Drop the Prefix Campaign

Southstar Drug Drop the Prefix Campaign

Thursday, November 28, 2019

     What's your ultimate favorite all-around bag? A tote, bucket, satchel, hobo, duffel, messenger, backpack, or minaudiere? Did I miss one? It's so true that one can never have too many bags, so they, right? For some, each bag has a different use— carrying daily essentials or traveling while some loves a sturdy bag for hauling books in school or simply for flaunting it as a style statement. 

     Our bags play an essential role in life these days. Whether you are working or still in school, your bag keeps all the essential things you need for the day. Some bags are made of expensive leather, some are made of sturdy canvas. While most just go for durability and affordability, some still prefer fashion and value. Each bag has a story and a bag can say so many things about its owner, too. But despite the latest style and trend, there are some bags created for a different and a more important purpose.

Southstar Drug Drop the Prefix Campaign


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