Feature: The Skin Specialist's Erase Laser

Friday, December 26, 2014

     Hello dearies! I know you're still on Christmas high after the parties, reunions and gathering that you've been. It's been a month of late nights for me as I'm finishing backlogs and running errands while experiencing holiday rush including shopping in between. I'm stressed lately and it shows how my skin looks like these past few days.

     My skin is acting up, zits are popping up on my chin and on my cheeks. I know that after a week, the redness and itchiness will subside but the post acne marks will remain. Since I have a fair skin, dark pimple marks are pretty obvious. Whitening skin care products will do the job but it takes a month or more before achieving maximum results. New year is just 5 days away and the only thing I know that will give an instant result in lightening pimple marks is the Erase Laser by The Skin Specialist. I'm so excited try this pigment lightening machine on my stubborn freckles and dark marks but for now let me share with you information about the first Erase Laser in the country brought to us by The Skin Specialist. Click CONTINUE READING to find out why True to its Name, the Eraser Laser Makes Skin Blemishes Disappear :)
Feature: The Skin Specialist's Erase Laser 
Dra. Jean and her patient
    Imagine being able to erase dark parts of the face and body permanently. Imagine having the opportunity to remove even the most complex blemishes or pigmentation on the skin quickly and painlessly. 

     For years, many people have longed to have their specific skin blemishes eliminated. Most however, can only leave that desire to their imagination. And yes, this statement is so true with my skin condition. I have freckles that's so stubborn and cannot  be 'erased' by products that I've used may it be cheap, cost-effective or high-end ones. The size of my freckles got bigger over the years and I've acquired it after giving birth. I always mused to my relatives and closed friends that it's a hopeless case but..

     Imagine no more with the newest pigment lightening treatment - The Eraser Laser. 
Feature: The Skin Specialist's Erase Laser 
The Erase Laser machine
     The Eraser Laser is the latest Q-switch Nd:Yag pigment lightening laser to enter the country. Q-switch Nd:YAG laser devices are well established in aesthetic medicine as state-of-the-art skin rejuvenation tools. However, not all devices are equal in terms of controlling the immense power that this laser has, and failure to do so can lead to an increased frequency of adverse events. 

     Designed for Asian skin, the Eraser Laser uses the next generation technology, Rich PTP (Photo-acoustic Toning Pulse) which is able to harness, control and maintain the powerful Nd:YAG, resulting in safer and more effective treatment of pigmented lesions such as melasma, scars and freckles as well as dark areas of the body like underarms, groin area, under the eyes, lips, feet, birthmarks and tattoos. This technology selectively targets and shatters pigmented lesions. 

     So what makes the Eraser Laser different from other pigment lightening machines? It boasts of new and upgraded technologies that make it safer and more effective, especially for Asian skin. Its three unique features make it unparalleled in the industry today. 
Feature: The Skin Specialist's Erase Laser 
Erase Laser room
     First, its RICH PTP or Photoacoustic Toning Pulse delivers the energy into two pulses instead of one burst of power which is what other Q-Switch or pigment lightening lasers use. Having two pulses divides the energy, making it safer but without compromising its power. It provides easier and faster treatment that prevents burns, scarring and tissue damage. According to Dr. Jean Marquez, founder of The Skin Specialist and co-host of TV’s PinoyMD, “Multiple sessions are often needed in treating melasma. Lasers with high energy may cause PIH or Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation and recurrence of melasma. Rich PTP prevents this complication.” 

     Second, the Eraser Laser’s Top Hat technology delivers energy evenly along the surface of the skin, making the procedure safer and virtually painless for melasma and Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. 
Feature: The Skin Specialist's Erase Laser 
     Slight discomfort may be experienced, however, when birthmarks or tattoos are being treated. This technology also prevents rebound pigmentation common in Asian skin. 
Feature: The Skin Specialist's Erase Laser 
     Finally, its equal beam size and energy maintains the stability of energy output regardless of the distance of the handpiece from the skin surface. Some lasers deliver varying output due to its inability to control or maintain the burst of energy. One shot could unexpectedly be much stronger, resulting in damaged skin. The Eraser Laser’s laser energy is constant, producing consistent and accurate results. 

     The Skin Specialist is the first in the Philippines to use the Eraser Laser. Within a short period of time, the demand for its treatment has increased rapidly. 

     “Our goal has always been to provide highly effective and safe treatments. Like most of my machines, the Eraser Laser has met that criteria,” says Dr. Jean. 
Feature: The Skin Specialist's Erase Laser 
The beautiful Dra. Jean Marquez
     Today, more and more people are inquiring about the treatment, largely due to word of mouth testimonies of satisfied patients. Some celebrities have this to say about the Eraser Laser

     “Only one session and my skin was renewed. Even my shave burns disappeared,” says one TV host. 

     “I am amazed with the instant result of Dr. Jean’s treatment for pigmentation. My sun spots were lightened and it also improved my skin texture,” says another public figure. 
Feature: The Skin Specialist's Erase Laser 
Feature: The Skin Specialist's Erase Laser 
Fine Lines
       “It really does work like an eraser! It’s great! And the best part is that it’s painless and the procedure doesn’t take long,” attests a prominent broadcast journalist. 
Feature: The Skin Specialist's Erase Laser 
Melasma and Uneven Skin Tone

Feature: The Skin Specialist's Erase Laser 
Freckles and Melasma
     Experience the magic of the Eraser Laser only at The Skin Specialist, Ground Floor ESNA Bldg., #30 Timog Ave., Quezon City. For appointments or inquiries, call 374-8087 or 374-1076. 
Feature: The Skin Specialist's Erase Laser The Skin Specialist, Ground Floor ESNA Bldg., #30 Timog Ave., Quezon City. For appointments or inquiries, call 374-8087 or 374-1076. 
     So start the year right and have a blemish-free skin. I'm inviting you to visit Dra. Jean and The Skin Specialist team for consultation. Try Erase Laser and experience glowing, youthful skin that you've dreamed of! I'll be sharing on my next post my Erase Laser experience after my first session this coming January. 

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