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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

     Hello lovelies! I just want to share something that is very essential to me. I call this my eye makeup. Can I call this such sans the eyeshadow? Well for me, yes. Since I don't put eyeshadow even on special occasions, these things somehow makes my puffy eye bags less noticeable and my not so oily lids at bay. To complete my look, I use mascara and fill the gaps of my brows with eyebrow wax and powder.
     I'll be posting my reviews on the first three listed above soon. Reviews are already posted just click the links below the photo. As of now, I'm trying to learn how to apply basic eye makeup suited for daytime work. I'll be working few months from now so I have to cope with some major adjustments at home and in my work place. This will be my first "real job" after graduating years ago. It's a long story and a bit frustrating but I can share it to you on a separate post if I have the guts to one of these days.

     Any suggestions for budget friendly eye makeups e.g. undereye concealer, eyelid primer, eyeliner and eyeshadows? Thanks for sharing! 

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  1. hi kath. when i'm on a budget, i always choose NYX. their eyeshadows are great. go for a palette, instead of just one shade, because you save a lot more plus you get to experiment with colors. =) Sleek is also a good brand when it comes to eyeshadows and blushes too. =) NYX has eyeliners and primers, but i haven't tried them yet. My fave eyeliner brand is Kanebo. For concealers, I like The Body Shop, Kryolan and Fanny Serrano. Hope that helped. =)

  2. Hi Chay! Thanks for your suggestions. Thank you din na I won the saint and sinner eyeshadow pallete from your giveaway kasi I can start with that. Parang gusto ko yung Kanebo na yan, is it gel liner or pencil?For concealers siguro i'll opt for body shop or fanny serrano muna.

  3. It's a liquid liner but it's so easy to use and creates super sharp lines. =) I'm not really into pencil liners (because I'm not good in using them, hahaha) but my friend has this Maybelline liner which works great on her and I've read somewhere that Ever Bilena's pencil liners are okay too. =) Fanny Serrano has gel liners too, it's similar to Bobbi Brown's. =)

    Glad you liked the saint and sinner. Show us some EOTDs when you've use it na. =)

  4. A ok. kailangan ko pa talaga mag-practice ng mag practice sa paglalagay ng eyeliner be it liquid, pen type or gel. Sigurado ako mauubos oras ko sa makeup pag may work na. btw, about the EOTD I have to work on it pa. kakahiya baka messy pa yung application ko.

  5. Ako nga sis parang walang eye makeup essentials.. haha.. Since my lids are really oily, I don't put anything on my eye area. Eyebrow powder and wax lang talaga.. :D I want to use eyeliners though, but I haven't found one yet na di nagssmear sa oily lids ko. Ayoko naman ng liquid liner for daytime use 'cause it looks harsh.. >.<

    Btw sis, for eyeliner pala 'pag pencil, fashion21 is good.. :)

    Anyway sis, good luck with work ah!

  6. @Sumi- Hi Sumi, thanks for the advice. Pero parang mas ok nga walang eye makeup kasi mas madali mag clean ng face. ang hirap din kasi pag lagi may eyeliner ska mascara.

    Thanks sa GC's Hubby and I enjoyed eating the BBB. No diet at all

  7. Hi Kath,

    Mas makakatipid ka po if palette gagamitin mo for your makeup kasi maraming shades na ang pwede mo pagpilian. Try mo po yung SHANY Professional 78 Color Makeup Palette, I bought it last month, magandang mga shades ang included.

    ~Pauline @Kallony

  8. @Pauline Reyes- hello there! Thanks for the recommendation dear :) Until now, I'm still a no eye shadow look girl. Once in a blue moon lang ako nag-lagay talaga. Hindi pa ko ready mag lagay ng eyeshadow everyday pag may occasion lang talaga.

    1. Hehehe, Okay, I get it Ms. Kath :) Pero if gusto mo na maglagay ng eyeshadow everyday try mo yung nirecommend ko ha :D


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