Product Review: Biogenic Alcohol

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

     If you're following me on my Instagram account (@dearkittykittiekath), prolly you've watched some of my Instagram stories and saw how OC or clean freak this momma when it comes to everything. From our bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, living room, and bedroom, I always make sure that I have all the essentials for cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing every corner of our house. 

    My husband would tease me (in Mo's voice from WALL-E) 'foreign contaminant' every time he sees me wiping the floor from time to time or spraying my favorite rubbing alcohol at my son's things or appliances. Alcohol is life and one of the most affordable and readily available antiseptic solutions one could ever have. There are many brands in the market but only one name became a mainstay in my stash- Biogenic. Know more about this brand and why I buy refills over and over again below!

Product Review: Biogenic Alcohol

     I'm a Biogenic fan long before they sent me a crate full of isopropyl and ethyl alcohol products. I discovered this brand while window shopping at Watsons Health and Beauty when my son was still a baby. If my memory serves me right, that was 2010. The spray type bottle caught my attention because that was the first time I saw such container for a rubbing alcohol. There's an available tester for the isopropyl variant and after spraying it on my palms, the scent got me sold.

Product Review: Biogenic Alcohol

     Like what I've said, Biogenic is a mainstay essential at home. I always buy the 150 ml or 250 ml refill and transfer the contents in my spray bottle. It was all isopropyl variant that time and only a few refill bottle sizes available for sale that's why I got so giddy when the crate landed in our doorstep. They have a new addition- the ethyl alcohol variant plus the bottle now comes in bigger refill sizes and a big pump type one that's perfect for industrial use.

Biogenic Alcohol

     Cosmetique Asia launched Biogenic Alcohol to its growing portfolio in 2014 but I'm already a convert to this brand since 2010. For those who are not familiar with the brand, Biogenic is not just an alcohol. It cleans, disinfects, sanitizes, acts as an antiseptic, an anti-bacterial and something that is moisturizing to your hands. With Biogenic Alcohol, you are not only clean but germ-free!

Product Review: Biogenic Alcohol
Biogenic Isopropyl Alcohol

size and price:

Isopropyl alcohol variant
750 ml (P190) Pump Bottle
50 ml (P28) and 330(P77) ml Spray
75 ml (P16.75), 150 ml (P27.25), 250 ml (P38.50), 500 ml () and 1000 ml (P120) Bottle

Ethyl alcohol variant
50 ml (P28) and 330(P77) ml Spray
75 ml (P15.50), 150 ml (P24.25), 250 ml (P34.25), 500 ml (P60.50) and 1000 ml (P115) Bottle

place bought: Free
Available in all leading supermarkets, groceries, and drugstores nationwide. Also available online thru Shopee-

instructions for use: Spray or pour a small amount on hands and rub briskly. To apply on skin moisten a cotton swab. Use as a disinfectant, sterilizer, cleanser, and general antiseptic for everyday all-around use. Ideal for body massage, rubdown and sponge bath.

ingredients: Each 100ml contains 70% USP Grade Isopropyl and Distilled Ethyl Alcohol, Glycerol

Product Review: Biogenic Alcohol
Biogenic Ethyl Alcohol

What I like:
  • The price is very affordable.
  • The packaging comes in many sizes and forms.
  • I like the travel-friendly spray bottle that fits inside my beauty kit.
  • There are two variants available.
  • It has a pleasant smell that lingers.
  • It keeps hands moisturized.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Batch, manufacturing, and expiry dates are printed at the back of the bottle packaging.

What I don't like:
  • None!

Will I repurchase? Yes!!!

     I give this a 5/5 rating. Both variants are affordable and helpful in disinfecting and sanitizing with almost everything. Using alcohol is the easiest way to keep you germ-free in an instant. It's like a 'first aid in a bottle'. Just apply or spray an ample amount to disinfect your body or in sanitizing the things you use every day.

     This rainy season, always bring the handy and travel-friendly size bottle that's convenient to use because it's in a spray form. If you walk in the rain, don't forget to disinfect as an added protection or sanitize your laptop and your gadgets using Biogenic Alcohol. Always wash your hands to prevent germs from spreading and use Biogenic Alcohol for added protection. Stay dry, healthy, and germ-free this season.

Have you tried Biogenic Alcohol?

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  1. We love biogenic too ! I'll make I always have it on my bag kasi every day kami sa school with my 2kids . Para make sure na germ free.

    1. Hi Aila,

      Thanks for sharing and for making sure na germ-free and mga kids mo all time. Stay dry and healthy!

    2. Thank you ms Kath, . 😘😘

  2. I like the green one bottle its smells like perfume for meπŸ‘πŸ’—always kaming meron nito sa bahay lalo na sa baby ko na laging naglalaro I always spray her hand before and after nya maglaro πŸ‘

    1. Hi Francia,

      For me naman is blue. Yung green mas moisturizing because of Ethyl Alcohol. Yay! Thanks for sharing ha :)

  3. thanks Ms Kath..i like the green one kasi mabango sya although pati blue mabango naman..May maliit na Biogenic si eldest ko na dinadala nya lagi sa school. Para always protected.

    1. Hi Lovell,

      Yay! Thanks for sharing. Both naman mabango but mas gusto ko yung scent ng blue. Mabuti meron sya lagi dala. Good job!

  4. Hi! How much is the 750ml pump?

  5. Available pa po ba 1000ml ?? How much po ?


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