Seche Polish Launching and Bloggers' Intimate Spa Party

Saturday, August 03, 2013

     Hi dearies! Let me share with you another intimate spa party that I attended 3 weeks ago with my dear blogger friend Aya of Codename Aya. It's not just an ordinary spa bonding sesh with beauty and lifestyle bloggers because it also highlighted the exclusive launch of Seche Nail Lacquer's High Colors. The event was held at LULU Nails and Dry Bar located at the 5th Floor of BTTC Centre Greenhills San Juan. If you're not familiar with Seche Nail Lacquer and you're a nail polish/ nail art aficionado then you're missing 50% of your life. Nah, just kidding but to tell you honestly I've seen nail art gurus in you tube and nail polish addicts rave this brand because of their Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Here's a little information about the crowd's favorite. Seche Vite™ Dry Fast Top Coat is the champion non-yellowing fast drying top coat that has had the industry abuzz for years. Seche Vite’s patented formula penetrates through the nail lacquer to the base coat forming a single solid coating over the nail plate which is guaranteed not to yellow. It goes on immediately after the nail lacquer, no waiting. Apply thickly, get a nice bead on the end of the brush, then set softly down on the first nail painted. Seche Vite™ leaves nails silky, stronger, more durable and resistant to chipping and peeling. Seche ViteIf you want to know more about Seche Vite, please click HERE :)
Seche Polish Launching and Bloggers' Intimate Spa Party
Seche Vite
on display ^_^

Press Release: Seche Vite™ Dry Fast Top Coat Now Available in the Philippines

Sunday, July 28, 2013

     Do you go gaga over chic, cute and pretty nail colors and designs? I know most of you (including me) loves to paint our nails with bright and bold colors every week or everyday, I guess?. Can you imagine your nails colorless? Well, prettifying our nails is not that easy. We need to invest in good quality nail polishes and tools because if we don't our nails will suffer from the chemicals found in cheap nail polishes sold in the market. If you're going to ask me, it's okay to buy local brand nail polishes but some of the brands that I've tried made my nails brittle and yellowish. I hate it when this happens to my nails. It looks dry and dirty.

      But if you happen to be a subscriber of nail art gurus in you tube, I'm sure you've seen and heard this brand of nail care products most especially the infamous Seche (pronounced as sesh) Vite (veet). It's now here in the Philippines brought to us by Beauty Kingdom Inc. I'll share my experience to you on what happened during their bloggers' launch but first let me give you some important notes about Seche.

     Seche, Inc. was founded in 1991 to manufacture, market and distribute the revolutionary technology that was to become Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. The intention from the very beginning was to provide this amazing technology to the professional nail technician. Seche Vite was the first patented single procedure non-yellowing dry fast top coat for nail polish that dried and protected the underlying nail polish much faster and created a more durable shield than anything on the market at the time and even to this day. It is still, after more than a decade, the finest and most highly acclaimed top coat for nail polish in the world. Seche Vite is the only truly clear non-yellowing top.


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