Product Review: Swish Mouthwash Mangosteen Mint

Friday, March 21, 2014

    Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Are you ready to travel this summer season? I'm sure everyone's excited to go to their summer escapades or to the dream destination that you have planned months ago. But first, let me tell you that travelling should not give you headaches and troubles from worrying too much about the things you need to bring with you. I always believe in travelling light- bringing essentials that will make your baggage fuss free. I've heard of so many horror travel stories from my friends and relatives and I must admit that I also experienced that before. The worst things do really happen like squirting shampoo, lotion or toothpaste inside your bag staining your clothes, broken makeup (my own experience) and spilling liquid like cologne and mouthwash!

   And because I mentioned mouthwash, I'm happy that there are travel friendly sized mouthwash now being sold in the market today. No more pain in transferring them in small bottles in order to bring them with me every time I travel to provinces or simply to meetings or events. Pocket friendly mouthwash is a life saver! So when Swish sent me those cute little breath fresher, aside from the size which is totally adorbs , they have two exciting flavors to choose from. I already tried cinnamon from another brand of mouthwash so this time and very timely for summer is the mangosteen mint flavor. Mangosteen is a tropical fruit native to us and I've been hearing a lot of positive effects of this fruit to our health. Hmm, looks like using this mouthwash will give me another kind of experience specially on my next travel adventure this summer! I already tried this flavor before bringing it to my next backpack adventure, if you wanna know my thoughts click CONTINUE READING to see my review of this flavor and why I highly recommend this product :)
Swish Mouthwash Mangosteen Mint
     I received three exciting flavors: Mangosteen Mint, Icy Choco Mint and Cinnamon Blast in 250ml, 120ml and 35ml travel friendly size. Why choose Swish?
  • With Swish, you'll have assured fresh breath all day! Swish Mouthwash--used at home / inside the bathroom and Swish Breath Spray--for on the go! 
  • Powered by Surefresh Technology that kills bad breath causing bacteria, plaque and gingivitis.
  • Alcohol Free-- safe to use everyday! and assures an enjoyable gargling experience.
  • It's a quality product of Unilab.
Swish Mouthwash Mangosteen Mint
Travel friendly size and 250 ml size
size: 250ml
Also available in 120ml and 35ml

price: 35 php (Around $0.77+)

place bought: Free
Available at all leading department store and supermarkets nationwide

instructions for use: Gargle 20 ml of Swish Mouthwash twice a day for 20 seconds. No need to add water. Do not swallow.

ingredients:  Water, Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Flavor, Poloxamer 407, Methylparaben, Cetylpyridinium Chloride, Propylparaben, Sucralose, CI 17200
Swish Mouthwash Mangosteen Mint
Adorbs travel friendly size!
What I like:
  • It's really TRAVEL friendly and handy- a great travel buddy!
  • The packaging has a fancy shape and it's a clear bottle. Clear containers is a plus for me because I can see how much product left inside.
  • It's a 3 in 1 product- fights bad breath, plaque and gingivitis :)
  • There's a wide range of flavors to choose from. So if you're like me who loves chocolate, Icy Mint is for you. Other flavors include: Cinnamon Blast (for a sweet spicy feel), Mangosteen Mint (for the fruit lover in you), Peppermint Fresh (sweet menthol freshness) and Artic Mint (for that cooling sensation). 
  • It has Surefresh that helps kill bad breath-causing bacteria and prevents plaque build-up, gum disease and tooth decay.
  • It's alcohol-free! This made me gargle for more than 30 seconds and still no sting felt on my mouth. How cool is that?!
  • The menthol feeling lingers on my mouth and I like it because it made my breath fresher for longer hours.
  • Batch, manufacturing and expiry date printed on the bottle.
  • Easily accessible.
What I don't like:
  • To tell you honestly I find this travel friendly size a bit expensive than the previous travel  friendly size brand that I've tried in the market today.
  • I wish the bottle cap has a measuring unit so that I don't have to estimate 30 ml every time I use the product. 
Will I repurchase: Yes but would like to try other flavors as well.

     I give this a 4/5 rating. This flavor is new to my taste buds and it's actually my first time tasting mangosteen. Haven't tried eating the real fruit that's why I can't assess the real taste. As for my experience, this flavor gives a bitter-sweet-menthol sensation on my mouth. I can stand the flavor because I'm used to eating bitter gourd. Fret not of the flavor if you haven't tried mangosteen yet, I can assure you that you'll have a unique gargling experience with this flavor. 
     Again, a little piece of advice since there is no measuring unit on the bottle cap, I highly suggest you use a medicine dropper or the little cap included in your child's medicine that's used for measuring any kind of oral medication. Do this if you really want to take exact measurements on your next gargle. But if this is not a big deal for you, then you can estimate the amount of your Swish Mouthwash. I highly recommend this travel friendly size for the backpackers and for the individuals on the go!

     For more product information and exciting promos like them on their Facebook page Swish Philippines

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DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me by Unilab for review. The views expressed here are my honest opinion about the product.


  1. I was walking in HyperMarket the other day and I saw Swish. I wanted to get the Chocolate Mint flavor but I didn't see any stock huhu. I'll buy it next time for sure.

  2. I like the product, but you are right. They could have a cup with the measuring unit. Sometimes, it's really uncomfortable to estimate.

  3. The mangosteen is an interesting new flavor. You got me intrigued to try it. But when you mentioned expensive, I wish they gave samples first to try out.

  4. That mangosteen mint flavor got me very intrigued. But when you mentioned it was expensive, I wish they had samples to try out first.

  5. Mangosteen Mint looks like a really unique flavor to try it for a mouthwash.

  6. Swish is a good one - very mild yet effective.+

    1. I've never tried this product I will have to look for it in the store.

  7. That looks cool I never seen that flavor before and would love to try.

  8. I have never seen this one before.. I do not even know what brand we use.. lol

  9. I have yet to try their new mouthwash.

  10. The travel-friendly size is definitely a plus. I'll probably get one later .... coz I'm curious about this: mangosteen mint :)

  11. This is a good brand, I've never seen the pink one before.. I will have to keep an eye out for that favor, always looking for new mouth wash to try.

  12. That is such an interesting flavor. I would love to try it.

  13. My recent mouthwash is really hard for me, It leaves a tingling sensation in my mouth. Seems I must try this mild mouthwash with a new flavour- Mangosteen Mint

  14. oh it is a must to carry a mouthwash when you're travelling.

  15. Wow...what crazy flavors, I never thought about anything that nutty for mouthwash but it sounds fun

  16. So crazy I've never heard of this mouthwash...I think my family would really love it though!

  17. What I like about Swish is that it does not have a sting like the current mouthwash I'm using.

  18. Swish is a difficult brand for me to get where I live.

  19. I love how sleek they package their product and also their unique flavors.

  20. Shame I cannot get it in my country! would love to try it myself Kath as I love mouthwashes with a passion being a person who is obsessed with how their mouth smells at all times!
    Thanks for sharing anyway!
    - Phillip Dews

  21. I have never tried this brand mouthwash. Looks like it's worth the try.

  22. I always wanted to try Swish, I'll probably try the chocolate variant


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