The Skin Specialist Erase Laser

Feature: The Skin Specialist's Erase Laser

Friday, December 26, 2014

     Hello dearies! I know you're still on Christmas high after the parties, reunions and gathering that you've been. It's been a month of late nights for me as I'm finishing backlogs and running errands while experiencing holiday rush including shopping in between. I'm stressed lately and it shows how my skin looks like these past few days.

     My skin is acting up, zits are popping up on my chin and on my cheeks. I know that after a week, the redness and itchiness will subside but the post acne marks will remain. Since I have a fair skin, dark pimple marks are pretty obvious. Whitening skin care products will do the job but it takes a month or more before achieving maximum results. New year is just 5 days away and the only thing I know that will give an instant result in lightening pimple marks is the Erase Laser by The Skin Specialist. I'm so excited try this pigment lightening machine on my stubborn freckles and dark marks but for now let me share with you information about the first Erase Laser in the country brought to us by The Skin Specialist. Click CONTINUE READING to find out why True to its Name, the Eraser Laser Makes Skin Blemishes Disappear :)
Feature: The Skin Specialist's Erase Laser 
Dra. Jean and her patient


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