Honda CLICK 125i: The Scooter of the Future Launch

Monday, February 23, 2015

     Our country's been dealing with a heavy to no moving traffic along EDSA everyday. If you go to work and passing along EDSA, I'm sure you're sick and tired of this scenario, bumper to bumper traffic from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. There are different means of transportation here in our country that we use to go to our destination and if you want to go to work the fastest and less hassle way, the only mode of transportation that you'll have in mind is to ride the motorcycle.

     Last February 18, Honda Philippines Inc. officially announced the arrival of The New Honda Click 125i. Based on my observation, many Filipinos would choose a motorcycle over a 4 wheel sedan as their means of service going to work. It will take them faster and cost less fuel than a 4 wheel vehicle so choosing the so called "future of scooters" that is equipped with New Generation Intelligent 125cc global engine is a must! This scooter from Honda is very promising, CLICK CONTINUE READING to know the features that will make ride home one :)
Honda CLICK 125i; The Scooter of the Future Launch
     “The Click 125i is our answer to customers who are looking for Environmental friendly Super Sports Scooter with superior specification, unbeatable features and “futuristic” design. Fortunately for Philippine scooter market, we are not going to wait for the future, but the future will be now with the introduction of the New Click 125i eSP”, says Elie Salamangkit Jr. – New Model and Accessory Development Manager of Honda Philippines.

     The Click 125i presents an aggressive and sporty design with a sleek and innovative look based on the image of the new engine featuring cutting-edge technology and an exhilarating ride, while projecting a “slim and sharp” futuristic image”.
Honda CLICK 125i: The Scooter of the Future Launch
     My brother is a motorcycle enthusiasts, he owns 2 scooters as of the moment and one of them is already modified that's why when I told him about this new innovation of scooters from Honda Philippines Inc., the first thing he asked me was the specs or special features that The New Honda Click 125i has.
Honda CLICK 125i: The Scooter of the Future LaunchElie Salamangkit Jr. – New Model and Accessory Development Manager of Honda Philippines
     And because Honda wants to provide the joy of riding a motorcycle to their consumers, The Click 125i is equipped with future technology and innovations using the revolutionary Honda Smart Technology. 

These are the features that will make you say this is really the scooter of the future:
  • Honda eSP (Enhanced Smart Power)- Honda’s eSP or Enhanced Smart Power is an advance engine technology that combines high power and high fuel efficiency with a quiet start and smooth eco-friendly engine. eSP technology is able to maximize the efficient combustion and minimize friction to reduce the risk of waste, and to optimize the energy out.
  • The Honda ACGThe Honda ACG starter is exclusively developed for comfortable frequent operation of the idling Stop System. The engine is started via the same AC generator used to generate electricity and charge the battery while riding.
  • The Idling Stop System (ISS)- Compared to the conventional engine which continuously consumes fuel once the engine is started, ISS eliminates wasteful fuel consumption by automatically switching the engine off after 3 seconds in traffic lights and other brief stops; and when you have to move all you have to do is just to twist the throttle to Start up and Go in less than a second.
  • Combi-Brake System (CBS)- balances breaking the rear wheels and front optimally.
  • Automatic Side Stand Switch- where the engine does not start up when in the down position, and Brake Lock easily operated to prevent the motor jump when started or remains in the idle state when stopped on a hill.
  • Bigger Tubeless Tires- for better traction and more secure feeling.
  • Magnetic Key Shutter- reliable safety magnetic key shutter effectively prevents theft and push-button seat opener.
  • Luggage Capacity of 18 liters (can store full helmet face)
  • Trendsetter Meter Panel
  • Dual Keen Eyes LED Headlight- projecting a commanding “Night-Face-Image”.The LED headlight provides a better advantage for the rider through 80% higher light intensity, 80% more efficient power consumption, and longer lifetime.
  • Better fuel efficiency
Honda CLICK 125i: The Scooter of the Future Launch
Congratulations to the lucky winner of The New Honda Click 125i
     Honestly, I want one! If I can drive a scooter, I will really beg my husband to buy me one. I'll just use it to stroll around our subdivision or on my way to the nearest mall to do my weekly and monthly errands. It looks stylish and yes sporty too. I can imagine myself riding in a small Honda CBR 150 :)

     Honda executives were present during the launch and one guy went home with The New Honda Click 125i. He's so lucky that he'll be riding the scooter of the future together with his riding mates in one of their out of town trip. Congratulations to the winner!
Honda CLICK 125i: The Scooter of the Future Launch Asteroid Black Metallic, Candy Rosy Red and Pearl Horizon White
SRP Php- 87,900.00
     With the latest technology and appearance, the All New Honda Click 125i is offered at a reasonable price of SRP Php 87,900.00 and available in 3 premium colors, Pearl Horizon White, Asteroid Black Metallic and Candy Rosy Red with Honda Genuine Accessories in selected Honda 3S shops.

     Visit the nearest Honda Motorcycle dealer now and live the power of your dreams by riding home The New Honda Click125i 

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