Southstar Drug Drop the Prefix Campaign

Thursday, November 28, 2019

     What's your ultimate favorite all-around bag? A tote, bucket, satchel, hobo, duffel, messenger, backpack, or minaudiere? Did I miss one? It's so true that one can never have too many bags, so they, right? For some, each bag has a different use— carrying daily essentials or traveling while some loves a sturdy bag for hauling books in school or simply for flaunting it as a style statement. 

     Our bags play an essential role in life these days. Whether you are working or still in school, your bag keeps all the essential things you need for the day. Some bags are made of expensive leather, some are made of sturdy canvas. While most just go for durability and affordability, some still prefer fashion and value. Each bag has a story and a bag can say so many things about its owner, too. But despite the latest style and trend, there are some bags created for a different and a more important purpose.

Southstar Drug Drop the Prefix Campaign

     Southstar Drug, in partnership with Project Inclusion Network and Goodwill Industries of the Philippines, came up with a campaign called Drop the Prefix to help create a space for Persons with Disabilities and explore their full potential in various fields. And in their latest project, they have tapped different Persons with Disabilities to create artworks to be immortalized on, you guessed it right, bags!

     While pricey designer bags are made of the finest leather/material, Drop The Prefix’s bags were carefully crafted out of passion and aspiration by chosen persons with disabilities. What also sets these apart from other bags is that it has become an avenue for informing people about the plight of persons with disabilities. They tell the story of the Drop The Prefix campaign which the main purpose is to provide “skill empowerment” to Persons with Disabilities so they will be able to reach their full potential as individuals and as contributing members of society.

     These uniquely designed bags were not just created to carry your daily essentials. More significantly, these remarkable bags carry the realization of Drop The Prefix’s dream of furthering inclusion in the society of people who need a little more special care and attention. They are not simply made from canvas either; they are made out passion and genuine talent selflessly shared by chosen persons with disabilities. These bags feature different artworks created by artists with disabilities, each having an interesting story worth knowing. These individuals have a common bond in their love for art and desire to create something that will be useful for people who would want to own their creations. 

     These bags might not be made of expensive leather nor cost a lot but its value is priceless with all the talent and stories that come with them. And with the gift-giving season fast approaching, consider this as the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. Southstar Drug will be selling these bags in selected branches. Now what could be more special than getting a gift wholeheartedly made for a purpose, right?

     For the past three years, SSD has been working with PIN in placing Persons with Disability in several of their branches. Most of them are now regular employees. To date, they have already employed 23 Persons with Disability within the company. According to Christine Tueres, the General Manager of South Star Drug, Inc, this is very much aligned with their company’s advocacy and over-all philosophy. “We care a little more” is a tagline that they have used and it further strengthens their decision to extend assistance to people who need a little more special care and attention, not to mention inclusion.

    Christine Tueres says that SSD strongly believes in creating opportunities to make Persons with Disability feel that they are part of society. "We believe that everyone should be valued and appreciate one’s uniqueness, capability and ability. With this project, we are able to help our society not just by delivering healthcare but also by providing love and care to everyone,” she shares. 

     With the Drop the Prefix campaign, Southstar Drug, Project Inclusion Network, and Goodwill Industries have joined forces to help create a space for Persons with Disabilities to realize their potential, earn a living, and enhance their skills by providing them with educational opportunities. These organizations are partners and advocates in educating people in treating Persons with Disabilities with the respect, dignity, and care that they deserve.

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