Luxxe White Glutathione

Product Review: Luxxe White Glutathione

Monday, April 17, 2017

     I've been receiving a few queries if I'm familiar with FrontRow and their Luxxe Glutathione. I have no idea about the brand until I received a bottle from Cheskas Online Store. This glutathione brand is exclusively manufactured for FrontRow and according to their website:
FrontRow International (also known as FrontRow Philippines) is one of the most trusted online store of FrontRow here in the Philippines and also around the world.We cater food supplements mainly for whitening, anti-aging, slimming and vitamin C & E which is essential nowadays.
     Since some of my readers are suggesting this, I decided to try this glutathione for a month. I took this twice a day with 500 mg of Vitamin C. I was in Singapore last month and tested it in hot Singapore weather for three days. Will I recommend this brand? Scroll down below to see my experience and thoughts on Luxxe White Enhanced Glutathione :)

Product Review: Luxxe White Glutathione


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