The Importance Of Having A Healthy Body And A Healthy Mind

Sunday, July 30, 2017

     The body and the mind are interconnected and they influence each other. If your body does not function properly, your mind will be affected and vice versa. In order to live a happy, fulfilled life, we have to give the same attention to the mind as the attention we give to our bodies. 

     Spirituality also plays an important role in the body-mind equilibrium and we cannot ignore it if we want to be happier and healthier both physically and mentally. The mind is a powerful tool but when it is affected, people tend to ignore the effects and to stay focused on their physical bodies even if the same thing caused problems in both areas. Medical doctors recommend therapy in certain situations. However they cannot identify all the situations in which a patient needs more than a treatment for their body. 

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     Chinese medicine has a different approach that is more complex and that offers solutions for both the body and the mind. Since traditional Chinese medicine is based on the fact that disease is caused by disruptions in the energy that flows through someone’s body, the remedies focus on fixing both the mind and the body problem. 

     The energy flow or life force that flows to people’s bodies is named Qi. When Qi is flowing normally, a person is healthy and the body and mind are balanced. The Chinese culture attributes many health problems to Qi deficiency and it is considered that Qi impact a person’s life force. There are various techniques people can use in order to boost their Qi and to improve their health, such as exercises, Tai Chi and martial arts.

     Whether you believe in Qi or not, you have to admit that energy is an important aspect in our lives that can impact our lifestyle and overall health and exercising is a great way to reduce stress and to avoid many health problems. 

     Exercising is however just a technique people can try in order to balance their mind and body health. People can also try various relaxation therapies and meditation to obtain the so needed equilibrium. Through meditation we can cleanse our mind of negative thoughts that can lead to anxiety and stress. We all know now that stress has a direct effect on someone’s health and reducing it can only have positive effects in someone’s life. 

     Another great way to keep our mind and body healthy is Physical Therapy. People rely on this type of therapy only when they experience pain and other medical problems, but certain types of physical therapy can be tried without having medical issues but as prevention techniques. However, be sure you consult a doctor before getting started on any type of physical therapy. Even though the benefits are great overall, it is best to be sure you give your body exactly what it needs and you do not force it over its limits. 

     Always keep in mind that the best way to live a healthy, happy life is to make sure that both your mind and body are healthy and when you feel something is wrong with one of these two, make sure you know how to balance them.


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