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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

    Who here loves to eat mashed potatoes? It's one of the staples that's easy to make if you want alternative carbs that are healthy and flavorful. But did you know that when making mashed potatoes, you can use U.S. dehydrated potatoes instead of fresh potatoes?

     US Dehydrated potatoes are a true blue US product made from premium, high-quality potatoes.

Know More About US dehy

Here are the facts on US dehy:
  • Made from creamy white-fleshed Russet potatoes grown and harvested in the US, and processed under stringent standards of the US Department of Agriculture to retain consistency, quality and ensure food safety. 
  • When you buy U.S. high-quality dehy potatoes, you are getting real potatoes, just with the water removed. 
  • U.S. dehy potato products deliver all the flavor, nutrition and versatility of potatoes in a more convenient package – and are the perfect ingredient for everything from soups and salads to main dishes and desserts.
  • US dehy offer savings in time, money and storage. 
  • No need to wash, peel and boil them. Instead of a bulky sack, your kitchen space will be taken up by just a box. 
  • You can pull the product out and use the desired amount easily. 
  • It also has a long shelf life, so you can stock it for up to two years.

Know More About US dehy

     There’s also more bang for the buck in the use of US dehy. One kilo rehydrates to as much as five kilos, giving you a larger yield for less.

Know More About US dehy

Uses of US dehy:
  • Use them for different flavored mashed potatoes by adding various cheeses, seasonings, and spices. 
  • Make hearty and creamy soups, sauces, and stews.
  • Potato chowder, whether with clams or bacon, makes for a great, filling soup on a rainy day. 
  • US dehy can also be used as food stuffing for roasted poultry or as a base for toppings. 
  • Bread lovers unite! US dehy can also be used in breads, cakes, pastries and even native delicacies.
  • Love pancakes? You can use US dehy for potato pancakes or waffles for breakfast, potato croquettes for snacks, shepherd’s pie for lunch or dinner, or see how it can enhance local dishes like kaldereta, menudo, humba and afritada. 

     My son loves mashed potato and I can’t wait to start using US dehy! I'm excited to see what dishes I can make with US dehy and how it can make our dishes more appetizing. I'm glad that US dehy can work magic in my next dish. 

Here are the simple rehydration instructions to make dehy mashed potato:

US Dehydrated Potato Flakes

US Standard Potato Flakes 500 gm
Milk 700 ml
Butter 200 gm (1bar)
Salt 16 gm
Water 2,000 ml

Combine water, salt and butter.
Heat to a boil, remove from heat.
Add cold milk, gently stir in potato flakes. DO NOT WHIP.
More flakes can be used if a heavier texture is desired.

More recipes here:
Interested in US dehy? You can get in touch with our local Potatoes USA-Philippines office at +632-5348534 /

For more information on U.S. dehy, 

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  1. Favorite ng mga anak ko yan mashed potato Ms, kath. Ngayon ko lang narinig at nabasa itong US Dehydrated Potato Flakes.. At madali lang ang procedure ng pagluluto.. Affordable ba ang prize Ms. Kath?

    1. Hi Aiza,

      Ganun ba? For the price, will check pa with them but I guess affordable naman or fairly priced because of their quality.

  2. Oh I love mashed potato Ms.Kath Hope to try this US dehy ☺️��

  3. Wow ha galing naman Ms Kath may ganyan na. Ang struggle lang namn making potato dish is yung babalatan mo tapos maraming potatoes heheh but this US dehy potatoes can make preparations easier naπŸ‘

    1. Hi Lovell,

      Yes, sinabi mo pa. Mabuti at may ganito na sa market para mas madali gumawa ng mga potato dishes.

  4. Sarap ng mashed potato pero pag sa haus lang nagpapaluto aq kay hubby nung same na nbibili na nka ikot na potato sa stick then bbq flavor. srap!

    1. Hi,

      Nice! Parang ang hirap gawin sa nun pero doable pala. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Cielo Jona: sana matikman ko din to ms. Kath❤

    1. Hi Jonna,

      Ako din gusto ko matikman. Sana matikman natin noh?


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