Feature: Homtime Alarm Clocks

Thursday, September 29, 2016

     Last week, I was invited to the launch of Homtime products at SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia with other bloggers. We were all excited to see what's in store for us because we're all clueless on what kind of products they are launching. I really have no idea what Homtime is when I received the invite weeks ago. I thought they will unveil furniture and home accessories on the launch.

     They say great things come in small packages, and this comes true in the form of Homtime digital alarm clocks. Homtime is a Shanghai-based company that has been producing electronic for years, and is now making innovative clock technology that complements people’s bedside lifestyles. I'll just make the introduction short, so without further ado more details on Homtime
Feature: Homtime Alarm Clocks

     Homtime is distributed through its luxurious partner hotels globally such as Crowne Plaza and Sofitel (Australia); Radisson (Los Angeles, USA); Hilton Hotels & Resorts and Westin Hotels & Resort (New York, USA); MERCUR (Europe); Holiday Inn (Turkey); Holiday Inn Express (USA); Pullman Hotels & Resorts (Europe, Australia and China); ROSEDALE and GDH (Hong Kong); and Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts (both in Singapore and Shanghai); Le MERIDIN She Shan Shanghai, KEMPINSKI, M Oriental Ginza, JW Marriott Hangzhou, Yue and Hotel Nikko Xiamen (China).
Feature: Homtime Alarm Clocks
Homtime Features:

1. Sleek and compact design
  • With Homtime’s sleek and compact design, one could do more with its packed features. 
  • More than just simply displaying time, one could check temperature, charge multiple devices at once, and play music through its Bluetooth speakers with Homtime’s topnotch and one-touch features of which exude quality and bespoke comfort.
  • Homtime can handle more than one device as it features USB dual-port with smart charging function – 5V3A for smartphones and tablets. 
  • It has a simple ingenious specifications which is its rotary dial that users can simply tap and touch to enable and disable the alarm. Simply turn and set, the dial could be used to adjust the brightness of the clock’s display during the night, for a seamless, uninterrupted sleep.
  • Homtime bedside clocks also lets its user set an alarm using their favorite tunes through its MicroSD card slot. 

Feature: Homtime Alarm Clocks
2. Tiptop quality at affordable prices
  • Homtime showcases a variety of lifestyle devices.
  • One can choose from products that are quality and affordable, up to high-end/premium devices that are also available at a budget-friendly price as compared to its counterparts.
  • Homtime products have a one-year warranty upon purchase.
  • Homtime products were perfected through time and are considered to be bedside devices that are well thought of. All of it were developed into several prototypes and subjected into rigorous assessments to fully ensure its quality and unique performance.
  • There are six lovely models to choose from and I'm sharing them with you below.

A. C1 Pro (Php2,199)- alarm clock speaker with dual USB charger.
Feature: Homtime Alarm Clocks
Homtime C1Pro
B. C1 (Php1,699)- simple and smart design alarm clock with dual USB charger.
Feature: Homtime Alarm Clocks
Homtime C1
C. M9 (Php 3, 499)- bluetooth alarm clock and speaker box wood-made. Available in two colors.
Feature: Homtime Alarm Clocks
Homtime M9
D. C12 (Php3, 499)- genuine bedside speaker which is a perfect alarm clock, radio speaker for Apple devices.
Feature: Homtime Alarm Clocks
Homtime C12
E. C12Pro (Php 4,399)- for upgrading into a more suitable and powerful device.
Feature: Homtime Alarm Clocks
Homtime C12Pro
F. B11Pro (Php 4,990)- more exquisite and premium experience on bedside clock technology.
Feature: Homtime Alarm Clocks
Homtime B11Pro
3. Not your ordinary bedside clock (MFI Apple-licensed)
  • Homtime products can also be used as speakers. 
  • It can be paired with any Bluetooth electronics to project audio through its built-in bass speakers, ranging from mono to dual ones. 
  • It also has a dock station which is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad seeing that its products are MFI (Apple licensed), EC and FCC certified. Simply dock the Apple device and it will automatically sync in the time and personal music play lists. 
  • It can also cater to any Android devices through USB cables that can be plugged into its ports and from there, users can play their favorite tunes or listen to an audio book while tucking themselves in bed.

Feature: Homtime Alarm Clocks
4. Viewing at any angle
  • To fully draw the line between Homtime and its counterparts, the team behind the brand incorporated Vertical-alignment LCD to the products, which allows wider viewing angle for better comfort with high contrast ratio. 
  • This means users can clearly view the time at 25-degree angle from different points of distance. 
  • This certain feature mimics the digital tachometer technology that are being used in car devices.

Reasons why I highly recommend Homtime Alarm Clocks:
  • During the launch, I was amazed how affordable their prices are knowing that most of these are used by luxury hotels worldwide.
  • There are six models to choose from depending on your budget.
  • The colors are perfect for minimalist-themed houses.
  • Waking up with Homtime digital alarm clocks is like waking up in luxury because these are also used and trusted by premiere hotels around the world. 
  • The design is simple but exudes elegance specially the models in black.
Feature: Homtime Alarm Clocks
     Homtime products will be available in the Philippines beginning early October through lazada.com.ph or directly from Homtime Philippines with office address located at: 901 Apacible cor. Leon Guinto Sts. Ermita, Malate, Manila.

To know more about Homtime products, visit their website:
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Follow them on Instagram: @hometimeph

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