Clever Fitness Tips from Dr. Ian Banzon and Jeunesse Anion

Friday, January 22, 2016

     When I was young, my parents have big dreams for me. They wanted me to become a doctor but there are a lot of things to consider that time. Even though I did not become what they've dreamed of, I'm proud to say that they did their best in making sure that I'll have a bright future. 

     Every year, I have this mantra of looking back at the past not to regret and blame the things that happened but to analyze what needs to be polished this new year. When it comes to our resolution to be better year after year, we know that the struggle is real from eating healthier, moving more, to excelling at work or school all at the same time.
Clever Fitness Tips from Dr. Ian Banzon and Jeunesse Anion
     At a very young age of 12, Dr. Ian has always been a passionate student athlete while keeping her academics above average. Apart from these, she’s also a full-fledged Master’s Degree holder of Business Administration while subsequently competing for the Philippine water polo team at the Southeast Asian games. And just recently, she has also completed her medical degree from Ateneo de Manila University at 27 years old.
Clever Fitness Tips from Dr. Ian Banzon and Jeunesse Anion
Doctor and Tri-athlete Ian Banzon
     A go-getter and constantly driven by her passion for sports and fitness, Dr. Ian proves that one doesn’t have to rest on her laurels which are road blocks to exploring and learning new things. A firm believer and doer of healthy habits, Dr. Ian also remains unstoppable even during her time of the month. 

     As a dedicated multi-sport, endurance and CrossFit athlete, Dr. Ian keeps it going no matter what, as long as she uses a reliable sanitary napkin like Jeunesse Anion. “With my active and busy lifestyle, I need a high-quality pad to keep me protected and comfortable. And with Jeunesse Anion, its five variants are well suited for different types of flow. For an athlete like me, I rely a lot on the ultra day pad which unbelievably stays in place despite the activities that I do. The anion strip is also a unique feature that keeps me fresh since it prevents bacteria build up,” says Dr. Ian.
Clever Fitness Tips from Dr. Ian Banzon and Jeunesse Anion
Jeunesse Anion
     For those who are asking whether or not exercising is advisable while on a period, Dr. Ian in fact, emphasizes that it isn’t an excuse to slack. “Schedule some low-key yoga or a light- cardio work out, like walking or a breezy bike ride. Although you might feel particularly out of sorts, push yourself forward because exercise gives you a natural endorphin high that can elevate the mood and actually make you feel better in no time. Another bonus is getting relief from bloat since sweating can help you get rid of extra fluids”, adds Dr. Ian.

    In theory, we’d love to have a personal trainer. But in practice, Dr. Ian’s advice is: “You don’t need to have a specific background in sports or training to get started on your active lifestyle. You just need to show up, work out, and be consistent with it!” she concludes.

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