Sunday, May 27, 2012

     After my short hiatus from blogging, I'm now regaining my physical strength. Do you wonder what the title of this post mean? I know right know you're going to open a new tab and google the word Salpingectomy. It's a medical term. Yes, you've read it right. It is the surgical removal of the Fallopian tube. 

     First of all I want to thank God for giving me the courage and all after this tedious part of my life.

     I don't know that I'm in a life and death situation last week until I discovered that I'm pregnant and this is not an ordinary pregnancy. It's Ectopic meaning the embryo implants outside the uterine cavity. No symptoms no clues. Until last week after my photo shoot that I felt one of the most painful thing that I could not ever imagine. It's more painful than giving birth because like what Edward Cullen said to Bella, "It's crushing you, from the inside out". Yes, it's really crushing me like a hundred times of pregnancy labor pain plus the feeling that something is crushing my pelvic bones. I was admitted at the hospital and had two ultrasounds to make sure that I'm pregnant because my pregnancy test was negative. All of this procedure was done at the same day. It's really risky. To cut a long story short that happened on a short span of time, I lost my left Fallofian tube and an angel that could be Kenzo's new playmate. 

     I'm still lucky though, I have another tube and I can still get pregnant. I'm thankful to each and everyone of you- my husband, my son, my relatives and friends who keeps on praying for my safety. Now that I'm already home and waiting for my wounds to heal, I will slowly put my feet back on track with writing short posts about my backlogs. I hope everyone of you will understand. 
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  1. kath! i'm glad you're getting better na. i was really worried that the photo shoot stressed you out too much. i'm sort of guilty. ='(

  2. @Chay- Chay, to tell you honestly I'm glad that I'm with you sa photo shoot. Don't feel guilty kasi wala naman nakaka-alam na I'm pregnant tapos ectopic pa. I don't know how to call this thing pero parang mas ok nga na "stressed" ako kasi kung hindi mas fatal pa yung mangyayari sakin pag lumaki yung fetus tapos di ko alam. Mas ok na maaga na detect kesa naman huli na. Thanks din sa'yo :)


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