Intercare Wheatgrass Max

Feature: Herbcare WheatgrassMAX

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

     While writing this feature and mini review, the song Green green grass of home came into my mind. Maybe it's because I can rhyme Wheat, wheat grass of hope. Can I? My apologies for the not so funny joke but as what the rhyme says above, can we say that wheatgrass is one of the "hope" in the search for the food supplement that will make our body strong and healthy to fight stress and free radicals in the environment? I've been hearing so many things about wheatgrass' benefits in achieving power and stamina. So when sir Richard sent me this Intercare WheatgrassMAX last week, I said to myself now is the right time to feed my curiosity about wheatgrass. Anyhoo, to know a little background about wheatgrass and its health benefits click CONTINUE READING.
Power and stamina for peak performance. NIKE, The Winged Goddess of Victory, testifies to Wheatgrass as source for Power and Stamina. In a temple in Ephesus, Turkey that was unearthed a century ago, NIKE, The Winged Goddess of Victory, is shown holding in her left hand a crown of laurel leaves, a symbol for Victory, and a bushel of Wheatgrass leaves in her right hand, showing that during the time of the Ancient Greeks, they used wheatgrass as a source of power and stamina and was considered essential for victory.
Intercare WheatgrassMAX
Wheatgrass has more vitamin C than oranges and has more than twice the Vitamin A in carrots.
It contains over 90 minerals, including alkaline minerals, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium.


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