Capital Care Pharmacy Opens at Landers Superstore

Monday, July 16, 2018

     My favorite membership shopping destination, Landers Superstore just got bigger and better as they launched the first ever center for health and wellness- Capital Care Pharmacy last week in three branches: ArcoVia City, Alabang West, and Cebu. 

     This is great news for all the members who want to do their weekly shopping and other errands like buying of medicine and healthcare products in just one place. Powered by Med Express Drugstore, this cozy pharmacy offers a wide selection of branded and generic medicines, vitamins, and other medical supplies for every patient’s needs. Highlights of the launch after the jump.

Capital Care Pharmacy Opens at Landers Superstore

Uses and Side Effects of Modafinil

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Uses of Modafinil

     The very first question which comes in the mind of readers is that what the actual purpose for making use of Modafinil is. The major purpose is:
  • First of all, it is used to treat the issues of sleepiness for people who have an extremely tough routine and shift works.
  • It is associated to treat the issues of sleep apnea and narcolepsy.
  • The shift work problem also seems to be one of the major reasons to make use of this drug.
  • There may also many other reasons to make use of Modafinil. It’s important to talk to the doctor before making use of this medicine.

Uses and Side Effects of Modafinil

4 Ways to Save on Your Prescription Meds

Friday, May 26, 2017

     In the U.S. alone, many adults are taking at least one type of prescription drug, either on a temporary or permanent basis. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, statistics show that it’s not uncommon for older adults to be taking at least five different types of medication. However, even if you are covered by a good health insurance policy, the cost of prescription medication can quickly add up, especially if you are on a repeat prescription or take medication to control a potentially dangerous health condition. Thankfully, there are many ways to cut the cost of prescription drugs. We’ve listed some of the best tricks and tips here. 

4 Ways to Save on Your Prescription Meds

Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy's Health and Wellness Space Launch

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

     Health is wealth, a phrase that we always hear from our family, friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors whenever they sense that we are showing signs of tiredness, weakness, and starting to get sick because of work and unhealthy lifestyle. We always resort to medications like over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements, and medicines prescribed by our doctor.

     There are times that taking these oral supplements and prescription medicine may bring harm to use if we don't know the exact dosage that our body needs. We have different body types, and not all prescribed medicines that we take will give the same effect if for example we break a tablet of paracetamol because we only need a small dose and it's not available in the nearest pharmacy. Enter, Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy. More details why you should consider compounded medicines in order for you or your loved ones to easily comply on maintenance medicines and other health and wellness products below!
Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy's Health and Wellness Space Launch
     Apotheca is the pioneering specialty compounding pharmacy here in the Philippines. They formally launched their Makati wellness space that offers a wide variety of products that promote wholesome wellness, over-all health and local goodness.

     I presume that you are intrigued about the word Apotheca. During the event, Richard Lista president of Apotheca discussed the basics of compounded medicines and what Apotheca has to offers for patients who have problems on taking the right dose of medications. 
Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy's Health and Wellness Space Launch
Mr. Richard Lista, president of Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy
“Apotheca is the destination for health and wellness. The brand of service that we will suustain to interact with our clients will be focused and personalized to help them achieve or refine their health goals,” said Richard Lista, President of Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy.
     So what is Apotheca? What are the products and services they are offering? According to Mr. Lista, Apotheca is a Latin word which means someone who prepares and sells compounded medicines. Apothecary on the other hand is old term for pharmacy. 
Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy's Health and Wellness Space Launch

  • Apotheca specializes in custom compounding and advocates the strong communication and accountability between Doctor, Patient, and Pharmacist, ultimately providing individuals a holistic way of choosing paths that support their wellness and healthy lifestyles.
  • Apotheca provides patients with medicine at strengths that are not commercially available, or perhaps they simply need a different method of ingesting medication.
  • Their pharmacists can prepare unique dosage forms containing the best medication for each individual
  • Medication in dosage forms that are not commercially available such as transdermal gels, troches, chewies and lollipops.
  • Medications free of problem-causing excipients such as dyes, sugar, lactose, or alcohol.
  • Combinations of various compatible medications into a single dosage form for easier administration and improve compliance. 
  • Medications that are not commercially available.
  • They specializes in compounding medicine in which they can customize medications to meet the unique needs of patients. Fret not as this kind of compounding are based on the prescription of the doctor and compounded by a licensed pharmacists. 

     Since Apotheca is an advocate of health and wellness, they also offer a wide variety of organic, natural, and local products that suits the healthy lifestyle of every individual. They offer the following products:

     Fresh organic vegetables, Non-cow's milk and cheese, Organic eggs, rice, ice Cream, Organic Honey, Natural Preserved Food, Coco Sugar, Coco Flour, Local Pastries, Galactagogues, Natural Juice Concentrates, Stevia-sweetened pastries, Cookies, Paraben-free makeups, soaps, hair care products, liniments, natural healing oils, House cleaning products, Health books, Athletic wear, Eco bags, and Health supplements.
Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy's Health and Wellness Space Launch
These are few of the organic, natural, and local products they are offering in their health and wellness space.

     Thank you so much Apotheca for having me. I learned a lot on compounded medicine and now I have an idea on what to consider for my father who takes maintenance medicine. Aside from this, I also suffer from different body pains and I may resort to compounding my over-the-counter oral pain medicines to topical gels at Apotheca so that I'll also prevent myself of ingesting paracetamols and NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen (Advil) that will have side effects inside my body in long-term use.

For more information on Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy
Like them on Facebook: ApothecaPh
Visit them at EuroVilla 4 Building 853 A. Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City 
M-F from 8AM to 5PM and Sat from 8AM to 12NN

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Hypertension Need Not to Lead Strokes with Pharex

Sunday, November 01, 2015

     My father is hypertensive and got this health complication when he was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. It's one of the comorbid diseases that my father is dealing with right now. According to his doctor, this condition should be treated seriously to prolong the life of the patient. Anyhoo, I'm sharing with you this short article about hypertension and why as early as now, we should be vigilant in treating this life-threatening disease. 

     More than 1.56 billion people worldwide are expected to have hypertension by 2025, making the disease more alarming to healthcare providers. However, most people diagnosed with the condition have no signs nor symptoms of the disease until they reach its life-threatening stages.
Hypertension Need Not to Lead Strokes with Pharex
blood pressure monitor and maintenance medicine for hypertension
     According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in every five adults with high blood pressure—a more general term for hypertension—is unaware of his or her disease, making prevention to deadly consequences such as stroke more difficult than ever.

     “Hypertensive patients may experience frequent headaches, shortness of breath or nosebleeds, but these signs won’t occur until their blood pressure rises to its peak,” said Dr. Amado Nazal, medical director of Pharex Health Corp. “When left untreated, their high blood pressure may cause them serious health problems, including heart attack and stroke.”

     About eight out of ten people who had their first stroke are diagnosed with hypertension, which is responsible for worsening the quality of lives of some 14 million Filipinos, according to the Department of Health (DOH).
Hypertension Need Not to Lead Strokes with Pharex
     “You can have high blood pressure for many years without symptoms surfacing every now and then—what people don’t know is that the disease comes like a thief in the night,” Dr. Nazal said.

     He added, “This makes regular monitoring of blood pressure all the more important. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important whether you are already hypertensive or not; the challenge comes recognizing the disease and taking action before it leads to stroke.”

     Uncontrolled high blood pressure may trigger excessive pressure on a person’s artery walls, damaging the blood vessels and the body’s organs. This is why Pharex HealthCorp., the most prescribed unibranded generics, emphasizes the vital role of lifestyle change in keeping high blood pressure at bay.

     Dr. Nazal said, “The first step to achieving lifestyle change is to set an appointment with your healthcare provider. If you suspect that you have hypertension, nothing comes more important than having your blood pressure checked to address it immediately.”

     Furthermore, prioritizing lifestyle modifications such as quitting smoking and staying physically active will go a long way in preventing high blood pressure and its complications.

     “Hypertension is both preventable and treatable, only if you follow the right treatment procedures as prescribed by your doctor,” he said. “When you’re at home, it is best to cut down on salt, eat a balanced diet, and avoid harmful use of alcohol. More importantly, taking your medication to curb hypertension will help you minimize it.”

     For hypertensive adults, there is an abundance of high-quality medicines at very low prices that they need to adhere to. If patients will not comply with their medication, Dr. Nazal said that “their quality of life will pay the price.”

     He concluded, “Non-compliance to your therapy will cost so much more. Once hypertensive patients learn how to control their blood pressure, it will be easier for them to go back to their normal lives without the fear of having stroke or other chronic diseases.”


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