Mother's Day Gift Suggestions from AVON

Thursday, May 11, 2017

     I always hear this question- "How to be a mom?" from friends and relatives who are still single and those who are in a relationship. There's no manual or book that teaches how to be a mom and every mother is unique. Being a mom is honed through experience. Everyone looks up to moms simply because moms can do almost anything. They are always there to save the day. They know how to run things around the house even if they have their own personal concerns to handle. 

     We sometimes disagree with our Moms, but we know they will always be on our side when it matters. Mom may have many roles to play but they also make great fashion icons- managing to look their best regardless of occasion or situation. This mother's day, Avon Fashions compiled simple gift suggestions that will make mothers feel they're the superheroes in our lives. See what's in the list below :)

Mother's Day Gift Suggestions from AVON

Product Review: Soufeel Jewelry Charms and 14K Gold Set

Thursday, July 16, 2015

     Special occasions will always be treasured and cherished that's why a special gift is really important. A girl will always fancy jewelry. It's a timeless piece that will last a lifetime and will always be close to our hearts. These days, jewelry comes in many forms and the latest trends are those oh so beautiful charm bracelets. For me, charm bracelets are the best accessories in keeping precious memories. It can also be something where you can describe yourself and your feelings. No written words or visible actions, just charms! 

     I've seen different jewelry shops online offering bracelet charms and one shop that caught my attention and my heart is Soufeel Jewelry. This shop offers a wide range of accessories. They have rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Their charms are made from 925 sterling silver, 14K gold, or Swarovski elements which can fit Pandora bracelets at a reasonable price. To know more about Soufeel and my picks that totally melted my heart honestly when I received them, scroll down, please!

Product Review: Soufeel Jewelry 
     When Soufeel told me that they wanted to be featured here in my blog I immediately said yes after browsing their website. My eyes feasted on beautiful charm designs most especially on their 14K Gold Collection. Yes, it's gold but the price is very affordable. The designs are unique and pretty too! To tell you honestly, I had a hard time choosing from the wide selection of pretty charms. After choosing my fave picks, a ring and an earring from the 14K Gold Collection and a sterling silver charm bracelet, two weeks later my package has arrived! These pretty pieces of jewelry were housed in a pretty minimalist style paper bag and jewelry gift box.

Product Review: Soufeel Jewelry 

Reasons why I highly recommend Soufeel Jewelry:
  • Soufeel has the best gift selection for holidays and any occasion.
  • They offer free shipping worldwide with orders over $50 and 365-day return and exchange guarantee.
  • They are launching lots of summer new arrivals on website

     So now let me give you the details of my Soufeel Jewelry haul :) Check out these pretty jewelries inside the Soufeel gift box:

Soufeel Thank You Dear Mom Charm Bracelet  Set which consists of the following charms:
  • Thank You Wild Vine Charm 925 Sterling Silver- this 925 Sterling Silver Thank You Vine Bead fits all brand bracelets, and it is the perfect addition to your THANKS-themed bead bracelet. Made from 925 Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil, the silver thank you charm gently grips onto your Bead bracelet, and can easily be moved around so you are able to quickly change the look and feel of your story bracelet. This double-sided bead features deep appreciation with vines.
  • Flower Basket Charm 925 Sterling Silver- everyone loves flowers. Now you can give your charm bracelet a little treat with our Flower Basket Charm. This adorable and unique charm is made with blue charm, creating a detailed look. A woven blue basket is filled with all kinds of flowers. This bead is a major brand compatible bead, which means it will look perfect on your favorite charm bracelet, especially with those flowers charms.
  • Double-deck Pink Snowflake Charm 925 Sterling Silver- add this Pink Snowflake bead to your collection today. Double-deck Pink Snowflake Charm 925 Sterling Silver is a lovely addition to your collection of charms and beads that fit beads bracelets and necklaces. The snowflake bead is made of high-quality 925 Sterling Silver with a polished finish.
  • Mother and Children Charm 925 Sterling Silver
  • Lipstick Dangle Charm 925 Sterling Silver

Product Review: Soufeel Jewelry 

Soufeel Dazzling Flower Collection- Made of 14K Gold
  • Soufeel 14K Gold Primrose Ring- this stunning two-tone ring features a large sterling silver narcissus with a 14K gold center. It sits prominently on the ring band and would look fabulous paired with SOUFEEL's matching primrose earrings, necklace and bracelets.
  • Soufeel 14K Gold Primrose Earrings in Blue and Pink-  these earring studs are part of the SOUFEEL's Flower collection and are crafted from 14K gold and sterling silver. One is decorated with pink and white brilliant-cut cubic zirconia stones, while the other is decorated with dark and light blue. Wear with other flower accessories from the SOUFEEL's Flower collection for an eye-catching look.

Product Review: Soufeel Jewelry 
Soufeel 14K Primrose Earrings
Soufeel Narcissus Ring

Product Review: Soufeel Jewelry 
Soufeel 14K Gold PrimroseEarrings

Product Review: Soufeel Jewelry 
Soufeel Narcissus Ring

Product Review: Soufeel Jewelry 
Soufeel 14K Gold Primrose Earrings
Soufeel Narcissus Ring
What I like:
  • Soufeel's site is user-friendly. It's easy to browse without straining my eyes. Why I say this? It's because once you go to their website, you will not notice that your clicking one item then another then another! It's fun combining one charm and creating your own designs :)
  • They have a wide selection of charms. 
  • They have almost all kinds of basic jewelries.
  • The quality of their jewelries can be at par to those branded ones sold in the market today.
  • Free shipping nationwide.
  • They have exclusive deals and freebies in every orders made.
  • 365 Days Return.
  • Wearing this jewelry did not give me allergic reactions or irritations and whatsoever. This means that it's really made of 925 Sterling Silver and 14K gold.
  • The price is super affordable. 
  • The design and style is one of a kind because the combination of gold, silver, and stones are perfectly matched.

What I don't like:
  • There are charms that are out of stock.
  • Shipping takes longer in some countries that have strict tax and duties policies.

Will I repurchase? Yes! 

     I give this a 4/75/5 rating. I love the designs of Soufeel Jewelry most especially the 14K Gold Set. This is a perfect gift for your loved ones on their birthdays or special occasions. I'm sure that mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives would love to receive an item from Soufeel Jewelry.

To see more of the collection and their respective prices visit Soufeel's website:
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