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Feature: The Skin Specialist's Erase Laser

Friday, December 26, 2014

     Hello dearies! I know you're still on Christmas high after the parties, reunions and gathering that you've been. It's been a month of late nights for me as I'm finishing backlogs and running errands while experiencing holiday rush including shopping in between. I'm stressed lately and it shows how my skin looks like these past few days.

     My skin is acting up, zits are popping up on my chin and on my cheeks. I know that after a week, the redness and itchiness will subside but the post acne marks will remain. Since I have a fair skin, dark pimple marks are pretty obvious. Whitening skin care products will do the job but it takes a month or more before achieving maximum results. New year is just 5 days away and the only thing I know that will give an instant result in lightening pimple marks is the Erase Laser by The Skin Specialist. I'm so excited try this pigment lightening machine on my stubborn freckles and dark marks but for now let me share with you information about the first Erase Laser in the country brought to us by The Skin Specialist. Click CONTINUE READING to find out why True to its Name, the Eraser Laser Makes Skin Blemishes Disappear :)
Feature: The Skin Specialist's Erase Laser 
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The Skin Specialist's Rediscover Natural Beauty Press Launch

Friday, May 30, 2014

     We all want to age gracefully that's why a lot of us are seeking for that elixir of life. A potion or something that will delay the aging process. I've heard so many stories from my friends and relatives who are using anti-aging skin care products as early as 25 in order for them to slow down aging process. Some of my friends seek my advice because they say I don't look my age. I'm happy that even if I'm already in my early 30's aging has not taken it's toll on me yet. I can suggests anti-aging skin care products but not all will work as easy as that. We have different skin types and sometimes in order to address the issue we need to take skin care to the next level. So when I was invited by Fuentes Manila to the launch of The Skin Specialist's Rediscover Natural Beauty last May 27 at The Society Lounge, I said yes without a doubt because I want to discover the latest treatments when it comes to skin aging. For those of you who want to know how to achieve younger looking skin without going under the knife, click CONTINUE READING and I'm sure you'll be excited to book for an appointment :)
The Skin Specialist's Rediscover Natural Beauty Press Launch
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