 
  • I also noticed that my wounds heal faster. I have thin skin and I easily get a scratch from sharp objects.
  • My nails and hair are less brittle. 
  • It is GMP, FDA and HALAL certified. 
  • Batch, manufacturing and expiry date printed on the package.

What I don't like:
  • None so far.

Will I purchase? Yes. I'm on my second box of 100 capsules as this is now my source of Vitamin C

     I give this a 5/5 rating. What I love about KB Rosehips is that it contains 10x more vitamin c from the regular vitamin c supplements in the market today. It is all natural and made from pure rosehips. Aside from the immune-boosting and anti-oxidant effects, it makes the skin glowing and clear. I'm happy that whenever I wake up in the morning, I look less haggard and I can see my skin in the best state ever.

     Though I still see pores which are not a big deal to me, I can see a healthy skin that has less pigmentation now especially on my face where I have melasma and Hori's Nevus. KB is a natural product which makes it free of contraindications but you still need to consult your doctor first before taking this especially if you're under medication. The recommended age to use KB is 16 years old and above. 

What's your daily source of Vitamin C? Have you tried KB Rosehips?

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DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me by Cheska's Online Store for review. The views expressed here are my honest opinion about the product. What works for me may not work for you or vice versa. I don't take glutathione on a regular basis. My review is based on my experience during the time and period I'm taking it.


  1. Super bilib tlaga ako dito sa KB products👍👍👍Super ganda tlaga nitong KB products Ms.kath..naalala ko before sa watsons ako nagwowork..bumili din ako ng sabon nila na bar..super ganda sa balat...tho mejo pricey sya ang ganda nman ng result at matipid sya gamitin👍👍👍worth it nman sya..thumbs up sa product na to

    1. Hi Anafe,

      Yay! Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm sure madami ka alam na mga products ngayon na pwede nakikita mo na effective and madaming bumibile sa Watsons. Share mo din sa amin ha :)

  2. Dami pla benefits ng KB rosehips vitamins C 10x more, natural rosehips pa gusto ko din gumising na less hagard ang face and skin hehe

    1. Hi Queenie,

      Yes! Kaya nga if I were to choose, ito na yung palit ko sa Vitamin C.

  3. hi san po pwede makabili ng 30 pcs lang

    1. Hi,

      Available sa or search Cheskas Store sa FB. Thanks!

  4. meron sya sa drugstore at watsons?


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