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4 Ways to Make Hand Washing Simple and Fun

Saturday, June 09, 2018

     How many times you've seen the words hand wash, hand washing, germs, bacteria on my blog and social media posts? A LOT!!! I will never get tired of telling you that hand washing is very important, a practice that all are required to do and observe properly. It is also called hand hygiene that's why it must be a habit that you do, not once or twice, but as many times as possible!

     Germs are everywhere, inevitable, and already a part of our lives but we can prevent them from harming our family and inflict serious illnesses especially with young children who love to touch things here and there. Hand washing is simple and easy BUT do you know the proper way of doing it? Sharing tips on how to make handwashing fun for kids so that it will become a habit :)

4 Ways to Make Hand Washing Simple and Fun
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