Robinsons Supermarket 'Route to Wellness' Campaign

Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival 2016

Thursday, July 14, 2016

     What comes to your mind when you see and hear the word 'fresh?' If you're going to ask me, a no brainer answer would be food! I presume that you have the same answer as mine. Mommies will really ensure that the food she serves her family is always clean and fresh. Our health is very important that's why moms like me strive hard to give the freshest ingredients available in the market for the welfare of our family.

     Last Tuesday, I've discovered a lot of things with this month's Freshtival 2016 celebration launched at Robinsons Magnolia. Obviously, all the topics discussed by Robinsons Supermarket division managers concentrated with everything Fresh that Robinsons Supermarket has to offer their consumers. I want to write down everything that I've learned, from the basics up to the most complicated topics concerning health and wellness but I'll just highlight important and exciting information why on its 3rd year, Robinsons Supermarket 'Route to Wellness' Campaign- Freshtival will make grocery shopping rewarding and fulfilling.

Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival 2016
     "FRESHtival" is a month-long festivity featuring a wide array of the freshest produce, meat, poultry, deli, seafood and ready-to-eat products. Now on its 3rd year, the celebration will be for the whole month of July. This entitles shoppers to daily exciting offers. Each day of the week is dedicated to a particular section where shoppers can take advantage various offers, price-offs and freebies!

Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival 2016
Some of the participating brand for this month's Freshtival
     See the exciting deals of the days below. I will list down all the deals of each day for the whole month of July. I was not able to take all the photos of participating brands for this month's Freshtival. But I have captured new and exciting products and innovation from a couple of participating brands mentioned below :)


JULY 4- Free Supersavers Pork Sinigang Cut 500g when you buy 1 kilo of Supersavers Pork Sinigang Cut.

JULY 11- Free Monterey Regular Ground Pork 500 g when you buy 1 kilo of Monterey Regular Ground Pork.

JULY 18- Free Supersavers Pork Barbeque 500 g when you buy 1 kilo of Supersavers Pork Barbeque.

JULY 25- 50% OFF Monterey Pork Adobo Cut

Awesome deals: 
Less 10 php Robina Farms Pork Steak,
Less 20 php Monterey Pork Adobo Cut and Butchers' Choice Pork Belly Sobi 1 kilo

Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival 2016
Additional deal from Monterey! Earn +10 points in your Robinsons Rewards Card for every purchase of any Monterey items :)
     Monterey now has the smart pack meat choices. Fast, fresh, and ready to cook. With the new Monterey Smart Pack you get safe and juicy meats that fit your daily budget. Also in Country Style Belly, Adobo Cut, Porkchops, and Pork Steak. This smart pack is great for small families, especially living in condo units. Imagine this, open-cook-serve! It's guaranteed clean and fresh because according to Sir Sonny C. Samson (Division Merchandise Manager), you can cook the meat right after opening the pack.

Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival 2016
Monterey Smart Pack- cut and packed the way you want it, just Grab and Go!


JULY 5- 50% Off 1 kilo of any Magnolia Cook-Easy Marinated Items.

JULY 12- 99 php per kilo Assorted Chicken Cut-Ups.

JULY 19- 110 php per kilo Whole Chicken.

JULY 26- Free Magnolia Fried Chicken Cut 500 g when you buy 1 kilo of Magnolia Fried Chicken Cut

Awesome deal:
Less 20 php Bounty Fresh Family Feast Premium Chicken (*available in select stores)

Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival 2016
This was the deal of the day when I visited Robinsons Supermarket Magnolia last Tuesday,  July 12
     Did you know that Robinsons Supermarket has flavored salted eggs? I was surprised to see those in the shelves and got curious. I guess the flavor says it all! Aside from the flavored salted eggs, there are raw eggs that's already packed with vitamins and minerals. I've seen these variant in other supermarkets but Robinsons has the complete variant for Bounty Fresh.

Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival 2016

Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival 2016
Bounty Fresh Specialty Eggs

JULY 6- Buy 1 Get 1 Seedless Grapes.

JULY 13- Free 1 kilo Pechay Wombok when you buy 1 kilo Potato Regular.

JULY 20- Free 1 kilo Sayote when you buy 1 kilo Carrots.

JULY 27- Buy 1 Get 1 Lemon.

Awesome deal:
FREE Banana Slicer for a minimum purchase of 300 php worth of FRUITS and VEGETABLES inclusive of Fruits in Season- Banana Mania

Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival 2016
     Robinsons Supermarket ensures that the fresh produce section has everything you need, from green leafy vegetables and succulent fruits. For fruits that are not in season, Robinsons Supermarket have them in shelves. So if you're craving for tropical fruits, you can find them in select store. By the way, they also have hyrdoponic vegetables which are pesticide-free, grown in rich nutrient water. However, they are still in the growing stage for this because of El Nino. But they will be available soon in select Robinsons Supermarket in the metro.

Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival 2016
Fruits that are sometimes so hard to find the public/wet market

4. DELI DELIGHT THURSDAYS (*available in select stores)

FREE Apron when you buy 2 packs of Tender Juicy Hotdog Regular 1 kilo.

FREE Mittens when you buy 2 packs of CDO Premium Hotdog Classic 1 kilo.

FREE Pot Holder when you buy 2 packs of Pampanga's Best Tocino 480 g.

FREE Kitchen Towel when you buy 1 pack of Swift Delicious Bacon 400 g.

FREE Kitchen Towel when you buy 1 pack of Mekeni Picnic Hotdog Regular and 1 pack of Mekeni Pork Tocino Regular.

Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival 2016
FREE Mittens when you buy 2 packs of CDO Premium Hotdog Classic 1 kilo.

Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival 2016
Regine Tolentino posing with Mekeni Picnic Hotdog mascot

5. FRESH DAIRY FRIDAYS (*available in select stores)

50 % off Australian Cream Cheese 200 g

50 % off Eden Cheese 165 g

3% off Danes Cheese Slice 250 g

5% off Magnolia Cheeze Plain 200 g

Awesome deals:
FREE Nestle Crunch 1.55 oz when you buy any flavor or Nestle Temptations 1.3 L
5+1 Cimory Yogurt Strawberry 250 ml

Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival 2016


FREE Eden Cheese 165 g when you buy 250 php worth of Bakery Items
  • Monde Classic Mamon 40 g x 6
  • Lemon Square Lava Cake Chocolate 42 g x 10
  • Cuppkeyk Choco Topps
  • Gardenia High Fiber White Bread 600 g
  • Quake Overload Mocha Butter 37 g x 10
  • Regent Savers' Treat
  • Marby Superloaf 600 g

Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival 2016
Bread and pastry lovers, unite!!!


JULY 3- Less 15 php Dagupan Belly Smoked Boneless Bangus (*available in select stores)

JULY 10- 50% off Buy 1 kilo of Tilapia Medium and get 1 kilo of Tilapia Medium for 50% off (*available in select stores)

JULY 17- 175 php only for 2 kilos of SC Creamdory (*available in select stores)

JULY 24- Free 1 pc Tilapia (sizes may vary) when you buy 1 pc Jumbo Bangus (*available in select stores)

JULY 31- Less 20 php SeaKing Marinated Boneless Bangus Hot 500 g (*available in select stores)

Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival 2016
     The celebration also compliments Robinsons Supermarket's "Route to Wellness" program- a year-long celebration, encouraging shoppers to choose more fresh items for a healthier lifestyle for 2016. I agree to Robinsons Supermarket's campaign of bringing Filipino families closer to a healthy lifestyle because as what I always say in my previous blog post on health and nutrition, ensuring our family's health and wellness will always be our utmost priority.

Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival 2016
     Before I think of public 'wet' markets as the main source of fresh produce because this is what I've learned growing up but after having a good conversation with Robinsons Supermarket's division head, I've come to realize that it's really important to know the source of the food that we eat. The handling and preparation is very important that's why supermarkets like Robinsons really assure us to bring fresh products all the time.

Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival 2016
HALAL Frozen Products
     Select store now have the HALAL Frozen Products. When we say HALAL, it is not only for the Muslims, it is the way how the food is handled and produced. Most of the food products they have in this freezer are seafood, chicken meat, and dairy products. HALAL certified products are stored separately in the cold storage room to avoid contamination.

Enjoy amazing deals for the month of July and discover fresh shopping at Robinsons Supermarket. Thank you so much for having me!!!

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Robinsons Supermarket's "Learn Wellness" Promo Launch

Thursday, May 12, 2016

     In this past-faced life, we need to master the habit of picking smart and healthy choices for the wellness of our family. We have an all access to everything 'instant' but sometimes we forgot that these choices can harm us in the long run. I'm not saying that all 'instant' are bad but we need to limit ourselves especially when it comes to food. As much as possible, we want fresh and everything on our plate must be loaded with nutrients most importantly for our children.

     Embarking on a journey towards health and wellness entails an abundance of great discoveries along the way. And as Robinsons Supermarket (RSC) continues to strengthen its commitment to get everyone on board the healthy and dynamic lifestyle, it lays down a path filled with fun and excitement, through the second phase of its “Route to Wellness” campaign—the “Learn” promo.

Robinsons Supermarket's 'Learn' Promo 
“Route to Wellness” campaign—the “Learn” promo launch highlights:

1. The launch of the Learn promo was held at the Robinsons Magnolia Open Grounds via an origami-themed event. 
Robinsons Supermarket's 'Learn' Promo 
2. Media guests were treated to informative and engaging booths with activities that focused on brain food essentials, its benefits to health and wellness, and how one can apply these in real life by mastering a habit of picking smart, healthy food choices.
Robinsons Supermarket's 'Learn' Promo 
Robinsons Supermarket's 'Learn' Promo 
Hello Sofi :) The beautiful and smart daughter of Mommy Jen (
Robinsons Wellness Passports 

  • As part of the Route to Wellness campaign, the Learn promo will continue to provide customers the chance to avail of Wellness Passports at any Robinsons Supermarket—valid all year round, without any purchase requirement—for opportunities to win wellness rewards.
  • Customers can fill their wellness passports with stamps awarded for a minimum Php3,000 single receipt purchase
  • Single receipt purchase must include a Php500 worth of products from any of the participating brands: Nestle, Mead Johnson, Wyeth, Johnson and Johnson, Splash Corporation, CDO Foodsphere, and San Miguel Purefoods, among others. 
  • With each stamp, a cardholder can also be rewarded with a thermal lunch bag.
Robinsons Supermarket's 'Learn' Promo 
Products of Nestle Philippines ensures your family especially the kids a healthy and active lifestyle. Drink choices for growing up years!
Robinsons Supermarket's 'Learn' Promo 
Here are the participating brands for the 'Learn' promo
Robinsons The Route to Wellness promo schedules are as follow:

  • The Route to Wellness 'Learn' promo will run from May 1 to June 30, 2016 with on-ground caravans in Robinsons malls nationwide, 
  • The Route to Wellness 'Celebrate' promo will run from August 1 to September 30
  • The Route to Wellness 'Give' promo will run from November 1 to December 31

     RSC’s Route to Wellness campaign is the foundation of its promise to fuel and bring healthier food options and alternatives closer to Filipinos in their journey towards health and wellness. So get your Wellness Passport now and join the adventure by participating in exciting and rewarding year-long promos.
Robinsons Supermarket's 'Learn' Promo 
Photo grabbed from Robinsons Supermarket's Facebook Page.
     I'm excited for the next caravan but for now I will participate in the  The Route to Wellness 'Learn' promo every week as we do our grocery shopping. It's time to pick healthy choices now that Kenzo will be back to school weeks from now. 

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Robinsons Supermarket "Route to Wellness" Campaign

Thursday, March 10, 2016

     As always, health is wealth that's why Robinsons Supermarket is strengthening its We Love Wellness commitment with the launch of this year's "Route to Wellness" campaign. I was invited during the launch and witnessed the first health and wellness related campaign of Robinsons Supermarket for 2016. If you're a long time reader of this blog, prolly you already know that we do our grocery shopping at Robinsons Supermarket Novaliches

    Robinsons Supermarket, the country’s largest health & wellness supermarket, fortifies its long-standing Wellness advocacy with the initiatives and promos under the Route to Wellness campaign. The year-long campaign kicks-off with a two-day Explore boot camp at Robinsons Magnolia, wherein guests were treated to challenging but fun physical and mental activities. This event also  helped us and other guests to learn more about the value of health and fitness. Highlights of the event and promo information below :)

Robinsons Supermarket 'Route to Wellness' Campaign
Kuya Tonipet hosted the event
     To highlight the first of the five promos covered by 'Route to Wellness' campaign, Robinsons Supermarket invited us to enjoy an afternoon at The Explore boot camp which is part of the Explore promo. This promo will give customers the chance to avail The Route to Wellness card at any Robinsons Supermarket without a purchase requirement. 
Robinsons Supermarket 'Route to Wellness' Campaign
First of the five campaign whole year round!
Here's how The Route to Wellness Card works:

1. Customers just need to fill their Wellness cards with stamps that can be earned for every P3,000 single receipt purchase, inclusive of P750 worth of participating products from Unilever, P&G, Colgate-Palmolive, J&J, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Selecta, Belo, CDO, and Kojie-San, among others.
Robinsons Supermarket 'Route to Wellness' Campaign
Robinsons Supermarket 'Route to Wellness' Campaign partner brands
2. For Explore promo, each stamp guarantees the Wellness Card holder travel cubes. Customers will get a P100 Robinsons gift certificate after completing 5 stamps.
Robinsons Supermarket 'Route to Wellness' CampaignRoute to Wellness card,
     Robinsons Supermarket’s Route to Wellness campaign is a testament to its commitment to ease access to healthier food options and alternatives for Filipinos. Use your Route to Wellness card and get wellness rewards year-long. 
Robinsons Supermarket 'Route to Wellness' Campaign
     Because of the Route to Wellness card, grocery shopping will be more exciting. Shopping at Robinsons Supermarket will not only give you healthy food options but the more you shop the more you get wellness rewards points, free premium items and gift certificates. Yay to more grocery shopping at Robinsons Supermarket this 2016. 

      Thank you so much Robinsons Supermarket for having me. I enjoyed the activities and learned a lot on health and wellness by participating in different booths. Congratulations on the very successful launch!

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