Robinsons Supermarket’s Summer Fair 2018

Friday, March 23, 2018

     Mommies, summer na! What are the plans you have for the family? Now is the time to organize your summer getaway, enroll the kids in fun activities, or simply enjoy doing the grocery shopping together. 

     Great news from Robinsons Supermarket! Enjoy shopping and receive gift certificates when you purchase products from participating brands of their newest campaign- Summer Fair. 

 Robinsons Supermarket’s Summer Fair

Five Sure Signs You're Ready to Move In Together

Saturday, February 10, 2018

     The wedding bells have rung and the now husband and wife have said their vows. Moments after the wedding the reality sinks in-living under one roof. Married or not, moving in with your partner is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. How do you know it’s the right time?

     There are so many reasons and answers to the questions of how, when, and where but it all boils down to why. "It takes two to tango" means a lot in this kind of decision-making and Property website Lamudi Philippines shares with us these five sure signs that you're ready to have a housewarming anytime soon below :)

Five Sure Signs You're Ready to Move In Together
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Jollibee’s Grand Thank You Project

Monday, November 14, 2016

     When was the last time you said "I love you" to your grand parents? I presume some of us are shy of saying these magic words. I'm lucky that my lolas (both side of my parents) are still alive. I see them every now and then. I still enjoy hearing their stories about animals, plants, the life during their childhood days and more!

     Jollibee, the Philippines’ leading fast-food chain, is known for its unparalleled support for Filipino family values. Following the viral advertisement #KwentongJollibee “Kahera”, the brand released yet another heartwarming online video, “Handog Kay Lola Maria”, that featured the exemplary proof of the selflessness, support, and love of grandparents. Watch the video below :)

Jollibee’s Grand Thank You Project
Lola Maria and her husband and grandchildren celebrate Grandparent’s Day with a toast.

Say YES to Confidence with #TeenWeekPH2016

Thursday, October 27, 2016

     Being a teen can be challenging. Pimples, crushes, and high school drama often come with the program. But that doesn’t mean you should allow these challenges to stop you from doing your best. After all, being a teen also comes with friendship, growth, and self-discovery! 

     And, here to help teens make the most out of their teen years by saying yes to confidence is #TeenWeekPH2016. On its 4th year, #TeenWeekPH2016 aims to reach 1 million teens around GMA/NCR, Central Luzon and Calabarzon. Saying YES to Confidence is important for teens as this will help them in overcoming their fears and insecurities. To know more about TeenWeekPH, read more below :)
Say YES to Confidence with #TeenWeekPH2016

The Search is On for the 6th Jollibee Family Values Awardees

Monday, June 20, 2016

     Family is the basic unit of society. Our character and values are molded inside our family. We also learn how to care for the community because of the traits that our parents taught us. It's always a good vibes to see and hear families think not only the welfare of the members but other families as well. 

     Are you familiar with Jollibee Family Values Awards? I presume that some of you have heard their stories and why they received such award from Jollibee. Sharing with you a short story of the families who won awards in the 5th Jollibee Family Values Awards (JFVA) plus the criteria for the 
Jollibee Family Values Award year six below.
The Search is On for the 6th Jollibee Family Values Awardees
     A family in Opol, Misamis Oriental is showing there is hope for peace in Mindanao. Through their advocacy of non-violent communication among Muslim and Christian faiths, the Mambuay family has been spreading peace and awareness nationwide, most especially in war-torn areas. Currently, they are conducting various peace seminars, particularly in Cebu and Bacolod, as well as teaching and nurturing less fortunate children.

     The Mambuay family is only one of more than 35 families who have been recognized by Jollibee, over the years, for their generosity, compassion, and a genuine concern for their fellowmen through its annual Jollibee Family Values Awards (JFVA). Now on its 6th year, the campaign continues its search for Filipino families who have made it their mission to help others with their advocacies. These families come from diverse backgrounds and social classes, and no matter how simple or ordinary, they serve as everyday heroes to uplift the lives of others. 

     Another JFVA awardee is the Capilos family of Quezon City. Winning a Special Citation for Education award in the 5th JFVA has given the family a much-needed publicity boost that has enabled them to gain more awareness for their advocacy as well as the trust of educators, in holding free trainings for public school teachers and students. These days, the family is determined to continue their advocacy to include other localities nationwide. They also strive to put more focus on the gains of the public school teachers. “We want to concentrate on the public schools in our vicinity so we can monitor the improvements in the teachers' skills and leadership,” said Jelson Capilos.

     “The extraordinary life stories of all the JFVA awardees in the last five years have never failed to inspire us, and we look forward to honoring more families who serve as everyday heroes for others. We hope to bring these triumphant tales of generosity, hope, kindness, love, and selflessness to the consciousness of more people, not just here but around the world,” said Jollibee Global Chief Marketing Officer Francis Flores. “Through their mission of improving the lives of others, these Filipino families truly make us proud to be Pinoy.”

Honoring a new batch of exemplary families

  • Interested parties who wish to nominate model families—including their own—must accomplish a nomination form (available for free in all Jollibee branches nationwide or for download at, and answer the questionnaire on the nominees’ suitability and eligibility. 
  • Entries may be sent via mail to the 6thJollibee Family Values Awards, Stratworks, Inc., 2/F Zaragoza Building, 102 Gamboa St., Legaspi Village, Makati City; or thru personal delivery to any Jollibee store nationwide.
  • The deadline of submission of nomination forms is on or before July 31, 2016.

Exemplary Filipino families may be nominated on the merit of the following criteria: 

     The magnitude of the contribution ofthe family’s advocacy, its relevance and impact on addressing the pressing needs of the community or its beneficiaries, the sustainability of the advocacy’s efforts, the degree of involvement of the family members in the cause, and their ability to surpass challenges and special circumstances on upholding their goals.

     The 6th Jollibee Family Values Awards will honor six winners from across the Philippines, including one OFW family. For the five local winners, a cash prize worth P300,000, a trophy designed by renowned sculptor Michael Cacnio, and P10,000 worth of Jollibee gift certificates will be awarded.

     Jollibee will also present special citation awards to equally exceptional families who promote the following advocacies: Environment, Education, Children, Persons with Disabilities, and Minority Groups. Recipients of these special citations—to be chosen from the 15 shortlisted national finalists—will bring home P50,000 in cash, a plaque of recognition, and Jollibee gift certificates.

To know more about the 6th Jollibee Family Values Awards and its different activities, visit


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