Jack ‘n Jill Cookies and Treats Plushies at Toys“R”Us

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

     Who can't say no to these huggable cuties? I bet you're excited to collect them all! Toys“R”Us, in collaboration with Jack ‘n Jill, presents a new line of plush collectibles, this time, featuring well-loved Jack ‘n Jill cookies and treats. These cute pillows are ideal whenever you are lounging on weekends, pulling an all-nighter, or going on a long road trip with friends and family. 

     The latest line of huggables from Toys“R”Us feature some of the Filipinos’ well-loved Jack ‘n Jill snacks: Presto Creams, Magic Flakes Cheese, Cream-O, Nips Milk Chocolate, Nips Chocolate Peanut Deluxe, and Maxx.

New Jack ‘n Jill Plushies at Toys“R”Us

Jollibee Jolly Racers

Friday, May 18, 2018

     My son is a fan of race cars that's why when he saw the latest kiddie toys from Jollibee last weekend, he told me that he wants to collect all! Have you seen the latest from Jollibee? I presume some of you have been collecting them already.

     This May, kids can have plenty of fun and an exhilarating playtime with their friends as they imagine being racers. Kids can speed around with Jollibee and Friends riding their Jolly Racers which come with every Jollibee Kiddie Meal.

Jollibee Jolly Racers

Toys 'R' Us Uptown Mall Now Open

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

     There's one store that Kenzo visits whenever we go shopping- a toy store! It's a normal thing for kids to check what's new in every toy store they visit. Kenzo's favorite toy store is Toys 'R' Us. He buys his Tomica, Hot Wheels, Fast Lane die cast cars there because they have wide assortment of models. This toy store is still the most established toy company in the world because they have a solid reputation of bringing quality branded toys that's why shopping experience at Toys 'R' Us is still the best.

     Last November 30, we were invited to witness the opening of Toys 'R' Us 30th stand alone store in Uptown Mall Bonifacio Global City. Toy enthusiasts within the Taguig area and its surrounding cities will now have a toy shopping experience like no other. Toys 'R' Us unveiled their newest store with an event filled with promotions and special events. So without further ado, sharing with you below the highlights of the store opening and a surprise toy unboxing review of Kenzo :)

Toys 'R' Us Uptown Mall Now Open

Jollibee Talk & Blush Doll

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

     Hello mommies! I presume some of you are so ready for Christmas. Prolly you have already displayed your gifts under the Christmas Tree. Yours truly is still busy as a bee and can't squeeze in time to do some Christmas shopping.

     Are you still clueless on what to give this Christmas to your inaanaks and pamangkins? Here's one great news from Jollibee- hear Jollibee talk and see Jollibee blush! It's the season to be extra jolly with the Jollibee Talk & Blush Doll! See this limited edition novelty item from Jollibee below :)

Jollibee Talk & Blush Doll 

Feature: Shop US Products online with HalpU!

Saturday, February 06, 2016

     Filipinos now enjoy online shopping. This kind of buying online is already a part of Filipino culture. I'm one of those Filipinos who find online shopping the easiest way to buy things that I need and want because it's hassle-free. All I have to do is go online, browse my favorite online shops, select the things that I want, pay thru my preferred payment method, and voila- wait for my package to arrive.

     It's so convenient to shop online BUT not all the time because there are things that I also need to consider like the selections of products and items available, the payment method, and shipping. I know some individuals veer away from online shopping because they don't have a credit card and they worry about the shipping rates. Another problem that I myself encountered while shopping online last year was the availability of items, as most of the items I want are available overseas like in the US and only thru Amazon. Well, looks like my dilemma of shopping US products online will be a breeze with the launch of HalpU! I'm sure you are very excited to know more of HalpU, scroll down below to see what's in store for you with HalpU!
Feature: Shop US Products online with HalpU!
     So what is HalpU? HalpU is an ordering tool for items available on Basically you will shop US products online, send thru balikbayan box, kahit walang credit card!

     YES!!! Those are the three things that you will like about HalpU. To show you more what HalpU has to offer especially to those who are a frequent shoppers of US products online, read more below :)

1. HalpU provides an easier way for Filipinos to shop online, even without a credit card. Pinoys can now shop US products online, kahit walang credit card. (HalpU was created with OFWs in mind, but later on they realized that HalpU will also be good for the Filipino market in the Philippines who wants to shop US products.) 
Feature: Shop US Products online with HalpU!
2. Your OFW relatives can shop for you and your loved ones on the HalpU website. HalpU will consolidate all orders, put it in a balikbayan box, and ship to their families in the Philippines. HalpU box content, as long as they contain personal effects, don't get taxed when it lands in the Philippines. Can I hear a resounding YES for this?!? We always worry about the taxes that we will pay once we receive products from our relatives abroad, now HalpU will make it easier for you if your products are personal effects, guaranteed no taxes, baby!
Feature: Shop US Products online with HalpU!
3. Logistics are handled by Forex Cargo, a leading balikbayan box company based in the USA. 
Feature: Shop US Products online with HalpU!
4. Like what I've said above, no need to worry about credit card. There are different ways of payment, anywhere in the world! HalpU’s payment partners are AsiaPay, Dragonpay and PayRemit.

5. HalpU will have its official launch for the OFW market during the PayRemit Pinoy Caravan in Dubai this March.

     I'm sure you're all wondering about the rates of Halpu balikbayan boxes. Cost/Rates for the standard balikbayan boxes are as follows:

RED- $55
BLUE- $65
GREEN- $75

     Because my balikbayan box is still in transit, I will share the photo of my RED balikbayan box once it arrives on my doorsteps. I'm so excited to share with you my haul! Anyhoo, shopping online with is fun and easy. I made an account at HalpU's website and I was tasked to start filling my box. That signals to start shopping online! It's still on beta version so I was very luck to have the first dibs on their website. 
Feature: Shop US Products online with HalpU!
     HalpU is an ordering tool for items available on The site is directly connected to Amazon and displays search results real time. You can find everything on Amazon in HalpU However, since there are limitations to the interface Amazon provides, they cannot (and do not intend to) replicate the Amazon shopping experience.
Feature: Shop US Products online with HalpU!
     And because shopping online with US products in HalpU is like a walk in the park, I've ordered the products that are not available in local online shops. These products are my lemmings and on my son's wish list last Christmas that I was not able to buy because I don't have a credit card and I worry about the shipping fees as the products I ordered came from different seller. So with HalpU, my orders will be consolidated in one box. No need to pay for separate shipping fees and all I have to do is fill my box with goodies that I want! Sharing with you what I ordered for my son below :)
Feature: Shop US Products online with HalpU!
     Yay! I'm really excited to share with you what's inside my HalpU box. I'll update you more on my Instagram account so stay tuned. I'm very satisfied with my shopping experience at! Now I can truly say that we can “Shop US products online. Send thru balikbayan box. Kahit walang credit card” with the help of HalpU!

Are you excited to shop online with HalpU? 

Good Times!~


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