Seche Polish Launching and Bloggers' Intimate Spa Party

Saturday, August 03, 2013

     Hi dearies! Let me share with you another intimate spa party that I attended 3 weeks ago with my dear blogger friend Aya of Codename Aya. It's not just an ordinary spa bonding sesh with beauty and lifestyle bloggers because it also highlighted the exclusive launch of Seche Nail Lacquer's High Colors. The event was held at LULU Nails and Dry Bar located at the 5th Floor of BTTC Centre Greenhills San Juan. If you're not familiar with Seche Nail Lacquer and you're a nail polish/ nail art aficionado then you're missing 50% of your life. Nah, just kidding but to tell you honestly I've seen nail art gurus in you tube and nail polish addicts rave this brand because of their Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Here's a little information about the crowd's favorite. Seche Vite™ Dry Fast Top Coat is the champion non-yellowing fast drying top coat that has had the industry abuzz for years. Seche Vite’s patented formula penetrates through the nail lacquer to the base coat forming a single solid coating over the nail plate which is guaranteed not to yellow. It goes on immediately after the nail lacquer, no waiting. Apply thickly, get a nice bead on the end of the brush, then set softly down on the first nail painted. Seche Vite™ leaves nails silky, stronger, more durable and resistant to chipping and peeling. Seche ViteIf you want to know more about Seche Vite, please click HERE :)
Seche Polish Launching and Bloggers' Intimate Spa Party
Seche Vite
on display ^_^
     I find Seche as a sophisticated brand of nail polish maybe because of the logo and the colors associated to it that's black and white. It's not readily available in our country before so thank you so much Beauty Kingdom Inc. for bringing them here. Aside from the Seche Vite, they also have Seche BASE and Seche Nail Care range like Rebuild, Recondition and Retain. These 3 nail care products will provide extra care especially if you have brittle, weak, yellowish and dry nails. Please see photos after the jump ^_^
Seche Polish Launching and Bloggers' Intimate Spa Party
Seche BASE
Seche Polish Launching and Bloggers' Intimate Spa Party
Seche Nail Care System:

Rebuild- strengthen weak, brittle nails
Recondition- adds flexibility to fragile nails
Retain- maintains strong and durable nails
     And to complete your nail polish kit, you need to have these Seche High Intensity Colors! Just by looking at the photos, I'm sure ya'll agree that these gorgeous nail polishes will be the next best thing in the nail polish scene here in our country. Agree? 
Seche Polish Launching and Bloggers' Intimate Spa Party
Hello Gorgeous!!!
Seche Nail Lacquers at your service :)
Seche Polish Launching and Bloggers' Intimate Spa Party
Welcome to LULU Nails and Dry Bar
Loving the black and gold accent of their logo
     And speaking of sophistication, Ms. Helena and the team that brought Seche here in our country had perfectly chosen Lulu Nails and Dry Bar as the venue for this intimate spa party. Looking at the photos, busy women in the metro will love this uber chic nail salon. If you are the type who loves cozy comfort while getting your nails done, then this is the best place for you. 
Seche Polish Launching and Bloggers' Intimate Spa Party
Cozy comfort, anyone?
     Because the event was very intimate, they selected a theme that's very classy and chic. At Lulu Nails and Dry Bar you can have a spa party and set up the place that's according to your chosen theme. I personally like the theme that day and named it spa party while having tea in the city. Isn't the place look really nice dearies? I hope my theme sounds pleasant to you :)
Seche Polish Launching and Bloggers' Intimate Spa Party
I'm in heaven!!!
     The sweet tooth in me rejoiced upon seeing this table filled with mouth-watering pastries. Brownies, macaron and ensaymada with different flavors were displayed in this cute table/drawer. The theme is french inspired and the simple yet intricate displays/portraits can also mean modern city living.
Seche Polish Launching and Bloggers' Intimate Spa Party
     Before the pampering sesh started, I ate those super yummy brownies and ensaymada and totally forgot about my diet. Anyhoo, you can see that I'm preparing my footsies for my pedicure courtesy of Seche. After washing and buffing, my feet was really squeaky clean! I like how the nail attendant cleaned my toe nails. She was very careful and ask me from time to time if she's doing just fine. Good job to Lulu Nails because their attendants were trained like that :)
Seche Polish Launching and Bloggers' Intimate Spa Party
Well hello there, footsie!
     I chose a dark green nail polish because I want to hide some of the yellowish spots on my toe nails. I got that because I didn't removed my 1 month old nail polish colors. Lazy me huh?! But the one that I got was a mixture of gray-green and black. This nail polish from Seche High Intensity Colors is called Nouveau.
Seche Polish Launching and Bloggers' Intimate Spa Party
Seche High Intensity Colors Nail Polish in Nouveau
     As I've said earlier, I like the way my nail attendant cleaned and buffed my nails. She said that I have very thin skin and recommended me not to remove the cuticle/dry skin on the edges of my nails since it's not noticeable. For the polish, I wanted to paint my finger nails with sheer color and I'm not expecting my pick to be a pretty pastel. This nail polish is called Prim and Polished. It's a very pretty shade dearies! It made my finger nails young looking and dainty :)
Seche Polish Launching and Bloggers' Intimate Spa Party
Look at my nail attendant ( sorry, forgot her name) meticulously removing some uneven polish on the edges of my finger nails. Job well done!!!
Seche Polish Launching and Bloggers' Intimate Spa Party
Excuse the cuticle and dry skin, it's barely noticeable
     Say hello to my constant spa party date, Aya of Codename Aya. I bet you've seen her NOTD tutorials. I admire her pretty nails, promise it's the kind of shape to die for :) If you're reading my post, thank you so much for the bonding and company!
Seche Polish Launching and Bloggers' Intimate Spa Party
Moi and Aya of Codename Aya
     Thank you so much Ms. Helena of Beauty Kingdom Inc. and Lulu Nails and Dry Bar for inviting me. I had a blast during the event, the pampering season was indeed a really great experience! I went home with beautiful colored nails and with these awesome goodies!

     If you want to get hold of your Seche Vite Nail Polishes, Seche High Intensity Colors and other nail care beautifying needs, please visit Beauty Kindgdom Inc.'s websites for product information below:

     And for your ultimate spa party, pampering session and relaxation needs- be Lulufied!
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  1. Kat!! Syempre I read your post :D 'Til our next spa date! Will post about this next week. hihi

  2. Gotta love pampering sessions like this! :D

  3. wooow.. you girls are so lucky.. wish i can get to experience their pampering service as well. hihihihi :D

  4. i dont mind spending for pampering sesh like this!! i looove having my nails done :\D

  5. @Aya- Will wait for your post dear :) san naman ang next spa session natin? see you on wednesday. hairlaloo naman ^_^

    @Helen- weeee, thanks for dropping by dear :)

    @Rhea- thank you! I hope in the next events kasama ka na namin :)

    @Sakuranko- yup ^_^

    @roviedear- hello beautiful bride to be, naku dear need mo ng bonggang relaxation like this before the big day :)

  6. Whoaaaa.

    I think I would love to have some pampering sessions there! Awww.. I like the place and everything else. I'll be stopping there the next time I go for some nail loving sessions! :)

  7. @Aisha Kristine Chong- Hello :) Yes please, visit them on your pampering session and let me know if you had a great time there :)


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