Product Review: Blooming G (Borage Oil 500 mg Capsule)

Thursday, August 16, 2018

     I've been reviewing health and beauty supplements for more than five years now. I can say that I've had a fair share of experience in the online world when it comes to whitening, anti-aging, and wellness department. Skin lightening is the main concern of modern Filipinas that's why glutathione supplements are selling like hotcakes here in our country. Next to skin lightening is anti-aging. More and more women are focusing on anti-aging these days. The search for the fountain of youth will start from skin care products, oral supplements, and dermatology treatments. 

     Lastly, wellness supplements for weight loss, vitamins, and anti-oxidants that give glowing skin are becoming popular nowadays because of the so-called "ang fresh mo teh" (looking fresh) or "blooming ka ngayon" (you are blooming) peg. Speaking of fresh and blooming, I'm so excited to share with you a skin care supplement that gives a natural skin moisturizing benefit and more (Yes more because it has a lot of benefits) from within. Enter Blooming-G (Borage Oil 500 mg Capsule), a promising health supplement for a blooming you :)

Product Review: Blooming G (Borage Oil 500 mg Capsule)

     Blooming-G is the brand name for Borage Oil Capsule which contains GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) which is an Omega-6 fatty acid. Blooming-G is duly registered with the Philippine FDA and currently available at Mercury Drugstore branches in NCR. The product was encapsulated in Capsugel France, then imported and packed by BAUCH for the Philippine market.

Product Review: Blooming G (Borage Oil 500 mg Capsule)

     The benefits of GLA/Omega 6 are the following among others. These benefits will be seen after months of taking Blooming-G and to individuals who are experiencing symptoms below. 
  • Can Ease Dry & Itchy Skin
  • Aids in Breast Tenderness
  • Helps Prevent Stretch Marks
  • For Healthy Bones
  • Supports heart health and improve blood circulation
  • Helps in managing stress
  • Boost Immunity due to its anti-oxidant properties
  • PMS Symptoms (breast pain, tenderness, anxiety, skin breakouts)
  • Skin disorders including eczema or dermatitis
  • Menopause symptoms including hot flashes and night sweats 

     For this review, we will mainly focus on the natural skin moisturizing properties of Blooming-G. I presume some of you have tried different kinds of vitamins and supplements to make your skin glowing and not all can give you the results that you want. It's a trial and error thing, and when one supplement does not give good results, it's time to try a new one. 

Product Review: Blooming G (Borage Oil 500 mg Capsule)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Who can take Blooming-G? Can men also take it?

Blooming-G can be taken by male and female 18 YEARS OLD and Above

2. When is the right time to take Blooming-G?

It is best taken after meals. 
3. What is the effect of Blooming-G? In how many days will I see any results or changes?

In as early as two weeks, you can see that your skin is soft, moisturized and glowing.

4. Is Borage Oil safe for long-term use

You may take Blooming-G daily for 12-18 consecutive months then rest for two months. You may resume taking it daily after the rest period.

5. Can Blooming-G be taken with other vitamins at the same time?
Below is a list of known drug interactions and contraindication of Borage Oil.

Moderate interaction with :

A. Medications that increase the break down of other medications by the liver (Cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4) inducers) interacts with BORAGE
Examples: carbamazepine, phenobarbital, phenytoin, rifampin, rifabutin, and others.

B. Medications that slow blood clotting (Anticoagulant / Antiplatelet drugs) interacts with BORAGE
Example: aspirin, clopidogrel, diclofenac, ibuprofen, naproxen, dalteparin, enoxaparin, heparin, warfarin, and others.

C. Medications used during surgery (Anesthesia) interacts with BORAGE
Minor interaction with NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) interacts with BORAGE
Example: ibuprofen, indomethacin, naproxen, piroxicam, aspirin, and others.

8. Is Blooming-G safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

     Pregnant women on their first and second trimesters, as well as breastfeeding mothers, must avoid taking Borage Products, due to the sensitivity of their condition. Only pregnant women on their 37th week onwards take Borage Oil (orally and intravaginal) for the purpose of Cervical Ripening, but within the supervision of their OB-GYNEs.

9. Can Blooming-G be taken with birth control pills?

     Borage Oil is generally safe. There’s no known drug interaction between borage oil and oral contraceptive pills used in PCOS medication. However, it is best to consult your physician or OB Gynecologist regarding the product.

10. Other precautions while taking Blooming-G

      BAUCH Lab. is the company behind Blooming-G and they have in-house doctors to answer some of your questions. For more information, kindly visit the FAQ section of Blooming-G at

Product Review: Blooming G (Borage Oil 500 mg Capsule)
Each blister pack has 10 capsules. A box has 3 blister packs.

size: 30 capsules/box good for 15 days use.

price: 750 php (Around $14.03+)

place bought: Free
Available in all Mercury Drugstore, Metro Pharmacy and online drugstore-

instruction for use: Adult: 1-2 capsules daily after meal or as recommended by a health practitioner. 

ingredients: Each hard gelatine capsule contains Borage Oil (Gamma Linoleic Acid)- 500 mg, Vitamin E

     I take two capsules a day. One after breakfast or lunch and another at dinner or before bedtime. If it's your first time to take this supplement, the best time to take it after meals (morning and evening). One box is good for 15 days since the recommended dosage is two capsules a day. You need to consume two boxes to see the maximum results but as early as two weeks, I can say that my skin is glowing. 

Product Review: Blooming G (Borage Oil 500 mg Capsule)

    I already finished two boxes/60 capsules of Blooming- G and saw positive effects on my body especially on my skin. It's glowing and more moisturized. I wash the dishes every day and the dishwashing soap that I use makes the spaces between my fingers really dry. My hands feel tight and look rough with moderate flaking. While taking Blooming-G, I noticed that my hands have this kind of 'shine' that is glowing. I still use the same kind of dishwashing soap and wash the dishes every day.

Product Review: Blooming G (Borage Oil 500 mg Capsule)
Do you notice something in my hand? 

     Colder months like July and August tend to dry some parts of my skin, especially in the leg area. Unintentional scratch may result in a white line which is a manifestation of dry skin. These past few days, I try drawing a line in my arms and legs but no white line or other marks were seen. It only shows that my skin is well-moisturized. The lower part of my legs has a 'shine' like coating that is visible in real life. The photo below was taken upon waking up inside our room under natural lighting.

Product Review: Blooming G (Borage Oil 500 mg Capsule)
Look closely at the lower part of my right leg.

     As for my face, I also noticed a glow every time I look in the mirror. The photo below was taken inside our room. I don't have a flawless and smooth face, you can see a lot of imperfection- Hori Nevus, Melasma, big pores but there's a certain glow that I see upon waking up.

Product Review: Blooming G (Borage Oil 500 mg Capsule)

What I like:
  • The product is packaged in a box that is well-sealed and handy complete with product information.
  • Blooming G is made from a sturdy imported hard gelatin capsule. No leaks or deformation on the capsule which is a plus for me because some supplements in soft gel capsules may lose their potency if it starts to leak or show signs of deformity.
  • The capsule is easy to swallow.
  • Blooming-G doesn't give me a stomach ache, nausea, or dizziness.
  • I don't experience breakouts, allergic reaction or whatsoever during the time I'm taking this product.
  • It made my pale skin brighter and glowing.
  • I noticed that I sweat a lot whenever I do house chores. It's a plus for me since it helps boost my metabolism and yes burn those stubborn fats.
  • I think my skin has lightened a bit. My husband noticed that change in my lower extremities (thigh and legs).
  • It also contains a small amount of Vitamin E. Yay to more anti-oxidant benefits.
  • It gives me extra energy that I need every day. I usually feel sleepy or lethargic in the afternoon but Blooming-G boosts my energy (physically and mentally).
  • Batch, manufacturing, expiry date, and FDA registration number printed at the back of box packaging.
  • This supplement is FDA approved.
  • Easily accessible. It's available in Mercury Drugstore and online.
  • Aside from skin benefits, I also noticed less PMS symptoms like breast pain and tenderness.
  • No noticeable effects on stretch marks, heart health and blood circulation, eczema or dermatitis, and menopause symptoms which I think is okay because I don't have a problem in those areas. Though I have stretch marks on my tummy area, it's not a big concern.

What I don't like:
  • The price can be steep for budget-conscious individuals.
  • Those who have sensitive nose may have a hard time swallowing the capsule because there is a little odor. 

Will I purchase? Yes! I will take this as a maintenance supplement not only for healthy skin but for other benefits in the body as well.

     I give this a 4.5/5 recommendation. This is a promising supplement that gives more than one benefits. Aside from taking the capsule orally, you can also use the borage oil as a topical ointment- apply it on acne marks or stretchmarks and leave for 15 minutes then wash the area. Though I did not try it, I think those who want to improve the texture of their skin and afraid to take supplements may do so.

     Overall, I recommend this product if you have dry skin and want to experience other benefits that I listed above. If you want to achieve a glowing and beautiful skin naturally then start taking Blooming-G. Always remember that what works for me may not work for you or vise versa. Patients should also discuss the options with their physician before taking supplements because they might be contraindicated for medical conditions they have, or interact with prescription medications they are already taking.

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visit their website:
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  1. I always wear or put lipstick or lip tint to make me look and feel blooming. And now, i want to try this BLOOMING G to make me more blooming! I know this is so effective just like what you've said. And it was proven on your pictures as well.

    FB: Ann Margot Gabris
    IG: @seksichikiting
    TWITTER: @seksichikiting

  2. I wanna try Blooming -G but i cant afford this time, my priorities are my kids they are all in school..

  3. Ay bet ko to parang ang ganda lakas mabata.. gusto ko to matry..

  4. Wow all in one capsule daming benefits nito Ms.Kath lalo sa skin which is every filipina women dream is to have a glowing and whiter skin ❤️๐Ÿ‘hope to try it too soon ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘

  5. Awww sayang bet ko pa naman kaso breastfeeding mom ako. ☺ good luck sa winner. ☺

  6. Gusto ko siya mam kath, kasi bukod sa gaganda kana maganda pa sa health natin.. Kaso bf moms ako hindi ako pwede mag take.. Kung sakaling manalo ako nito ibibigay ko siya sa mother ko bagay ito sa kanya dahil subsob siya sa trabaho.

  7. WOW na WOW! Heto yung sure na safe and effective talaga! Hindi lang after sa skin benefits but rather includes all health benefits. Thanks for sharing this! Achieve na achieve ang natural glowing skin. ^_^

  8. As a mother of 2, I still make way to make my skin more glowing and healthy, bu just eating juicy fruits and drink plenty of water. I even use some facial creams at night to make and maintain it glowing and blooming!

    FB: Jenny L. Zarate
    IG: @cheycheanzarate
    Twitter: @cheycheanzarate

  9. I always eat fruits and vegetables. Then proper exercise. Sabayan na rin ng Blooming G para in and out ang ganda!

    Fb : Zel Solidor
    IG : zelsolidor
    Twitter: @zelsolidor

  10. Name: Mary Joy Supetran
    Facebook Account Name: MJ Ormo/
    Twitter: @mjsupetran711
    Instagram Handle: @mjsupetran

  11. I only used lipstick everyday

    Name: Mary Joy Supetran
    Facebook Account Name: MJ Ormo/
    Twitter: @mjsupetran711
    Instagram Handle: @mjsupetran

  12. I need this. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  13. The love of my husband makes me blooming everyday. ��Taking of Vitamins E, helps me to achieve healthy and glowing skin.
    Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: Jeanette Layar

  14. I wanna try this amazing capsule...My skin turns into a baby skin.

  15. Receiving a lot of love from the people around me and keeping a positive mind makes me feel awesome and definitely the result is making blooming! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’–
    Full Name: Icee Reen Labareรฑo
    FB Name: Icee Labareรฑo
    Twitter: @iceereenlabare1
    Instagram: @iclabrenyou

  16. I eat a well balanced diet, exercise a bit everyday, keep a simple skin regimen, think about good thoughts & most importantly I nurture my personal relationship with the Lord.That keeps me blooming.If I win in your raffle, I wld have the chance to try Blooming G & find out if it is beneficial to midlife women like me. <3

  17. Para sakin na sobrang stressful ng work. Sobrang hirap imaintain ang pagiging blooming. Kasi work pa lang sa call center, grabe nakaka tanda na, yung makukulit na customer tapos after work, trapik naman ang haharapin, super nakaka panget.

    Pero syempre hndi naman pwede na magpatalo tayo sa stress at haggard. Dapat stay fresh at blooming pa rin kaya ang ginagawa ko,

    Kapag free time, makikipagkita sa friends, kakain at makikipag kwnetuhan, mag eenjoy. Iwasan ang pagiisip ng problema sa opisina kasi rest day means time to enjoy and rest.

    Always wear makeup and smile :)

    Joan Rafunzel Medina
    FB Rafunzel biyaya medina
    twitter jrafunzelm
    iG rafunxelle

  18. I am now the person I always wanted to be, but was too scared to in the beginning.I gather up all my courage and bloom! So yay! I finally bloom! I'm no longer feel like hiding from the world. Now I'm showing the world how beautiful my life and myself.
    Full Name : Jolly Carissa Teanila
    Facebook Name : Jolly Carissa Teanila Francisco
    Twitter: @carissa_jolly
    IG. : @carissafrancisco

  19. What makes me blooming is what I eat, what vitamins I take, my lifestyle and my outlook in life.

    Full Name : Precious Makie Bataycan
    Facebook Name : Makie Valencia
    Twitter: @makievalencia
    IG. : @makievalencia

  20. The answer to my dull days is here to stay, Welcome Blooming G to our life, improve it and make it the best one,excited to be part of my daily regimen.

  21. hi? is this good for acne prone skin?

    1. Hi,

      I have to check this to their in-house doctor to be sure :) But it can be good for the skin since it has an anti-inflammatory effect which helps fight cystic acne.

  22. Smile is the perfect way to be blooming.
    We boys, we dont need anything like skin care or make up to be blooming but all we need is to smile and have a proper hygiene.

    Ruselle Verayo
    FB Ruselle Verayo
    twitter rjverau
    ig rusverayo

  23. Be happy and stress free para maging blooming ��...
    I want this and badly need it para mawala yung pimple marks ko di lang kaya ng budget ����
    FB NAME: Emma Diesta
    IG.: @emsdrew10

  24. Gustu ko po itry ung blooming G may eczema po ako sana po makatulong siya s skin ko po.
    Fb:elaine satin

  25. Right now im still looking for a supplement that will be effective for me, and I heard about blooming g.. I want to try and sana ito na ung hinahanap ko..

    FB - Joanna Montoya
    Twitter - @jmdm_kathniel
    IG - @jmdm11

  26. I'm a mother, I've tried so many products lately wether supplements or creams, but none of them works,kaya gusto ko subukan tong blooming g, Sana mag work skin.

    Celestina bergoro


  27. Excited to bag this box of freshness and beauty ;)

    FB Amara Yvonne Lopez
    T atchinita
    IG @hail.the.royal.highness

  28. What makes me blooming is when I know that I am hydrated. When I am wearing simple scent that matches my body's ph, if I am wearing comfy shoes and clothes, and light make-up that makes me look good - that makes me blooming. But of course, I want to bloom inside and out and I want it to start with my skin. Blooming G is very promising and I am really excited to try it. I know that in a span of two weeks, I will reap it benefits and I am so positive that I will achieve my healthy glow with Blooming G.

    Name: Roxane Cabile-Montierro
    Facebook Account Name: Roxane Cabile-Montierro
    Twitter: @roxanemontierro
    IG: @rcmontierro

  29. Wow,super nakakaamaze nman nitong Blooming-G,ang lakas makaFresh at Blooming!!! soooo excited to try soon!

    Name: Edelyn Manzano
    FB: Edelyn Manzano
    IG: @imedelyn
    Tt: @manzano_edelyn

  30. Ang galing, daming benefits!!! Then as early as two benefits makikita na ang changes. Bet ko itong Blooming-G. Gusto ko din subukan para maachieve ko din ang healthier and blooming skin.

    Name: Manilyn Falculan
    FB: Manilyn Johnson
    IG: @gurlthing15
    TT: @gurlthing15

  31. What makes me blooming is when I am well-groomed. Having a healthy and glowing skin will make me blooming too that is why I really want to take Blooming G. Men are also entitled to have supple, glowing, and healthy skin and I want to achieve that. I know for sure that Blooming G is the answer to wear my skin and be confident inside-out.

    Name: Aldrin Montierro
    Facebook: Aldrin Montierro
    IG: @abmontierro
    Twitter: @abmontierro

  32. It's great that my hubby can take Blooming G too.
    Name: Filipina Canaling
    Facebook: Fhin C Canaling
    Instagram: @fhinaphina
    Twitter: @MommaFhin

  33. What makes me blooming is when I feel confident and carefree all the time. Though I may not having a perfect or glass skin but I know this is something I shouldn't be ashamed of. I will never stop loving my imperfections bcos it made me realize how powerful a woman can be and how she can influence another person, just like you Miss Kath Rivera. Thank you for sharing Blooming G to your audience. Hoping and praying that Blooming G is my solution to my problems (PMS, breakouts, slow metabolish, dull skin)

    Name: Shaina Beatrize Cristi
    Faceboom: Bea Cristi
    Instagram: @itsbeacristi
    Twitter: @jedrian09

  34. Kailangan ko nito dahil ang haggard na itsura ko dahil sa nightshift sa work at hands on mom pagdating sa bahay, kailangan ko din bigyan me time ang sarili ko at treat para maging glowing at healthy para din saakin mga anak..
    FB: Emcel Fajardo
    IG: @emcelfajardo
    Twitter : @Hya_cel08

  35. What really makes me blooming is my children's laughter and my husband's love for me. For a low key mom like me, nothing in this world that could make me happy without my adorable kiddos and loving husband.

    Name: Grace Nelly Reyes
    Facebook: Grace Seyer (Grace Nelly Reyes)
    Instagram: @hailnellyfullofgrace
    Twitter: @brewlovesbogsh

  36. What makes me bloom and happy is when i have my best suppport system around, my FAMILY! I want to take Blooming G para mas blooming pa and healthy para sa family ko :D

    Name: Jessica Clemente
    Facebook: Jessica Clemente
    IG: jggc17

  37. What makes me bloom is to have my best support system which is My Family! I want to take blooming G to, I know it will makes me more healthy and glowing for me to take care my love ones also.

    Name: Jessica Clemente
    Facebook: Jessica Clemente
    IG: jggc17

  38. knowing and feeling the love and care of my love ones and knowing that you have no enemies and you have a strong faith with God.
    Name - jane magsaysay,
    Facebook Account Name - bjeyn magsaysay,
    Twitter - Jane_carmags
    and Instagram Handle - @kfpc7

  39. What makes you blooming? When I take care of my self. Specifically when I eat the right foods, when I exercise and when I avoid the things, even people, that brings negativity to my life. And most of all, when I am grateful for the things I have.

    Name: Anna Carmina Creayla
    Facebook: Anna Carmina Creayla
    Twitter: @accreayla
    IG: @accreayla

  40. I heard a lot about new supplement which is BloomingG and I really want to try it due to possotive feedback on internet.
    Name:Francia Diaz
    FB:Francia Garcia Diaz
    IG: @franciadiaz95
    Twitter: @baanfranz21

  41. Enough sleep and healthy lifestyle makes me blooming! :)

    Paula Romana Alagao
    FB: Romana Pau Alagao
    Twitter: @Soleika14
    Instagram: @09sunkissed

  42. what makes me blooming is when I see my family happy and healthy.๐Ÿ˜Š
    Ma.Queenie Mance
    ig @queeniedukie
    tw: @queenie
    fb: Queenie Mance

  43. Enough sleep, lots of water and love and positivity makes me blooming��
    Name- Rachel Agcaoili
    Fb- Chel Agcaoili
    Twitter- @rachelxagcaoili
    Ig- @rachelxagcaoili

  44. Dear Kitty Kittie Kath made me want and buy blooming G! Because of her reviews, ayan... gustong gusto ko na itry ito. I heard and saw really good and positive feedbacks about it. And since ikakasal na ako, kalakip nun yung stress why planning. I want this to keep me fresh and blooming habang nag prepare ako for the wedding and of course to help me para mag ka baby❤️ Anyway, more power to you ms kath! ����

    Jorylie Cando
    Fb: Jorylie Cando
    Ig: joryliecando
    Twitter: joryliecando

  45. Im on my 30ish and wanted to keep and feel fresh and blooming. Been diagnosed with atophic dermatitis for several years now. Plus I currently working on a graveyard shift. I really needed to try this supplement. Thanks for your informative review. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    1. Hi,

      Thank you so much for sharing your story. Yes, this will be a big help in healing your skin problem.

  46. For now I can say that enough sleep and water intake makes me blooming. But I do think I needed more to help me with that. ☺️ That is why I wanted to try this Blooming G.

    Name & FB: Mary Sheen Fernandez
    IG & TW: @suuuushiiiin

  47. i always love reading this review. I cant comment ang tagal magload ng site before. It has shown effects on you bet ko Ms Kath yung glowing skin huhu however i learned that not for bf moms eto kaya i gave way ..Marami deserve na mommas nito.��

    1. Hi Lovell,

      Aww, ganun ba? But salamat sa supporta ha. Hope ma-try mo to next time pag hindi ka na bf.

  48. Stay cool and relax that`s makes me blooming and with the grace of God, keep me away from sickness. How I wish to have a good complexion with the Blooming G. Thank you!

    FB Name: Meddy Benosa Lopez
    Twitter: @MedsLopez
    IG: @meds_lopez

  49. The first time i heard this blooming G is to ms. AnneClutz and i was convinced to buy one at mercury drugs but the sad thing is it is still not yet available at marquee mall and even other branch in Angeles. I hope i could really find one and give it a try..

    FB NAME:Lian Baniaga

  50. Hi Lian,

    The giveaway ended last August 31 pa but still thanks for joining and showing interest in Blooming-G. I'm the first who reviewed this supplement but no worries naman, okay lang :) Fan din ako ni Anne. You may purchase here USE my CODE KATHBG and get a special gift until Sept. 30, 2018. Thanks!

  51. Pwde po ba sya a iregular minstration at hormonal imbalance

  52. Good eve po ....yung recita po sakin ng doctor Borage oil 1000mg cap......ang available po sa mercury drugstore is (blomming g 500) ..39weeks po akung pregnant ...soo pwdi ko ba etake yung dalawang capsule ..thankyou


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